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Probably the person who once created the first anonymizer, not even dreamed of how huge the benefits will be to bring his brainchild. Anonymizers, also called “proxy”, there is an equally long time as the global network. Every person who is faced with problems of access to blocked sites, heard about them, and possibly had to deal with them. What's the best proxy?


the best anonymizer

Why do we need this tool? Most often to access web sites that, for whatever reasons, was subject to blocking. This is done primarily by the state. And the services that came under the wrath of Roskomnadzor or any other structures, for example, providers of Internet services, you can visit using the anonymizer. They have many properties, for example, by masking the IP addresses. It makes being in the Network are completely anonymous. Quite useful for those people who do not wish to publish their current location.

Working Principle

the best anonymizer

Usually a good anonymizer Vkontakte or other social networks very simple to use. This is the most minimalistic web site that includes a search string, which registers the blocked site. The work is done on a VPN basis. That is, all traffic goes through the servers of anonymizer. It allows to access any classified materials. This is explained by the fact that the servers belonging to anonymizer, not subject to the laws of providers and state regulators. This often comes in handy to those users who use social networks. For example, the work may be denied access to "Vkontakte" or "Classmates".


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Anonymizer "Chameleon"

the best anonymizer to contact

One of the most popular anonymizer is a service called "Chameleon". The search for it is in the first position. This website is very minimalistic in its design. No ads and unnecessary buttons. There are only a concise description of the service, a few links to popular websites and the address bar. It and enter the desired user request. This service works without problems with sites containing code in the programming language JavaScript. That is, animations don't encounter any problems. The layout of the page is also not subject to violation. A huge plus is the fact that visited resources are completely cut out annoying ads. Banners of the anonymiser is also available. For many, this is the best anonymizer.

The Only thing that indicates that you are using anonymizer, – is a modified address of the website in the address bar. He is changed as the result of the encryption. The panel located the top of the page is easily hidden. She will re appear when you visit a new web page. You can highlight a single fault, the correction of which would make the "Chameleon" is ideal. This is an opportunity to choose their own address or the country that the site will be defined as native to the user. But nothing can completely ignore, because, basically, it's a good anonymizer Vkontakte and other sites. It works perfectly. Surprised by his speed, as pages load very fast.

Anonymizer Dostyp

The Following services – He has quite a good speed. Work is done over encrypted channels. This eliminates the possibility of stealing user data. The interface here is also very simple: the address bar and buttons, are required in order to go directly to the website of the popular social network. Below the address bar there is a list of other proxies for alternatives. They work with approximately the same speed. This service also contains no advertising, and the presence gives the upper panel that contains the address bar. It is also possible to hide. Hallmark – this is what the original website does not change when displayed. This means that all advertising banners, counters of attendance, buttons with social networks will be displayed. Special service has not, but it does not prevent to visit sites anonymously. If it is not the best anonymizer for "Contact" or "Classmates", that's very good.

Anonymizer HideMe

good anonymizer Vkontakte

If you need service settings to better control the parameters, sites, attention can be turned to the best anonymizer with different options - HideMe. It does not yield the speed of the previous two services, but in addition allows you to change the connection settings. Here the default mode of operation at maximum speed, but the websites the website may not be displayed completely correct. For this reason there is a switch allowing you to select the most suitable compatibility. For those users who are versed in this matter, under the address bar there is a link to settings. There is a choice of several proxy servers, settings, opening, turning on and off encryption and turn off the blocks with ads.

Foreign proxies

the best anonymizer for firefox

If you take into account foreign anonymizers, here are the most famous – service HideMyAss and Anonymouse. This is a good websites but they don't always correctly deal with new Internet standards. This breaks the layout. But there is another service that the appearance is not distorted and maintains modern technology. This proxy Ninja Cloak. Here we should warn user: this website is Packed with advertising. This can be a threat. Anything suspicious to click is not necessary, as you can infect your computer with malware, which then create a lot of problems. The functionality here is simple: the address bar and a button to navigate to the entered website.

These Are the best anonymizer for Firefox and other browsers. If they had been imperfect, in our days there are no problems in their work there. The sites load very fast, are rendered correctly. If you just need to log into the social network, then you should not choose carefully. Will fit any. If you need other sites, then you need to experiment and choose the best.


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