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In the modern workplace, old-fashioned stamps and pads replaced ergonomic automatic printing. Sometimes they are called Tradate - the name of a famous company, which produces equipment for them. With regular use, automatic Tradate ink pad dry up and prints the stamp on the paper will be faint and fuzzy. Documents with a pale prints difficult to photocopy and scan. Legal departments of many companies can accept such papers is to refill round stamp ink

If the office was necessary to fill the stamp pad, it is not necessary to call in specialized firms to learn how to refill the stamp ink. Instructions for the filling is usually available in special boxes, which sell automatic snap. The standard recommendation – buy a new stamp pad to print. But this advice can cost the company quite expensive. So try to learn how to make stamp ink without damaging it, and it does not get dirty.

How to pull out the ink pad

In the standard automatic printing ink pad is in the middle. It is seen from the side. Photo auto print with indication of the position the pad is located to fill the printing ink manual

To understand how to make round stamp ink, you need this pillow to pull out. This requires pressing the two buttons located on each side Tradate, while slightly press the stamp down. If done correctly and automatic tooling has not been damaged, the lock button is slightly pressed state. Then with an ordinary pencil carefully remove the eartip from the side of the gap.

How to prepare a seal for a gas station

Before you can refill the stamp ink, it should be clear beveled pad and remove it with the adhering lumps of paint, pieces of paper and other possible contamination. Various dents left on a soft surface, it makes sense to smooth non-sharp object. This is the perfect common paper clip. By the end of it gently even out all the prints. A worn-out pad, not elastic, it almost does not absorb ink, are deep dents that are impossible to smooth out. Does not make sense to saturate the stamp with ink a pillow, it is better to order a new one and did not need to learn how to make printing ink. Photo pulled the pads can be viewed to refill the stamp ink


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How to apply stamp the paint

So, pad printing, prepared for dyeing of stamp paint. The required paint is made by different companies, including in our country. In any case, it is not necessary to refill the print ink or other liquids — you can quickly and permanently ruin it. A standard bottle of stamping ink is the dispenser, which is very convenient drip is to apply paint to to refill stamp ink

A Few drops of stamp paint carefully and evenly applied to the surface of the pads. The excess can be removed with a cloth. After painting wait a few minutes, until the liquid is absorbed into the surface. Insert the pad into the snap-in for print ink side down. To answer the question about how to refill the stamp ink if the automatic printing uses two or three colors, you just need to consistently pull the pads are different colors and fill them with the appropriate ink stamp. The sequence of actions is the same as with plain seals.

Flash print

In recent years widespread printing of a new model - flash-print. From the ordinary stamp, they differ in that their working surface, which is applied to the print, absolutely smooth. In such printing uses a few colors, it is more precise and evenly applied to the paper. Flash print much more durable, and the protection level are much to refill stamp ink photo

Dressing monochrome flash print

Despite the longevity and durability, after some time it raises the question on how to refill the stamp ink. In order to quickly fill flash easy printing method, you need to have on hand a syringe and a suitable stamp paint. Cliché is located on a shock-absorbing cushion of the press. Remove clichés and put it on a flat surface. The paint is applied evenly several times with a syringe. Between coats you should wait a while so the ink is evenly absorbed into cliché. The layer of liquid must not exceed 2 mm. allow the paint to soak in completely, then wipe the surplus ink applied with a cloth and collect the print in original condition.

Dressing multicolor flash print

When filling multi-color flash print need to get cliché, as described above. This detail filled syringes, care shall be taken to ensure that paint did not mix. Paint of various colors have different degrees of fluidity. Remember,how to refill the stamp ink, it is easy: first paint is applied to one segment of the press, then on the other. When filling for each color you need to use a separate syringe otherwise the color will be muddy and blurry. After the procedure fill with paint cliche flash print need to be put aside. The paint should be evenly distributed on the surface, this required some time. Then insert a cliche on the place and try a print.

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