Example of contract agreement. The subject and terms of the contract. The act of transfer and acceptance of completed works


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The model contract for execution of works refers to contractual agreements. Its design is governed by the provisions of Chapter 37 of the civil code. The Form of contract with a physical person is filled also in the implementation of development, research and other similar activities. example contract

Classification of agreements

In Chapter 37, in addition to the basic provisions, there are regulations governing certain types of agreements. In particular, the Chapter includes provisions under which issued Contract:

  • Repair work;
  • Survey and design activities;
  • For activities for the state needs;
  • Domestic nature.

General conditions

The Agreement signed by the customer and the contractor. Under the deal, the latter is obliged to carry out certain activities and to provide the results of the other side. The customer, in turn, accepts and pays for them. Similar transactions of sale and lease General rules 37 Chapter apply to individual types of relationships subsidiary, i.e. in situations where not otherwise stipulated by special regulations. The model contract is onerous, bilateral, consensual.


Example of contract agreement, at first glance, has some similarities with other civil-law agreements. In this regard, in practice there are some problems in determining the regulations that need to be applied to a specific situation. This, in turn, causes the need to differentiate the deals from the other relations. As the main criterion by which the model contract different from other types of agreement is the subject. blank contract with a physical person


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Parties to the transaction

The Legislation allows for the opportunity to make A contract with a physical person. Sample of the document may be issued by the two organizations. For certain specific types of legal relations, the law imposes special requirements to the parties. For example, to implement activities of a social nature allowed to conclude A contract with a physical person. Sample the agreement must specify that the citizen carries out the recruitment of another person to carry out the necessary activities. In some cases, the law establishes a mandatory licensing documents from the contractor. For example, to make the contract for construction works Can only the person who has the license for implementation of related activities.


The Contract for construction work may include items allowing the involvement by the contractor to third parties for the implementation of the agreed main event participants. However, he remains responsible for the result. In this situation, the principle of General contract – main contractor is obliged to face, and brought their subjects act as subcontractors. Provisions addressing these aspects of transactions, stipulated in article 706 of the code.


If you take any Sample contract, we can see that he has a bilateral character. In this regard, both parties have certain rights and yet are reciprocal duties. Accordingly, the General rules of liability of the debtor for all acts of third persons equally apply to the relationship between the customer and the contractor, the latter of subcontractors. If your outsourced entities have committed any of the violations, responsibility for them will be the contractor. In this case there is a dual responsibility of the person. If a violation of the terms of the deal were the fault of the customer or subcontractor, he may shift it on them. act of acceptance and transfer of work performed


The Legislation allows for the conclusion customer, with the consent of the contractor, agreements for implementation of individual activities with others. In such cases the above principle of double responsibility, will not operate. Accordingly, all persons that have signed with the client direct agreement, will be responsible for violations of the terms of the deal directly in front of him.

Item transactions

As it stands the actual work and its outcome. Indicative list of activities that can be the subject of the transaction is contained in item 1 of article 703 of the civil code. It includes:

  1. Manufacturer new things. This can be the construction of buildings, drilling wells and so on.
  2. Processing. It can be creating jewelry out of scrap nonferrous metal.
  3. Handling things. It can be car painting, dry cleaning and so on.

Usually when you perform such types of work there is a new thing or significantly improve consumer quality of an existing object.

a contract with an individual sample

Quality assurance

Their determination is conditioned by material nature of the activity. The quality of the work the contractor must comply with the contractual terms. If in agreement, they haven't been providedcriteria are requirements that usually apply in such cases. Within a reasonable period, moreover, the result should be suitable for the use specified in the contract. If these conditions do not exist in the agreement, for normal use of the item.

Additional responsibilities

Sample contract may include items that specify quality criteria in accordance with the law or other regulations (SNiP, GOST, TT, etc.). Under the provisions of article 722 (p. 1) of the civil code allowed to provide for a period during which the result must conform to the terms of the transaction ("warranty period"). It can be installed custom in turnover, agreement, statutory act.


Conditions of her are not substantial. If the sample contract does not contain any clauses about the price, are subject to the application rules of article 424 (item 3) GK. The amounts that are included in it, are determined by article 709 (p. 2). The price includes in particular the reimbursement of expenses incurred by Executive in the performance of the work and the reward that is his due. contract for construction works


It is the costing, which are necessary for performance of the agreed work. Usually the estimates include several sections/paragraphs. They are descriptions of costs:

  • Purchase of materials and equipment;
  • Payment of those services to third parties;
  • The remuneration of the contractor;
  • Payment of s/n;
  • Business trips, etc.

The Estimate to make an approximate and accurate. The latter involves certain deviations from specified provisions in progress. When making a solid (accurate) estimates of the excess is not allowed. If the agreement does not stipulate otherwise, the calculation is considered solid.

Changes in estimates

If you want to significantly exceed the approximate estimate, the contractor shall inform the customer immediately. If the latter refuses to change the calculation, he is entitled to withdraw from the agreement. However, he must pay the contractor the price in proportion to the part of the works carried out.

The Law allows the change of solid estimates in certain cases. This is possible if the cost of equipment and materials purchased by the contractor has increased significantly. Change solid estimate when you need to pay for the services rendered to him by third persons when making the agreement to provide for, it was impossible. In such situations, the contractor may require an increase in contract price. If the other party refuses to do so, the contractor may terminate the contract according to the rules of article 451 of the civil code.

If the actual costs of the contractor were below those that were considered in the estimate, he retains the right to receive the amount specified in the contract. However, the customer may challenge this if he can prove that the savings have affected the quality of the result. This rule differs dispositive character. Accordingly, the agreement may determine other terms of distribution savings. a typical contract for execution of works


They are considered essential terms of the contract. In accordance with the provisions of article 708 of the civil code, the agreement should include the starting and ending time. The parties may establish interim periods completion of certain stages. The introduction of time in GC is necessary to ensure monitoring of progress events.


The Contractor shall perform the task and provide the result, and the customer – to pay. In the civil code regulates the issue concerning the distribution of risks. The main provisions are in article 705. In norm, in particular, specifies that the risk of accidental damage or loss of equipment/materials donated for the implementation of the terms of the agreement, shall be the party who have provided them.

With regard to the subject matter of the transaction, the responsibility for safety rests with the contractor until signed The act of transfer and acceptance of work performed. In the law or directly the agreement may agree on another allocation of risk. In case of delay in completion of the activities, the responsible party, it is committed.

Regulatory requirements

The Contractor shall promptly notify the customer and suspend the execution of the task until the last respective instructions if it finds:

  1. Poor/unusable equipment, materials, documentation, or thing transferred to him.
  2. Probable adverse customer consequences of the execution of his instructions concerning the method of implementation of the agreed activities.
  3. Other circumstances beyond the control of the Executive, threatening the strength or validity of the results of its operations or which creates the likelihood of delay. contract for repair and construction works

The Act of transfer and acceptance of work performed

It is made upon delivery of the results of the agreed activities. The law does not oblige to make the document, but in practice, its absence can deprive the customer of certain rights. For example, when the discovery of shortcomings in the results delivered by the contractor, he can refer to them only if theywas officially recorded. The customer who has accepted work without check, has no right to point out the shortcomings identified subsequently.

Resolving disputes in a judicial procedure carried out in the presence of the act of testifying about the revealed defects. In case of absence of expertise may be required. The cost incurred by the contractor, except when the results of the process will reveal no violation by the contractor of the terms of the agreement or the relationship between his actions and discovered defects. In such situations, the costs are borne by the entity on whose motion the examination.

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