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How to check activated services "Beeline"? Such topic of interest of many modern subscribers. Especially if the SIM card has suddenly started to withdraw funds. Fortunately, the tasks many solutions. They will be discussed below. Step-by-step instructions will help you to see a list of connected options, and will reveal methods to control them.Beeline to check activated services


How to check what services are available at the "Beeline"? A definite answer is no. As we have said, there are some very simple options.


  • Submission of USSD-request;
  • The calls to short numbers;
  • Implementation of a call operator.
  • The use of "My Beeline";
  • A direct appeal to the office of the mobile operator with the request;
  • Launch the mobile app from Beeline;
  • The use of "Personal Cabinet" on the official website of the operator.

How to proceed? It all depends on the personal preferences of the user. Next, we describe these techniques in more detail. Nothing difficult in implementing them is not. All requests free of charge.

Important: to control your connected options, it is recommended to use the "Personal account" of the subscriber on your tablet or to check what services are available at Beeline

Request help

How to check activated services "Beeline"? The first and easiest option is sending a USSD request in the prescribed form. A similar technique is used by the majority of customers.

Act proposed something like this:

  1. Open the phone dial pad.
  2. Print command *110*09#.
  3. Click on "Challenge".
  4. Wait for some time.

After a couple of minutes before the request is processed. In response a person will receive an SMS with information about the connected options. Quick, easy, convenient.


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The call to the short number

But this is only the beginning. Modern subscribers may approach tasks in different ways.

For Example, to check the connected service "Beeline" is allowed through the implementation of a call to a short number. Option acts similar to USSD request.

To bring the idea to life, the subscriber needs to just call the number 067409. After pressing the button "Call" you can wait for a response message with researched information. It's done!Beeline how to check connected services

Mobile menu

To check whether you have connected services "Beeline", some are turning to the universal menu of self-service. It's not the most common, but very useful technique.

To put it into practice, a subscriber must:

  1. Dial *111#.
  2. Ring combination.
  3. Go to "My Beeline", "My data".
  4. Click on the button that is responsible for the section "My services".
  5. Send the request.

If done correctly, the subscriber will see the processing operation, and then receive a message in the prescribed form. It will show all connected on the SIM card services.

Operator tells

How to check list of connected services of "Beeline"? The next appointment is in real life almost never occurs. This is a direct call to the operator.

Step by Step the operation to be customers of the company as follows:

  1. Call 0611.
  2. Wait for the response from the operator.
  3. Call the phone number that you want to check.
  4. To Inform about his intentions.
  5. Say the data that asks the operator. Usually it is the passport details and name of the owner of "Sims".
  6. Get information about the connected options. For example, the employee call center can dictate it. Or send SMS with the list.

All of these actions are absolutely free. Sometimes the operator refuses the disclosure of information about the options on the phone. This usually occurs when trying information to third parties. They most likely will be denied. Only the owner and his representatives can control the "SIM" and get information on it.check whether the connected services on the Beeline

App for phone

How to check what services are available at the "Beeline"? The next option is to work with the special mobile app. It's called "My Beeline". Available in AppStore and PlayMarket.

The sequence of actions is similar to the operator menu. Just go to the item "Services" or "My options" to see information about the used features. Here they will be able to easily disconnect or connect again.

However, this is not the most popular and convenient method. As mentioned, callers prefer to manage the options through the "my account".

LK Beeline

How to check connected services "Beeline"? It's time to get acquainted with the most convenient solution to the problem. With it, you will be able not only to check the active options, but also to configure them.

We are Talking about logging into "my account" on the website of the service provider. We must act as follows:

  1. Open the website
  2. Press the "Enter" button. Usually it is located in the upper right corner.
  3. Pass the authorization in your Personal office. You have to pre-register for the service.
  4. Open "Services"section.
  5. To See the proposed list of options will be used.

Forif you do not want a feature, just click on the hyperlink "Disable" next to the appropriate line. Confirming the operation will disconnect the service. Exactly the same occurs the connection of the new features.

Go to office

Check activated services "Beeline" can and rather unusual for the population method. Enough to apply to any salon of cellular communication of the operator with the relevant request. For the applicant it is recommended to have a phone and to check the list of connected services Beeline

Workers Beeline easily check the data on the used services. Here you can disable certain features, and to request details "SIM card". This will help track where the money goes.

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