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Access Control is one of the technological security at critical facilities. Management of the modes of transmission and entry is required to prevent unauthorized entry to the territory and individual areas, as well as for registration of the persons having access rights. At the moment there is a wide range of technical tools for the implementation of this task. In each case, the installation of access control systems is carried out in accordance with the instruction, equipment and security requirements. At the same time on large objects you cannot do without special project of technical organization of the pass system, which takes into account the specific conditions of the installation actions.

installation access control

Types of access control systems

From the point of view of installation, one should distinguish between stand-alone and network equipment. In the first case, the system suggests the possibility of centralized control connecting computer equipment. This set is easier to integrate in the communication infrastructure, since it does not require a separate laying of the cable lines. Accordingly, mounting work and subsequent operation maintenance costs less. But these benefits will have to pay a low degree of secrecy, if it would be a lot of protected outlets that are managed from a single center. In turn, the installation of access control systems with network communication structure will require the allocation of communication channels for each node of the monitoring in a separate order. From the point of view of maintenance costs and initial commissioning activities, it is a more expensive option. But the advantages of networked systems include the possibility of simultaneous and rapid change of configuration keys for the blocking devices.


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Major components

access control installation

The control infrastructure is formed by three major groups of hardware: locking systems, identification media and test control equipment. To devices the first category includes modern digital locks doors, gates, barriers and other blocking structures. As a rule, electronic locks, the secrecy of which is checked for identifying the connected instrument. For example, the installation of access control systems with video surveillance is performed with the optimal coverage at the checkpoint and even allows you to automatically identify the person. In this case, the means of recognition and physical bar are combined into one complex. But there are a configuration in which identification is performed at a checkpoint. Here you can go to the third group of equipment. It can be computers, interfaces, and controllers that are managed directly by the operator. Manager upon receipt of the signal performs the authentication, then gives the signal systems of the first group, changing or retaining their current status.

Technology and installation works

The Basic installation work relate to blocking devices. In the target area is the same as locks, turnstiles, barriers and other blocking passage of the device. Typical installation of access control systems involves the integration of the carrier snap which will securely fix the device. For example, the locks are attached with screws, screws and brackets in the floor or wall niche. For this master initially drills out the holes, slots or performs making for shut-off elements in accordance with the configuration of the attaching hardware. For the turnstiles and gates provides a special platform. In some cases, their installation is performed by integration of the base.

installation control system access control

The Nuances of installation of wired and wireless systems

As already mentioned, the most costly in financial and power resources installation network, i.e. cable systems. In this case, you will need a device lines for the transaction, which will connect, for example, electromagnetic locks with identifying devices and control panel. The situation is complicated by the fact that the communications should be concealed, so in the niches of the wall and floor running making a punch. Especially demanding in this respect, the installation of the alarm. The access control warning system will have to have the second emergency line. However, there are combination systems, in which signaling channels are organized without wires.

Exception cables require the installation of alternative interfaces. Today uses radio modules, allowing the object to transmit information over hundreds of meters. At this distance it is possible to think remote installation of video surveillance with access control to dozens of points of crossing. The only difficulty will be due to the need to ensure an independent energy supply. Surveillance cameras should be Autonomous, that is battery-powered.

Hardware configuration

CCTV access control installation

After installation and connection of the functional components neededconfigure. First and foremost is the link between the Executive blocking equipment, access cards and control panel in control room. Hardware interfaces specifies the appropriate keys, addresses, and passwords, by which is ensured by a centralized access control. Installation of wireless systems may include the installation of programmable timers. The user must assign the time intervals in which the equipment will exercise control in a particular mode with varying degrees of secrecy and authentication methods.

Technical services

installation systems access control CCTV

In the process of operation, the responsible person should check the quality of electrical connections, correctness of settings and the physical condition of system components. Drawn up timetable for replacing consumables. Intervals charged battery packs and memory cards updated. In wired access control systems installation and service is carried out with a focus on the quality of the communication lines. Not only is it important to organize a network connection with coverage of important control points, but also to ensure the optimum energy efficiency and security. For this reason, the contours of the extras can be entered preservatives, stabilizers and monitoring relay overload – including temperature sensors.

How much is the installation?

Specific estimates will depend on the characteristics of the equipment, the number of managed access points, etc., the Average system can cost 10-15 thousand. If you are planning installation of control systems access control with signaling and a complex surveillance system for a large facility with modern digital locks the amount can reach 30-40 thousand rubles.

In conclusion

the installation of the alarm access control

The efficiency of the security system largely depends on the quality of the prepared project. It must be drafted according to the principles of economy, ergonomics, functionality and reliability. In this sense, the installation of access control systems will determine how the infrastructure will be stable and protected from hacking attempts. For this reason, the modern concept of such systems are increasingly focused on combining multiple levels of the overall security system. The most effective is the installation, integrating the barrier device into the structure of the security complex, which may include, for example, motion sensors and shock.

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