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A Wonderful and amazing city of Aleksin in the Tula region, according to legend, was created in the late XIII century. Its founder was the son of Alexander Nevsky, the first Moscow Prince Daniil Alexandrovich. But official sources indicated that the town was founded in 1348. This date is spelled out in the Nikon chronicle. Historical treatises say that the name of the settlement comes from the name of the son of Prince Daniel - Alexander. So there Aleksin. Tula oblast has found a locality with this name in 1298. Some believe that it was named in honour of the Metropolitan Alexis. It is to him in 1354 the city was given to the contents.Aleksin Tula oblast

Amazing story

Despite its not too large, this city has an amazing destiny. It was founded in the heyday of the Golden Horde yoke. As the state Alexina was prepared for many tests. Through them he has passed, repeatedly succumbing to destruction and, like a Phoenix from the ashes, reborn again. The city of Aleksin (Tula region) – this is a great story of a small settlement that, regardless of the obstacles, grew up in a great town with population of in excess of 65 thousand people.

Active development of the city falls on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It was then that he became the center of iron and steel and sawmill industries. In the 20-ies of the last century in Aleksin, close to the pine forest, beginning to settle down first plots. The town was a favorite resting place of Anton Chekhov. Here at different times and for different reasons there were parsnips, Zhukovsky, Polenov, Richter and other famous persons.


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Sights alexina

Aleksin (Tula oblast), which abounds in different places, can boast of such interesting objects as the Svyato-Kazansky female monastery, the place where was filmed the television movie “Welcome, or no trespassing" of the house of ber. There is also a manor Chertkovy and many other monuments.Aleksin Tula region photo

Some of them deserve to be mentioned at least in few words. For example, the House of ber, or “manor house" - an architectural monument, which belongs to the second half of the 19th century. Ancient legends tell that in this construction the Czechs stayed with his brother. It happened, when men returned from Europe. Or “Arctic”, a children's camp. Today it has the status of health institutions, and several decades ago was the pioneer complex. It starred the famous to all Soviet inhabitants of the film ‘Welcome, or no trespassing”. Camp acting, but the situation is completely different.

Flora and fauna

Aleksin (Tula region) - a wonderful region, surrounded by wonderful nature. This is perhaps one of the few places in the region that was not contaminated by Chernobyl radiation. So here experts recommend come with a Wellness goal. The main natural heritage of the region – the Oka river, which divides Shanghai into two parts. But this is not the only reservoir in the region, a lot of them. Here no summer goes by without a joyous bathing, and the children look forward to the beginning of the beach season.

The Fragrance of nature, coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests, trees, numbering more than a hundred years, the shrubs and encourage tourists to visit Aleksin. They beckon, filled with human energy, help cure many ailments and give an incredible feeling of unity with of Aleksin Tula oblast

Aleksin (Tula oblast), a photo that vividly confirmed all of the above, not only attracts people. In the local forests are home to various species of animals. For example, you can easily find wolf, otter, wild boar or elk. And squirrels, gophers and muskrats have become almost best friends of the residents of alexina. So if you are afraid to fall into the clutches of a predator or dream feed fluffy and playful squirrel, welcome to the amazing and fabulous city.


Well, and how not to treat yourself to a luxury holiday in Aleksin? Yes, it's just impossible! Given the characteristics of geography and nature, come here every year countless people to healing the body. There are sanatoria of the Tula region. “Aleksin-Bor” – the most famous among them. It is located in a pine forest and belongs to a rural resort area, and from the town itself, it's only seven kilometers. Unmatched, miraculous air of the pine forest and the proximity to the Oka – this magnificent sources of health and inspiration. They will leave great memories of times spent in a ‘Aleksin-Bor”.

Deals of the resort

stay in Aleksin Tula region
‘Aleksin-Bor” performed preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, urinary, endocrine and cardiovascular. Also it successfully revitalizes the nervous and digestive systems. Their patients, the administration offers four meals and six meals foradults and children, respectively, seasonal and customized menus, organic food. In addition to treatment, in a sanatorium and you can relax perfectly. There are all the facilities such as the cinema, library, volleyball court, children's Playground, and bar.

The city

Aleksin (Tula region) not only pleases its guests but also people who live and work here. On weekends and just after work, here is what to do and where to relax. And each time it will be different entertainment and experience. Local clubs, parks, cinemas and other establishments – an abundance of local food, the enchanting sounds of music provided by DJs, cascade fountains, flowering alleys, parks and squares.

Aleksin Tula oblast map

Stay in Aleksin Tula region has proven itself a stunning complex of sanatoria and bases of rest. Modern and ancient architecture, developed infrastructure, a full range of services will make you return here again and again.

Modern “Union” in Aleksin

You say, may not be such? The Union collapsed in the last century. Yes, all true, just not talking about the Empire, about the cinema. In Soviet times the city was considered the most prestigious cinema «Union». The city of Aleksin has undergone a change, and the House of cinema has also changed. The building was abandoned and for several years it was not functioning. But after a costly, grandiose repair here again show films.

Only today is not just a movie theater, and a cultural and entertainment center. He immediately won the title of the most favourite places of rest for many generations of the population. Earlier in the “Union” was only one cinema, and now their two. While that show foreign films, but the management hopes soon to launch in the hire and domestic work. cinema Union city Aleksin

Famous persons in the life of alexina

Like any other city of Aleksin (Tula region) has many legends associated with the historic personages who lived here previously. So, far from the town itself the picturesque village Kolyupanovo. Once here for a long time lived the blessed Euphrosyne. To it from different parts of the region, people came asking for help. The woman is of course able to heal from different ailments. The old lady loved to walk near the river Presence. Here in a quiet and secluded place she did not spare his own hands, dug the well. People who came to her, she told me to drink water from this well. the Holy spring of Holy fool blessed the old women of St. Euphrosyne

Euphrosyne died, and in 1885 over the pond built a small chapel made of wood. And when came the feast of the descent of the Holy spirit, the chapel was consecrated. At the beginning of the last century the chapel was demolished, but instead built a new one. With the years this place became dilapidated, nobody was engaged in its restoration. But the people continued to believe in the power of the healing spring. They continued to come back here and ask for healing from St. Eudoxia. And, oddly enough, got it. Only many years later the chapel was opened again.

Live and prosper

sanatoria of the Tula region Aleksin Bor

Despite the difficult economic condition of the entire country, Aleksin continues to evolve. Here there are industrial enterprises, developing the agricultural sphere, creating a new culture. It's no wonder the city's fate was so tragic moments. He stood their stand and everything that is difficult to overcome today. His strength and energy he draws from the surrounding nature and the magnificent Oka.

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