Nha Trang (Vietnam) is the capital of Vietnam's resorts


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In the provincial district of Khanh Hoa in 1300 kilometers from Hanoi is located in Nha Trang. Vietnam is often visited by tourists wishing to see the city. Here live only 200 thousand people. The residents make a living fishing, its processing and servicing incoming tourists.

Historical data

Nha Trang Vietnam

The Name "Trang" literally translated means “the river, mangroves”. There is another version of translation – “cane river”. Before it was a normal village, in which lived fishermen, until Bao Dai has not built a summer Palace Nha Trang. Vietnam in those days was a French colony. Prior to 2000, the town consisted of low-rise buildings and hotels. Modern hotels and beautiful high-rise buildings appeared here as a result of the rapid construction.

The Climate in Nha Trang

The Beautiful beaches, therapeutic muds and sources – all these famous Nha Trang. Vietnam is different changeable climate, but here the sea temperature all year round is within the range of 22-28 degrees and rarely varies in any direction.

Vietnam Nha Trang tours

The Air filled with the scent of eucalyptus, and comprehensive treatment have a positive effect on people suffering from respiratory diseases, and those whose immune system needs support. The most inopportune time for rest is the period from October to December. The most appropriate time for drivers – March-August.

A Beach holiday in Nha Trang

Fans relax near the water mostly collected on the beach. But there are beaches and in hotels. Seven miles of sandy beach called “the Mediterranean of Vietnam”, and, in fact, in a necklace of beautiful beaches Nha Trang is a beautiful gem. Year-round sunshine and the temperature is not below 26 degrees.


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Vietnam, Nha Trang tours for tourists

The Coast of the Bay of Nha Trang is the perfect place for fishing, swimming and diving. At this point the water is almost always calm and the sea are striking in their variety: cuttlefish, shrimps, squid and many other animals. Restaurants in Nha Trang are found everywhere.

Map of Vietnam, Nha Trang

Here you can enjoy French, Vietnamese, Italian dishes, including seafood. Throughout the city and along the beach are a large number of hotels that meet the requirements of customers of any category.

Nha Trang Sights

Elegant mosaic pagoda Longshon and colored dragons make a visit to this place unforgettable. Near the pagoda is a large (14 metres) Buddha statue. Map of Vietnam Nha Trang is defines as a group of Islands. In total, the area in the province of Khanh Hoa, there are 71 island. Over the southern part of the Bay from the mainland to the island of hon tre stretched the longest in the world ropeway sea. 25 kilometers North of Nha Trang is a waterfall Bajo, which comes on top of Hanson and descends between the rocks to the fields to the village Fuhyo. About this picturesque waterfall Vietnamese people a lot of legends. Mineral springs Kalba is another attraction, which is famous for Nha Trang, Vietnam because visit not only for tourism but also for the treatment with thermal mud and mineral baths.

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