"Forbidden zone". The actors, who visited the Exclusion Zone


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The dream travel almost everything, and the filmmakers use it shamelessly. Horror movies that can be described as “tourist trap”, you have to allocate a separate sub-genre of horror. The structure they are almost identical – naive and curious backpackers climb into a real wilderness where cell phones do not catch the signal, and there they take turns dying at the hands of serial killer, cannibal, Bigfoot or other mutant. Is among those films recognized blockbusters, imbued with the psychology and tragedy, there is an unfortunate failure of the work. However, this direction for all its hefty nashtampovali, not losing popularity, the most famous among paintings described cynotechny are: "Heavenly lake", "the Ruins”, “Border”, “Turistas", "Hostel", "wrong Turn”, “the hills Have eyes”, “Straw dogs" and the movie “Restricted area”.forbidden zone actors

The scene cannot be changed

Chernobyl is not an ordinary settlement. This place is the terrible tragedy that has become sacred, something even mystical, though at the same time fraught with threat and protect from something terrible that threatens them. No wonder filmmakers from different countries are actively exploiting the Chernobyl disaster in the works. Would be a real sacrilege not to use as fertile material. Much more others were Oren Sang, the eminent Creator of franchise ‘Paranormal activity”. Thanks to him, in 2012, a horror "restricted area" (actors: D. Sadowski, D. Kelly, N. Phillips, D. McCartney, I. Berdal).


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Devin Kelley

Cheap but terribly

After a low-budget, but happy with the impressive “Paranormal” the audience was looking forward to from Warren Sang the following an angry revelation. And got produced them a cheap horror movie on the misfortune of tourists-Americans, attacked in Pripyat humanoid mutants. Due to the flat, featureless characters, shoddy special effects Director Bradley Parker was pretty cool and appreciated by the audience and critics.film diaries


Narrative storytelling pattern "restricted area" (where the actors are the same age as their characters) starts with six travelers-Americans (Natalie, Chris, Paul, Amanda, Michael and Zoe) come to Ukraine. Learn about the tours organized to the exclusion Zone, just hire a guide ex-military George and heading into extreme entertainment. During the day they can't experience fully the atmosphere of radioactive abandoned city. But by nightfall, Pripyat alive. Bloodcurdling screams rent the air, the young full-on panic. They are not alone in this dead place.


Critics and regular folk found a lot of clichés and flaws in the film ‘exclusion zone" of the actors, who performed the role of the unfortunate tourists. However, their distinctive features and appearance don't really matter, as in most of the timing, the audience sees the characters in twilight. Many of the characters nature is revealed superficially. To the viewer this is enough to feel the depth of the film, but not the depth of feelings, of emotions and feelings experienced by the characters. All the main characters stereotypical and formulaic. Some of it is annoying, but the majority is absorbed. Closer to the climax of the picture caught the fragments with exemplary acting. This is the impression of film critics after watching the movie "Forbidden zone”.

The Actors who performed the main roles, do not give comments of the critics. The exception is the character of Nathan Phillips – Mike. Oddly enough, but to it claims on the part of professionals was less likely, is undoubtedly a merit of the young actor. In the film, Australian actor Nathan Phillips made his debut in the television series “the Neighbors”, and the fame brought him the film “pitfall”. After participating in this project, the actor began his Hollywood career. Among films in the U.S. roles in such films as ‘flying snake”, “Under the hood”, “Perfect day”, “West”, “Surfer”, “speed”, “Balibo on”.

Nathan Phillips

Bright as the sun Devin Kelly

American actress played more than 10 roles in the movie. But the most significant at the moment kinorabotoy is “Forbidden zone”. For the year to participate in the work of Bradley Parker's girlfriend played a Central role in the TV series ‘rule of law”, which was soon closed, as did not receive the required rating. Devin Kelly, after he lit up on the big screen, has accepted an invitation from the creators of the television series “Covert operations” and “Resurrection”. Performing the role of the main female character Amanda, a girl who managed to survive in a clash with monsters and are destined to die at the hands of the security services (No Reflection), the actress received the necessary impetus to the development of his film career.

All fans of films about the empty city and destroyed homes, as well as those who are specifically interested in the Chernobyl disaster, will be at least curious at least once to watch a movie and familiarize yourself with the next kinologijos of the Exclusion Zone according to the creators of the painting "Forbidden zone”. The actors who performed the main roles, gave a synopsis in a media interview.


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