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Since ancient times the person needed fuel for heating, cooking, manufacturing of tools of labor and hunting. When there is a forest, then no problem. Desert – the situation is different. Here, as fuel use dry dwarf shrub or dried animal manure. Today, the main energy resources of the world are coal, oil and gas. In Europe increasingly prefer to use pellets, briquettes. Eurowood – another name for this product.

Manufacturers of briquettes and pellets

The Most promising producer country eurodraw is Russia, as it for centuries, is rich in vast forest resources. Eurowood Russia produces mainly for export: it has enough oil and gas that provide the needs of the country. For example, in Europe, States which already many years are importers of Russian gas, use eurowood, the price of which is much lower. They are considered the cheapest type of heating products.

This type of fuel today is very common in European countries for space heating, using special boilers. If originally these boilers were used exclusively for industrial purposes, heating of factories and the like, then now this method is used by ordinary citizens. They heat private houses, applying for this eurowood. Customer feedback suggests that this type of fuel is easy to ignite, due to the special hole which is inside the log.

eurowood feedback

Types of wood

There is a certain classification eurodraw: pellets, briquettes. It defines the product's technical characteristics. In this regard, wood is subject to certain rate standards. Some types of pellets are suitable only for industrial use. They are tougher, made of different types of wood, and they have different combustion properties. Others, is one kind of trees, most often conifers, used for heating of the private sector. Material and manufacturing process for future products define the norms of European standards, which include the following parameters:


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Staff evaluation: system and methods

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  • Razmery;
  • Sharnie;
  • Vlazhnosti
  • Zolnosti.

And that's why every self-respecting producers must strictly adhere to the technological process, subsequently to its products could be certified and exported to different countries. All of Europe buys eurowood: the feedback is only positive. Especially noted for their low cost and excellent heat transfer.

eurowood price

Prices eurodraw

Use pellets or europacity very convenient. They are transported in special big bags. The burning of the pellets occurs in the boilers using the special bins, from which they automatically do. Therefore, the boiler can work for a few days.

Spiral made of hardened steel, which price is quite low, worthy took his place in the world market of bio-fuel.

  • The average cost of 1 ton of evromarket of softwood – 4500 rubles;
  • 1 ton eurodraw of a mixture of conifers and birch is 4900 rubles.

Many of the consumers that use home heating eurowood, reviews leave only positive: after combustion in the boilers are left with ash. We must remember that one ton of eurobrico replace five cubic meters of conventional wood burns much longer and gives more warmth to the room.

production eurodraw

Production process

Production eurodraw includes several stages. First you need to chop large pieces of waste wood: it is a special chipper. Next on the conveyor belt the raw material is moved to a certain place and stored there. Then there is the further grinding to a certain faction and is placed in the hopper loader. Most of these bins three. One of them is designed for custom sizes of raw materials, the other is filled with mass, which is subsequently sent to the heat generator, the third – for wood chips. After the material passes through a vibrating screen and sent to drum dryer, where it acquires the degree of humidity of 12%. The drum is equipped with a powerful heat source. Qualitatively, the dried raw material is crushed by the hammer crusher on the basis.

briquette eurowood

Briquetting and packaging

After that material is transported in briketter. Britter – a powerful press, which can be of different types: screw, hydraulic or mechanical. A screw is rarely used, as it is very difficult to adapt to automatic process. After pressing, the briquettes are in the process of cooling. The cooling line in the production of up to 30 metres in length. Next, the cooled briquettes are cut using an automated saw, which has high precision. Completing the process of packaging machine.

eurowood price

Manufacturing has a conveyor-automatic principle, providing a technology with great performance. This technology is very practical and economical, helping to protectnatural resources. As one ton eurodraw equivalent to two tons of normal, then when burning the savings is obvious. Numerous companies on the background of the General prospects have been manufacturing equipment for the manufacture of a variety of organic fuels such as briquettes and pellets.

eurowood equipment

The costs of organizing production

The Key units of equipment are:

  • Crusher with capacity of 1000 kg per hour;
  • Pyrolysis oven;
  • Pressing machine, a manufacturer of 210 kg per hour;
  • Drying unit with capacity of 600 kg per hour;
  • Conveyor components;
  • Precision saw;
  • Packing machine.

The Total contribution in the equipment of 890 000. Every company that starts its business, will easily recoup the costs in the short term when investing in eurowood. Equipment for the production of biofuels is in the following ranges:

  • Crusher – 160 000 rubles;
  • Dryer – 250 000 rubles;
  • Press Assembly – 250 000 rubles;
  • Pyrolysis oven – 230 000 rubles.

Eurowood reviews which are very positive, very popular with Russian consumers. Many tenants of private houses and cottages have long switched to biofuels, thereby saving money on heating during the harsh winters.

eurowood feedback

Consumers are pleased with the ability to store eurodraw in the room, as they do not have the impurities, odors and are environmentally friendly. No smoke, long burning, strong heat dissipation, ease of storage and, most importantly, low cost – the main advantages of this product.

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