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There is in Russia, journalists who are trusted by the majority of citizens? Of course. Absolutely among them will be named Arkady Mamontov. Documentaries, a list of which is presented in the article, made in the genre of journalistic investigation, and they have great public resonance.Arkady Mamontov documentary movies list

How I came into the profession Arkady Mamontov?

Documentaries (the list is specified) – this is a logical result of all previous activities of the journalist. Raised in a family of broadcasters (father – cinematographer, and mother – the Director Studio newsreel), a young man from Novosibirsk went to enter the film Institute. Having failed, served in the army, becoming a soldier in the missile troops in the TRANS. It was the beginning of the 80s, when to defend his honor to the boy from an educated family had fists. But it's tempered character.

The Second attempted receipt VGIK again not successful, and the young man passed exams in Moscow state University on faculty of journalism with honors and will be graduating in 1988. Starting with the work of the special correspondent, he will visit many hot spots: South Ossetia, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh. Since 1994 it involves the cooperation of NTV, by sending for training video reports from Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya.

With the transition to the year 2000 for the TV channel «Russia» begins a new stage of its activities associated with the investigation of the death of the submarine «Kursk». First, he is reporting from the scene live, and then creates the film "August" marked the beginning of his filmography. The project for which the film was shot, was the transfer of "Special correspondent". One of its creators – Arkady Mamontov.


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Documentaries: a list of the most popular

In the team of the TV reporter began to work wonderful correspondents Alexander Habarov and Vyacheslav Grunsky, enhancing rating of transmission. One of the first works was a series of “the Spy life" (2001), revealing the ways of British intelligence to communicate with its agents.Putin Russia and the West

Before the movie “Putin, Russia and the West" (in 2012) A. Mamontov in Moscow Park shows a device similar to a common stone. Through him, Russian special services allegedly uncovered a network of agents and went out on focal points in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain. This statement caused a negative reaction and criticism from some colleagues and politicians.

Filmed by representatives of ten countries the film “Putin, Russia and the West,” made some clarity in the matter and have forced some critics to apologize to the author. Jonathan Powell, working as a team of Tony Blair, indirectly confirmed the information about the spy stone.

All documentaries author the same action and deal with many topical issues. They are made in the genre of investigative journalism, which increases their significance. Among the issues raised:

  • Terrorism ("Black area”, “September 1”, “Nine days”).
  • Corruption ("Golden calf”, “Train”, “Corruption”).
  • Chaos on the roads (“Dead zone” in three parts).
  • Spirituality (“Family”, “Sodom”, “MT. Ascent”).

A number of government awards has for his work, Arkady Mamontov. Documentaries, a list of which will be continued in the article are his calling card and a major life accomplishment.

About the problems of children and young people

One of the first problems, the study of which Arkady Mamontov devotes few years, it becomes a child. Creating your own Studio, from 2001 to 2011, he shoots a series of programs “Children” consisting of 8 parts. A journalist sees his duty is to protect society from what interferes with life. Among the issues raised:

  • Irreversible process of disintegration of the family.
  • The Punitive measures of the state instead of helping families in crisis.
  • Corruption when transferring children for adoption abroad.
  • Pedophilia.
  • Children's homelessness.

Movies have had a great response, after which the government imposed a ban on distributing child pornography on the Internet, the revised law on adoption.a series of programs the children

The Future of the country – young people. Can't get around the problem of drug addiction and the father of two children Arkady Mamontov. Documentaries, a list of which gives you an idea on how to approach this issue from different sides, the evidence of civil position autora:

  • «Check».
  • «Dose».
  • «Dur».
  • «Crocodile».
  • «Dorman-Trava».
  • «Spice – epidemic”.
  • “Traffic”.

The Stubborn statistics that one in five Teens is trying drugs, makes him in a loud voice to Express the need to confront the world of evil. After one of the movies, the government finally decided to ban the sale of questionable mixes flooding the shelves.

Movies about Ukraine

In Recent years, the attention of the inhabitants of the country focused on the Ukraine. A series of programs and documentaries dedicated to the events in the neighboring Republic: «Maidan», “Oligarchs”, “South-East”, “the Island of Crimea”, “Bandera". The anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa (2.05.2015) came out “Burn” – a film about the mass death of people at the House of trade unions. The official investigation did not answer the main question of the people: who is to blame for this tragedy? In a rush of emotions there is hatred "euromaidan", exhibiting the cruelty and inhumanity to their victims. They perceived the main culprits.burn film

But in the film-investigation A. Mamontov details reveals the mechanism started by the Kiev junta, which managed to incite the fascist thugs on the supporters of federalization. The angry crowd – the effect of long-term state policy on the education of the people rejection of the views of others. The film makes a certain amount of optimism. This is footage of the man trying to single-handedly stop the outrage and where the victim's father recognizes the son the right to defend their ideals.

Each viewer of films of A. Mamontov can make your choice on any issue raised by the author.


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