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"Vorovaiki" is not only the name of the chanson group or something to do with the crime. So call the crane equipped with telescopic boom and placed on the base chassis from the cargo boom. Its other names - samoborski, truck crane, crane-Board. But why is this car "vorovaiki"? Maybe because it is mobile, able to lift heavy loads with small dimensions - kind of like a real thief. Maybe because these vehicles are sometimes used for illegal purposes. Anyway, look at what can "vorovaiki" and where it might be useful.

Permitted use "vorovayki"

The Car-"vorovaiki" the law allows you to use specifically for two purposes:

  • Construction. Here the crane is needed for unloading and loading of various building materials, household goods, etc. "Vorovaiki" indispensable for small private, and global Stroyproekt.
  • Tow vehicles. The crane is the main equipment of services for the evacuation of vehicles. Without it it is impossible to do after a serious accident when the victim machine is damaged suspension, wheel or brake part.


Forbidden to operate the crane-tow truck

Machine-"vorovaiki" got its name in some measure from the following options of operation:

  • Providence "black" woodcutters. Last used manipulator for export of sawn timber in areas where felling of trees is prohibited.
  • Theft of vehicles. The hijackers used "vorovaiki" as a kind of tow truck. Evacuate only their favorite car against the wishes of its legal owner in a quiet place.
  • Theft of metals, scrap metal, heavy loads. Correct and trouble-free crane allows record to quickly load all this stuff and export it from the territory of the owner.

vorovaiki machine price


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Machine-"vorovaiki" services

Consider the table running types of campagnatico and features work for which they are suitable.

The capacity of the machine,Length side, mPayload boom, tBoom Length, mSpecialty services

The Transportation of construction materials.

The replacement of the crane - if a load not heavier than 2 tons

The Low platform of the machine allows you to carry lightweight goods with a maximum height of 3 m without obtaining permission to "oversize".

Suitable for works in narrow passages - in the premises, country and garden plots, etc.


Transportation of heavy loads without the participation of the crane - if the arrow is able to lift a weight of not less than 5 tons.

This "vorovaiki" can be used for the transportation of caravans builders huts.

The Primary use is transportation of building materials with total weight not more than 10 tons


The Most common option for shipments weighing 10 tons, for example, 12 to 14 pallets with cinder block, brick, tiles, etc.

Transportation of oversized and dimensional cutting and metal garages.

This car"vorovaiki" useful for the transportation of pipes, piles, pillars, whose length of 8-10 meters.


Almost a complete replacement of the crane.

The Machine allows you to not only deliver but also assemble the goods.

A Great option for carriage mounting blocks and FBS.

A Powerful arrow this samopoczucia allows you to send oversized garages, cabins, residential trailers.

Transportation and installation of slabs.

The Boom of the machine allows to raise the level of the fifth floor (15 m) pallet with building materials weighing up to 1 ton.

Now let us turn specifically to the approximate cost of such services.

Machine-"vorovaiki": price, rental cost

Depending on the region the prices for services of the crane can vary considerably. We give the average values:

  • Capacity 3-5 t - 900 p/h;
  • Load capacity 8 t - 1200 R/h;
  • Capacity of 10 t - 1500 p/h.

Buying a car"vorovayki" may result in different amounts - the price effect and the load capacity of the boom and the vehicle, and year of manufacture, and manufacturer. Most affordable samoborski will cost about 500 thousand rubles, the most expensive - 9 million roubles. The average price of "vorovaek" - 1-2 million rubles.

vorovaiki machine services

Crane is a reliable partner in the construction, in tow, as well as in all areas, which require quick loading and transportation of goods. However, because of his valuable qualities, the machine is often used in illegal activities, why it is popularly dubbed the "vorovaiki".

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