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Sir Alfred Hitchcock — British and American mastodon of film directing, the Director, writer, producer. It is not unprecedented in film “the Lady vanishes”, “the 39 steps”, “a Shadow”, “Rebecca”, “Dizziness”, “all”, “Birds” and the ultimate “Psycho” inexorably changed the Thriller genre. Maestro, like a puppeteer controlling the threads of spectator emotions, has created a unique signature style, for which he was named as the world kinoobschestvennost the master of suspense. After the release of his creations in the lexicon of film critics firmly entrenched the term “kichkovsky”.Alfred Hitchcock

Intuition for followers

Traditionally, the horror of the early and mid twentieth century evoke the sophisticated audience of contemporary a condescending smile. Unlike bolshinstva paintings, works by Hitchcock, and still admirably with their immediate task, keeping the tense atmosphere in the audience during playback, pushing up to the high nerves of the beholder.

Alfred Hitchcock, whose films are revered by the most renowned choreographers of our time such as William Friedkin, David O. Russell, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Mann and Guillermo del Toro, influenced the formation of creative style of generations of Directors. Moreover, he influenced the development of cinema as a whole. In projects Hitchcock wanted to shoot the brightest talents of the Dream Factory: grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, James Stewart, Anthony Perkins, Sean Connery and many others. Alfred Hitchcock movies


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Summary of a creative way

At the end of the career, the Director was awarded the American film Institute and received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. 55 feature-length films that have become classics of global cinema, are a valuable legacy that was left behind by Alfred Hitchcock. Filmography King of horror also includes a 21 episode of the television series “A. Hitchcock presents" 2 unfinished project and for two documentary films, filmed in 1944.

The Father of modern Hitchcock Thriller call by chance, during a demonstration of his films, many viewers in a hurry left the auditorium, individuals even lost consciousness. His now iconic scene of the attack in the soul of “Psycho” is still positioned as one of the most horrific scenes in the movie. This effect could be achieved only by Alfred Hitchcock.Alfred Hitchcock filmography

Biography. Childhood

The Future founder of the genre was born in the suburbs of the British capital in the last month of summer 1899. My parents, being ardent followers of Catholicism, sent him to study at the Jesuit College. According to researchers of the biography of the Maestro, this period decisively influenced the formation of his Outlook and perception of the world.

Alfred Hitchcock in his childhood he experienced another shock. He once at an early age dared to disobey his father. He called the patrol police and asked them to punish the careless offspring. Police took the boy to the station for a short period locked up in solitary confinement. Experiences a state of shock has left its mark on the psyche of the child: as an adult, he had the fear of law enforcement officials and the law. In the plots of the individual paintings, there is a clear motive to panic to unjust accusation.Alfred Hitchcock filmography's best movies


Having Survived the period of study at the College, strict discipline, oppression and constant fear, Alfred Hitchcock arrives in 1914, in the Engineering school, where the preference is given to the study of navigation, engineering, mechanics and acoustics. In parallel, he attended lectures on art. After the outbreak of the Second world war the future star of direction trying to join the ranks of volunteers, however he was enlisted in the reserve because of his obesity.

Hitchcock's Career began in the advertising Department of one of the firms for the production of electrical cables. One day he received a standard order for the production of posters on TB. Chief Alfred was expecting a funny surprise: the finished posters conventional wiring was presented a Hitchcock murder weapon. Assessing unconventional solution to a subordinate, the chief inventive officer recommended to try at the Studio. Thus, unexpectedly, the future Director gets in the movie industry.Alfred Hitchcock filmography short

First steps

Initially, Alfred Hitchcock, photo which now adorns the foyer of the Studio, was appointed to the position of electrician. Later he was entrusted with the writing credits of the finished film. Plunging headlong into the creative atmosphere, the magic of cinema, Alfred soon began writing scripts for films and got the position of assistant Director. The debut work of the Director is a tape called "pleasure Garden", which Hitchcock filmed in 1925. However, the attention of kinoobschestvennost he was able to win a year later the painting "Mountain eagle", filmed in the style of a classic detective. From the first sound films author filmmakers were impressed with the creative style and the author's style, which showed Alfred Hitchcock. Movies «the Call of Elstree”, “Blackmail”, “Murder” were the first projects in which he used his author's technique, later termed "suspense."

The first of Hitchcock's movies are considered to be the most successful “the Lady vanishes” and “the 39 steps", which became commercially successful and was warmly received by the critics. The first of these films was awarded the prize of the new York Guild of film critics, this has motivated the Director to create other masterpieces.Alfred Hitchcock photo


After global recognition Alfred Hitchcock receives a tempting offer from the famous producer David O. Selznick to move to Hollywood. The first Hollywood film “Rebecca’ is justified in the box office and gets the coveted “Oscar”. The recognition allows the Director to carry out the orders of the producers, and you can remove what you want. In Hollywood he produced almost a film a year, among which - uncomplicated detective films, thrillers and ideological patterns. In almost all the genres tried himself Alfred Hitchcock. Filmography (short films) the Director has movies deemed a failure. For example, "stage fright", after which kinoobschestvennost hastily decided that the Director had exhausted himself.Alfred Hitchcock biography

The Peak of creativity

50-60 years of the twentieth century are considered the peak of creativity Hitchcock. During this period, the films rolled out “Dizziness”, “all” and “North by Northwest", which became a benchmark chuchkovskoi author's style.

However, the most important picture in the works of Hitchcock is the film “Psycho”, the most feared, famous, ever-present, innovative and remains unique despite repeated attempts to reproduce his triumph. In the movie notorious, the suspense is brought to the edge of the limit, the fine line, for which-an abyss of madness. It honed to perfection all the cinematic tools, the techniques of artistic expression, ranging from unmatched installation to depressing musical accompaniment of Bernard Herrmann and innovative directing, which brilliantly introduced Alfred Hitchcock.

Filmography (best movies) innovator includes one of the most exciting film projects under the name “Birds”. The birds in the movie are typical metaphorical kichkovskyy way unfathomable evil, unforgiving rock, chasing the main characters. This picture serves as yet another confirmation of the fact that Hitchcock, after receiving primary education at a Jesuit College, was a Puritan, honoring the Christian commandments.

The end

After the triumph of the “Birds” Alfred Hitchcock filmed several films, but they had such a huge success. The last work of Maestro is a picture of "Family plot", released in 1976. According to rumors, after this, Hitchcock simply dismissed the entire staff, shut down production and left.

Hitchcock had a habit of popping up in their kinorabotah in a cameo, appearing in the frame in the form of street onlookers or passerby. At the end of the creative ways the Director intentionally created a mystical atmosphere surrounding his life a mysterious aura.

All his life he was faithful to one woman-his wife Alma Grasse, which became a reliable support to her husband. After her death, the Director could not recover, addicted to alcohol. The king of horror died in 1980, reaching the age of 80 years. His body was cremated and his ashes according to his will, scattered over the vast expanses of the Pacific ocean.


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