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One of the best Asian resorts is considered to be the Indian province of Goa. In order to enjoy the amazing tranquility of this settlement, this annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. However, many still begs the question: "Where is the Goa?" The answer is straightforward. Goa occupies the Central part of Western coast of India. Unlike other provinces of the country, life here goes on quietly and steadily, as if in rhythm with the natural rhythm of nature.where is Goa

In Goa there are no big cities, and this smallest state in the country. Perhaps this is one reason that not everyone knows where is Goa. Here is  mainly small towns that lined the procession along the picturesque coast of the Bay. In these settlements you can relax from the busy Indian cities. Even in the numerous tourist destinations in India that are offered to travelers, Goa acts as the endpoint of the path.

Now that you already know where Goa is, it's time to see the sights of this province. Of course, the main pride of the state are the beaches. They extend a long white strip along the coast. Once at least one time on a beach, inadvertently admit the existence of Paradise, which is located on Indian land. The only thing that may not please everyone – is that the beaches are crowded. Because it attracts not only tourists from Asian countries, but also many tourists from European countries. Due to climatic conditions and natural area, the beach season lasts here throughout the year.holidays in India, Goa


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If you choose a vacation in India, Goa – this is the best place to spend your vacation. For a long time the province was a colony of Portugal, so the life and character of the locals is a bit different from life in the rest of Indian territory. The entire territory of Goa can be divided into two parts, one of which is a New Light, and the second the Old world. The old Goa region is a quiet countryside, where it is still preserved the spirit of the colonial era. Here you can escape from the busy city to a small wooden hut nestled among the tropical forest. Another feature can be to give the New Goa. This part of the state consists of chic beach towns, equipped to the highest standard. tour of Goa

Tour to Goa – a lot of new experiences. The most popular resort is Calangute. For lovers of peace ideal to relax Candolim. In one, in another resort village quite a lot of hotels for every taste, restaurants, clubs, but the latter has more clean beaches. The most popular among tourists is the beach Phloem occupying territory in the southern part of Goa. Here the coast is spotlessly clean, surrounded by beautiful nature. For younger guests with plenty of attractions. Especially popular among young people using the resort Anjua, which is famous for its continuous parties on the beach, carnivals and contests.

However, just to know where is Goa, not enough. That's all you need to see with my own eyes. Aside from beaches, there is something to see. Thus, in the administrative centre of the state Mapusa noteworthy is the Hanuman temple. No less attractive is the Church of Milagres. In the village Siolim you can visit the temple of Sateri. Here stands the Church of St. Anthony. And in order to describe the beauty of nature is not enough time nor words. In a word, to feel the charm of Goa you need to visit here.

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