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Black dots on the nose is called dirt and oil in the pores of the skin, oxidize in air. This problem is familiar to most of us, but most often it affects teenagers with enlarged pores. Fortunately, strips of black dots help to solve it painlessly and quickly.

The Appearance on the nose blackheads provokes a variety of factors, including bad environmental situation, constant stress, and sometimes antibiotics.

Women are much more likely to experience it than men. Well, if the black dot has grown to one millimeter, and ceased to be invisible, it could be even a small disaster for some of the fair half of mankind. In any case, each of these defects takes moral discomfort, therefore the struggle with them must be immediate and ruthless.

To get Rid of blackheads can be a variety of ways, each of which deserves attention. Can use the special masks and tonics, peelings, cleaning and other procedures. However, strips of black dots on the nose are considered the most radical and at the same time efficient way.

However, we must note the fact that even with strips you will not be able to get rid of the much hated black dots. This is because the glands consistently produce sebum, respectively, a one-time procedure will give a one-time result.

However, if the strips of blackheads is in your cosmetic bag a permanent place, and you will not forget them from time to time use, it is possible that the existence of this unpleasant phenomenon, you will forget forever. And the help of a beautician is not necessary to resort.


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Initially, we should mention that full treatment for your skin needs to appoint a gynecologist-endocrinologist. Only he will be able to choose the right set of procedures to eliminate small defects on your skin. After the appearance of black spots can be caused by hormonal disruptions in the body, not just the wrong skin care. Therefore, the strip or cosmetics against the black dots should be supporting and accompanying procedures and not basic.

To Start getting rid of points from daily and high-quality cleansing. To do this, you should use these helpers: foam and lotion. The purity of the water also plays an important role. Remember that.

Purchase of strips of black dots in almost every drugstore or specialty store. They produce many well-known companies such as LOREAL, VIA Beauty, NIVEA and others. But the price is quite affordable to all consumers.

Nothing extraordinary in that, as in its application, no. This is the usual fabric strips to the small size, which caused the sticky layer. This side and put a strip on the problem area, leave for 10-12 minutes and then remove the sharp movement. All fats and impurities that were in the pores, remain on the fabric, but the nose is pleased with their neatness and cleanliness.

Strips from the black dots do not require special costs and time, as well as the skills and knowledge to use. That's why they like to all consumers. Enough to carefully read the user manual (formulated in a very simple and accessible language), which is attached to the strips and you will understand the technology of their actions.

Apart from the fact that the strip removed from the surface of the nose all the visible and invisible pollution, they are still narrow and deeply cleanse the pores. You can use them at most 2 times a week. They contain only natural components and do not injure the skin.

You should Try it, it's a miracle cure in the fight with black dots, and, perhaps, about this problem you will forget forever.

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