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All we heard in the sphere of trade and in other areas the term “dealer”. What does this word mean? Who is the dealer? This is not a hired employee. The dealer-partner. He invested in the business their financial assets, operates in its own space and, consequently, receives much more than just a worker for hire. In this kind of activities in the interest of both large and smaller companies. What is the essence of the dealer? who's the dealerFirm or a private entrepreneur signs up with the supplier of the special agreement by which buys a certain volume of product and then independently finds for his clients. However, the activity of the dealer is not so limited. Of course, he is a commercial mediator, but is involved in trading on a permanent basis. The most important thing for the dealer is not just to find a single client for a single batch of product, and to establish a distribution channel. Thus, it creates new consumer value of products. His responsibilities included providing good facilities for demonstration of samples of goods, providing customers with expert consultation and finally, high-quality service. Now you understand that it is impossible to say who the dealer. want to become a dealerThis concept extends far beyond a literal translation of the word. We can say that the dealer – is more than just a salesman, he is a representative of a large company, which in a favorable light promotes and sells the goods in the market, to learn which own a large Corporation may not (or no time). According to the dealer agreement, the parent company has the right to have different requirements to your sales representative. And, perhaps the most common among them – the observance of a certain price level. The company carefully monitored to avoid dumping. In other words, the partner party to the dealer agreement agrees to sell the goods in the prescribed in the contract price (or above it). Most importantly, to avoid excessive lowering. If this happens, cooperation is terminated. And again should we return to the question of who is a dealer. As you can see, it's honest partner, who, profiting, should think about the interests of the company to provide him with goods for trade. The agreement and other requirements. For example, a parent company may require a strictly fixed size trading platform, a wide range of rigorous and transparent reporting. In addition, it has the right to compel its representative to use corporate symbols. become a dealer

How to become a dealer? What it promises to benefit?

If you are interested in such activities, and you have in mind was flickering phrase: "I Want to become a dealer", that part of our material specifically for you. To engage in such business not so difficult. You, as a legal entity, it is necessary to conclude a dealership agreement with the supplier. All the details and nuances of the transaction are negotiated and entered into a contract. Now about the benefits. Becoming a dealer, you will be able to make a profit. Its size is directly proportional to sales growth. And they will grow as you encounter lower levels of competition. Finally, well-established representatives have the opportunity to work on very favorable terms: with deep discounts and various bonuses. I think that now we have given a comprehensive answer to the question of who is the dealer.

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