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Hothouse design polycarbonate have replaced the traditional film and glass structures. The new material has provided a number of advantages, among which a unique combination of light transmission and surface hardness. Also polycarbonate is characterized by mechanical flexibility, which facilitates its handling and Assembly operations in General. An extension of the concept of such structures was a reinforced greenhouse, a photo of which is presented below. In this case, the emphasis is on the strengthening frame basis due to the high strength of metal profiles.

greenhouse intensive

Features of enhanced greenhouse

Firming function is assigned on a galvanized frame. Commonly used U-shaped profile in different sizes. For example, the cross section is on average 20 x 30-40 mm. In the length of the structure can reach 5 m if we are talking about private farms. Important and the material from which are made from a reinforced polycarbonate greenhouses in parts of the basic design. Most often used steel, and the most expensive Assembly producers complement the metal of the first grade. This solution guarantees a high degree of reliability of the framework.

At the same time ensuring firmness before the wind and rain would not be possible without the use of an appropriate connecting fittings. This task in most cases perform a steel insert. Depending on shared parameters, which designed the greenhouse is reinforced, can be used profiles of different shapes. In addition to the U-shaped profile, for example, also occur in pipes and square frames. However, they are heavier construction and are suitable only when bookmarks full construction of the Foundation. On the other hand, for a thick polycarbonate requires high bearing capacity, and which comply with private profiles.

reinforced polycarbonate greenhouses

Assembly of a greenhouse-enhanced

Regardless of the characteristics of the profile elements, the mounting operation begins with the construction of the Foundation. You can use tape or columnar technology – this choice will determine the method of implementation of the main load-bearing elements in the Foundation of the greenhouse. This can be either a depression in the concrete or fixing the metal rack using the mounting hardware. Already in the basic configuration of the greenhouse is reinforced has a set of hardware to implement the connection. In the Assembly can participate in the said insert, which increases the reliability of nodes fixing. Also manufacturers provide technological grooves in the frames themselves.


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By the way, U-shaped profile in the plan is the most reliable, as it provides the most dense mixing two elements. The user is only required to use the joiner's tool and tighten the hardware provided in the appropriate niche. At this stage particularly important is the accuracy of the calculations. Further provides fixing of polycarbonate sheets. They cover a steel frame that is secured using the same holes. In this case it is especially important to use a sealing lining that will protect high-strength plastic material from damage in the joints of the metal frames.

the greenhouse is reinforced reviews

Additional equipment

Starter sets commonly involve two air vents and a pair of doors providing entrance from opposite sides. As a Supplement you can use engineering support in the form of systems of ventilation, lighting and heating. Because enhanced design extends its operation in the winter, it will be useful to provide a heat accumulator of heat. With this equipment, the enhanced greenhouse will provide plants with energy, massed during the day. Further, the battery converts the stored potential into heat.

Positive feedback about the enhanced greenhouse

Assembly of a greenhouse reinforced

Such designs can be attributed to normal farming objects, but among their owners there are quite a few ordinary summer residents and gardeners. Most of them emphasize the reliability of the frame, thereby protecting the plants from rain and from wind gusts. The advantages of the construction include the possibility of increasing the area. This will require some simple manipulations with the dismantling and subsequent integration of additional components in the form of polycarbonate sheet and profile. But that's not all advantages of the greenhouse is reinforced. Reviews indicate that the strong frame allows without risk use of electrical equipment in the same lighting and heating systems.

Negative feedback

If the regular greenhouses on the basis of aluminum and wood can be installed directly into the ground, the polycarbonate with metal frames requires the original device Foundation. Users have the opportunity to purchase a good quality ready-made foundations. But they add significantly to the overall cost of the project. Many point to the fact that the greenhouse is reinforced potentially subject to burning. This deficiency has polycarbonate. It is also noted another unpleasant feature of these structures. The fact that the steel frame base can be covered with only polycarbonate. Glass in itit is impractical to use because of the fragility, and the film and so does not require the provision of high bearing capacity.


the greenhouse is reinforced photo

Installation coupled with a high cost still restrict the circle of admirers of the enhanced greenhouse design. However, for the avid gardeners with big plans for growing heat-loving crops, the presence of such a facility on the site is a necessity. Correctly installed reinforced polycarbonate greenhouses allow crop cultivation all year round. In summer, the polycarbonate provides all the advantages of traditional designs, including dispersion of light and ventilation. In the winter period of regulation of the microclimate will carry special equipment in the form of heating units and lighting systems and irrigation.

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