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The Ability to quickly move within the country and in other Nations – is the most important factor of economic well-being. We can safely say that the full development without air is impossible. Airlines of Kazakhstan ensure the development of key sectors of the economy since gaining independence. The constant increase in the number of private carriers has a positive impact on the tourism sector.

Echoes of the Soviet Union

The Collapse of the Soviet Union was a real shock for all the republics. Especially sharply it affected those who wished independence. Air transportation was among the areas that suffered the greatest losses. In the USSR there was only one air carrier – «Aeroflot». Part of the air fleet of the state company was transferred to the republics, which emerged organizations-successors. The major airline of Kazakhstan was the organization of Air Kazakhstan.

the image plane

It was a difficult time. The airline incurred losses for losses and was in no hurry to renew the fleet of aircraft. The backbone of a fleet was of Soviet passenger liners, because the money to upgrade the Park was not. This is largely due to the fact that the country was not considered attractive in terms of tourism. However, a much more serious problem was the actual impoverishment of the population. To afford air travel could be a few.

These and other problems led to the bankruptcy of the company-successor. The efforts to subsidize and upgrade the fleet by merging with other carriers and are unable to save the situation. In 2004, the main airline of Kazakhstan was bankrupt. Thus ended the story of the Kazakhstan branch of «Aeroflot».


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Major airline

A few years before the final decline of Air Kazakhstan, unexpectedly the young company Air Astana. Initially, it was not competitive, but competent management allowed her to become a leader in the Kazakhstan market of air transportation.

business class

From the outset, the company's management clearly understood the complexity of the situation. Huge funds were invested in the attraction of foreign experts. Preference was given to the aircraft in favor of aircraft produced in the USSR. The first three aircraft models «Boeing-757” has been leased from the Americans. In late 2003, the company has announced a net annual profit. The calculation was correct, the company did not make an unprofitable flight. It so happened that people no longer trust the planes of foreign production and highly valued service on the Board. So the Kazakh airline Air Astana has left far behind the previous national carrier and took his place. Since then, and today the company is in net profit and ever expanding fleet. The aircraft are often upgrades, and older aircraft are replaced with more modern.

Space economy

Today the fleet consists of 40 aircraft of foreign manufacture. Unfortunately, this is not a new aircraft. Due to the extreme cost of such equipment is more profitable to buy planes from foreign leaders. However, the average age of all aircraft of not more than 10 years, that worldwide is a very good indicator.

A New hope

In 2014 the President of Kazakhstan signed the decree about the need to return to the market of Air Kazakhstan. This time the management decided not to apply for the role of the national carrier. The tasks were much more modest: to expand the domestic air transportation network and increasing the availability for domestic flights. Despite the fact that the carrier cope with the tasks, do not expect competition with major companies.


An Interesting and unusual player in the market of Kazakhstan the airline is “Stingray”. This carrier is one of the largest. Initially the company was founded just 2 pilots. And the whole fleet at the initial stage consisted of only one aircraft of Soviet production. Today the fleet consists of 65 aircraft. It's mostly Soviet aircraft, however, there are court manufacturers. The uniqueness lies in the fact that “Stingray” is not only passenger flights, but also carries out different agricultural tasks. One of the subsidiaries is an image and is equipped exclusively with Soviet aircraft. Another subsidiary, performs only Charter flights. Such internal organization is quite unusual.

the aircraft of the airline "SKAT"

Unfortunately, to make flights to Europe can only be a national carrier. However, “Stingray” is regularly engaged on voyages to Turkey, China, Russia, Thailand and UAE.

The Russian carriers

List of airlines of Kazakhstan is regularly updated with the subsidiaries Russian carriers. Basically, throughout the country there are branches of themajor Russian organizations. Due to the difficult economic situation and a succession of bankruptcies there is a large rotation in the list.


The Russian carriers have a significant influence on the development of air transport in Kazakhstan. The airline is “Win” is the leader in this segment. Even in Russia it is considered cheap and affordable. In winter the cost of tickets may not exceed 1000. Fly aircraft of this company is nice. This is not surprising, as subsidiary of Russian «Aeroflot» operates primarily foreign aircraft, and the average age often does not exceed 7 years. It is virtually a new aircraft. However, to reduce the cost of the flight had to significantly increase the number of places that may not all like it. The more places, the less free space. This means that in economy class on long flights to make uncomfortable.

The best of the Best

Air cargo Organization – a lucrative business. The competition is huge, and the choice should be made in favor of the best airlines in the Kazakhstan. List of companies includes:

  • Air Astana.
  • “Stingray”.
  • “Euro-Asia air”.
  • “Burundaiavia”.
Airline "SKAT"

Each of these carriers ensures passengers with minimum delay, quality service and maximum safety.

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