What is industrial lighting of buildings?


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One of the main rules of creating a rational working conditions in enterprises is the lighting. Improper distribution or inadequate amount of this factor may cause fatigue that leads to a drop in performance. To subdivide industrial lighting can be a few different categories. First, the distribution depends on the radiation source and is divided into:

  • Natural;
  • Artificial;
  • Combined.

industrial lighting

Natural lighting

It industrial lighting provided by natural light source – solar rays, as well as scattered in the atmosphere the rest of the luminous flux. It is the most favorable option, because the human eye is largely adapted to this light source. With regard to industrial space, natural lighting can be done in the following ways:

  • Top – flow of streams is due to the skylights in the ceiling;
  • Side – the light penetrates into the room from the window openings;
  • Mixed – combines both of the previous method.

Light industrial space, only the natural form is not able to create the level of illumination, which is necessary because it has a number of disadvantages.

  1. Weather Changes – increased cloud cover or precipitation, and the dark hours make it very difficult working conditions.
  2. The Specified location of the openings determined by the design of the building could not provide the uniformity of light penetration.
  3. Direct sunlight can be caused by blindness, which is unacceptable on safety.

Artificial lighting

lighting of industrial halls

The Shortcomings of natural light sources is completed with the help of artificial lighting, which can be used in two systems:

  • General the main aim of which is to illuminate the entire room;
  • Combined – General and local lighting combined in this system. The second bears the function focus the light flux on the jobs or certain tools and pieces of equipment.

Important! Lighting of industrial buildings due to the artificial kind is unacceptable.

Artificial light for the purpose is divided into:

  1. Working. It is necessary to ensure continuous technological process. Applies when there is a lack of natural lighting or lack thereof.
  2. Alarm. The presence of this species should be provided in case of a sudden stop of the mechanisms caused by:
    • Continuous violation of the process;
    • Emergency situation (explosion, fire, mass poisoning);
    • The risk of injury in crowded places;
    • Disruptions in the operations of critical infrastructure production – pumping stations, power plants, control systems, ventilation, fire and rescue posts, and many others, the presence of which depends on the characteristics of production.

Also, such lighting should be provided in case of evacuation, it should be located:

  • On-site workshops in which the number of workers more than 100 persons;
  • Stairways and aisles that are provided for the evacuation;
  • In the premises, in which the interruption task lighting may lead to injuries of workers;
  • In dangerous places to pass people.

Emergency light shall have an individual connection to a power source that is independent of the worker. This is necessary in order to ensure timely inclusion at the sudden disconnecting of the operating voltage.

Sources of artificial light

lighting of industrial premises
As a light source apply to such devices:

  1. All known incandescent bulbs, they are sources of thermal radiation. Such lamps have limited use in production because they distort color perception. But still are used due to its ease in connecting and working with different environmental influences.
  2. Lamp luminous – the emission occurs through electric discharge that occurs in gases or vapor. Such lamps are classified into several types depending on the pressure used and the internal environment. The use of discharge lamps is determined by several parameters:
    • Efficiency, due to lower energy consumption;
    • The lack of thermal radiation from a light source;
    • Even distribution of light fluxes on all illuminated areas;
    • High light output;
    • Close to natural light spectrum.

    Industrial lighting that uses such lamps is, of course, drawbacks:

  • Optimal operating temperature of 15ºC to 25ºC;
  • Of limited use in hazardous locations;
  • Blinding effect;
  • Noise from the chokes.
  • Led lamp. Their use is becoming more and more relevant in recent years. Industrial led lighting has a number of advantages over fluorescent and incandescent lamps:

    industrial led lighting

    • Economical consumption of electricity;
    • Resistance to voltage drops;
    • High degree of protection from moisture and dust;
    • Possibility to use in a production threat in explosions;
    • Minimized ripple;
    • Natural colors;
    • Long lifetime cancels the constant replacement of lamps;
    • Environmentally friendly.
  • Industrial lighting artificial form can be used only in conjunction with the local manufacturing facility. Use it as a single variant is possible only in case if it is provided by norms of the technological process. This concerns mainly laboratory spaces in which it is important to observe a special microclimate.

    Combined lighting

    lighting of industrial buildings
    This option is the most sustainable solution, and can be used for most industrial premises. Combined view combines natural and artificial lighting of industrial halls. To ensure comfortable working conditions when designing should be considered the basic parameters of illumination in the premises:

    1. Maintaining within normal limits glare. This increased the brightness of the surfaces, which leads to the violation of visual functions.
    2. Uniform brightness distribution. Failure to comply with this option causes fatigue and reduces performance. It is characterized by the irregularity coefficient, which is determined by the ratio of the maximum lighting value to the minimum value.
    3. Limit the entry of shadows, which leads to sharp changes in brightness. The greatest danger to the human eye are moving shadows.
    4. Maximum to prevent fluctuations of the light flux. They can cause voltage fluctuations in the network or flickering hid lamps.

    Industrial exterior Lighting

    All the above species belong to the interior. But in the production area is extremely important, and outdoor lighting. It provides good security and protection to adjacent areas of industrial buildings. For outdoor lighting, you can use any light sources. But given that they need to work productively all night, gets up in the first place the question of efficiency and good light output. Of course, the priority option is led lighting.

    industrial lighting outdoor

    There are special guidelines for using external types of lighting:

    1. Lighting industrial street shall have a separate system of wiring.
    2. The Coefficient of uneven light industrial zones, road and rail entrances should not exceed 15.
    3. To limit glare shall be provided the height of the lamp in accordance with the regulations.

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