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Any vehicle can have a one piece of equipment, and the collection, that is, the vehicle is either single or has links. In simple words the rolling stock – is a vehicle, transporting people, cargo or special equipment.

rolling it

Below are the detailed examples with explanations of what is meant by this phrase, as a service technician. The theme will be useful for adults and children.

What is rolling stock

Under rolling stock means the road and rail transport:

  • Trains.
  • Freight cars;
  • Buses.

But officially, the term is more used in railway, metro and tram depot.

What is a? Each vehicle must have a place where you want to control the starting, acceleration, braking, turns. Typically, this cabin. It is available in the bus, truck, locomotive, tractor. Often trains and trucks have several parts: the train-the locomotive and the cars, trucks – cabin, trailers, vans and so on.

rolling stock repairs

Let's study in detail all the railway rolling stock, as it is one of the most popular, and the terminology is more belongs to him.

Main parts of rolling stock

Every vehicle has wheels doubles the number of four units. Depending on the length of the equipment number of pairs of wheels may be increased. Also at least one pair of wheels must be installed in the engine or gear box, which transmits torque from engine to wheel. The heavier the transport, the more engines it can be. The train stock is a little different from cars, because the locomotive are controlled by two or four or more cars.


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Any rolling stock – is coupled between a piece of equipment. Is this process automatic coupling mechanism which is located at the ends of cars and locomotives.

What is rolling stock

Rail transportation is divided into several types according to the purpose and field of operation:

  • Commuter trains;
  • Passenger trains of distant following;
  • Freight trains;
  • Special technology;
  • Household train;
  • Metro;
  • Tram.

As you can see, rolling stock – it is a major form of transport.

technical rolling stock

Although individual units are not currently linked with other pieces of equipment, for example, diesel locomotive, electric locomotive or trolley also.

How to serve

In a Timely manner each car, locomotive, and other transport equipment undergoing maintenance. It is a set of actions to take care of rolling stock. This event helps to identify and eliminate faults that are detected by visual inspection with special tools and instruments.

For Example, venting of equipment, wiping the glass of the driver's cab, obstaravanie trucks, wheels, automatic couplers to detect defects (cracks). But also takes a temperature measurement on all elements and on equipment exposed to strong heat.

rolling stock of transport

As a rule, technical service (TS) is held once every 1-2 days during the time of the composition in the depot or while stationary at the station.

How is the repair of wagons, locomotives

Less maintenance is repair of rolling stock (trains, wagons and locomotives). There used to be several types of repair (current repair TR-1, TR-2, TR-3, overhaul of CU-1 and CU-2, average repair). The figures indicate the amount of work performed. TR-1 is the most simple form, and major repair CU-2 – the most voluminous and complex. Currently have made it easier – DR (depot repair) and ZR (factory repair). It should be noted that there are two kinds of repairs that are unplanned: the turning of the wheelsets and the occasional repair (if the problem happened suddenly).

What is on the rolling stock technical employee? Usually occurs the setting of the movable unit to a repair stall with a Jack, a crane. The mechanic under the guidance of a master or engineer must raise the body of the locomotive or wagon so that you can roll out cart, which is located under the wheel pair.

During the renovation removed all of the necessary equipment are checked for defects of different devices, cables and mechanical components, and pneumatic system.

The overhaul also is body painting, installation of various equipment. Upon completion of all work, a special Commission checks the condition of equipment. If everything is in order, the wagon/locomotive goes on the run to make a diagnosis in the way.

Who manages

Rolling stock-transport, which is controlled by at least one person, i.e. the driver. If the two persons we are talking about the machinist and his assistant, which monitors traffic signals, the situation outside of the locomotive (cab).

The driver performs the movement of trains, is responsible for the safety of goods (cargo) and passengers(in passenger traffic).

railway rolling stock

Rail transportation – this is not the only example of rolling stock. In conclusion, it is necessary to consider interesting information, telling how he was born. The fact that in the 17th and 18th centuries, people began to invent vehicles that can carry more people and cargo. Established the first railroad, which was wooden. It allowed horses with small carriages. Then horses were replaced by steam locomotives. And so was born the rolling stock that exists at the present time.

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