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An increasing number of tourists go to Asia in search of exotic and recreation, which will be quite different from the usual Egypt, Turkey or the countries of Western Europe.

sights of VietnamTravel to Vietnam, places of interest, which are innumerable, and the tourism market is rapidly developing - a great way to spend a vacation almost any time of the year. The advantages of staying in this country, the mass, among them a comfortable climate, beautiful beaches, possibility to have massages and Wellness treatments in numerous SPA-salons, various excursion program.

Indeed, the trip to Vietnam, attractions that can not leave indifferent, and the hospitality of the locals make you feel very comfortable and will be remembered for a long time.

The First nice change awaits the traveller at the airport, when tired from a long flight it goes to the exchange, change the first one or two hundred euros for the local dollars and becomes a millionaire. By the way, Vietnam is no speculation on exchange rates because it is prohibited by law.

Tours in Vietnam, as mentioned above, are very numerous, all in one place to avoid is better not to even try. Depending on place of residence, it is possible to find a lot of interesting, and not necessarily to get from Nha Chung in Saigon.

Vietnam, sightseeing and local color

Vietnam attractionsThe First thing that will draw the attention any tourist is that the country is still a socialist regime, and in the cities, hung flags with the hammer and sickle, the children are wearing pioneer ties, during celebrations held demonstrations. Being in the capital - Hanoi, you can visit the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the brotherly people to all citizens of the former USSR.


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Many of the guides and other employees of the tourist business good command of Russian language, which is learned in educational institutions of Russia or the former Soviet Union.

Many architectural structures of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) was built during the French colonization. So don't be surprised to see the Catholic Cathedral, despite the fact that the main religion of the Vietnamese is Buddhism, and many beautiful pagodas scattered across the country.

Sights of VietnamVisiting one of their two capitals, the second is unofficially considered the Ho Chi Minh city, you can feel the unforgettable atmosphere, combining and mixing the socialist system with free competition, the great pagoda and buildings remaining from the French, markets and modern shopping malls, and of course the huge number of mopeds waiting in traffic jams and beeping all around.

Vietnam - sights and history

The Whole history of the country written as a military chronicle, and consists of a succession of warrior for the independence of his people. In Ho Chi Minh city is the Museum of the revolution, the main exposition of which is devoted to the fight against French colonialists and American invaders. Near the town is the underground village of Cu Chi, consisting of mazes and tunnels in which was hidden the fighters for the independence of the country during the war with the American invasion.

Those who are tired of the cities, you can see completely different sights of Vietnam, which include Halong Bay, where you can enjoy the beautiful sea view and take a boat trip among the many green Islands.

Tour in VietnamIn the country can be quite expensive to order a customized guided tour by car. Its price will approximately equal the cost of similar group travel in Europe.

If time allows, it will be interesting to visit the valley of the Mekong river, which crosses the territory of several States, such as Cambodia, China, Laos and Thailand. During a boat trip you can visit a bee farm, a snake farm, to taste and see how are made the coconut Fudge, and appreciate the beauty of the local scenery.

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