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Dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517 have long been able to gain popularity among buyers. She stood out with its cost and quality. Why everyone opt for a technique of this type? Washing dishes in a manual mode takes time and effort, moreover, the device will help to save on water consumption. Sometimes there may be unforeseen circumstances that entail the failure of the machine. They can try to prevent or fix it myself. In this paper, we consider all of the characteristics and malfunction of the device.

Brief on the characteristics

Any buyers be interested in a review of the characteristics of the device, so let's imagine the most basic among them. Dimensions fixture: 85 × 60 × 45 cm (height, depth and width, respectively). This unit is available only in one color-white. The equipment consumes about 1670 watts of electricity. In one cycle the machine is able to wash up to 10 full sets of dishes. The level of efficiency is high. For an hour the device uses about of 1.01 kW. The noise level of the dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517 during operation is 53 dB.

indesit dsg 0517

The Office has both mechanical and electronic program. Built five modes of cleaning. In addition, built-in and rinse. In fast mode, the process is carried out at 35, normal – 55, intensive – 70. The device also features a functional program that is responsible for accelerating the wash. This model is fully protected against leaks. She received indicators that allow us to understand which mode is activated. The equipment has an adjustable height boxes. Built a basket in which are placed the Cutlery.


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To Enable and use

In order to use the machine, you should stick to a certain plan of action. Need to open the water faucet, wait until the device turns on and lights up all the indicators on the control panel. Next you should open the door to get the spout and the pouring of the detergent. Then you need to lay down all the dishes and close the device. You can now select a programme and select all the necessary additional functions. The system start-up is carried out after clicking “start”. After the machine completes its work, turns on light bulb that says “End”. Next you need to close the tap, unplug the power cord and the dishwasher itself.

dishwasher indesit dsg 0517

To Get the dishes recommended after the expiration of 10 minutes. During this time, the machine will cool down. You should unload the lower basket. You need to understand that if you have selected a wrong program, it can be changed, if the machine started to work a few minutes ago. Moreover, in the washing process, you can reload the dishes. The result was the best, you should choose expensive and high-quality detergent, as well as the right to choose its dosage. It should be remembered that a large number of these chemicals will not improve the wash quality, but only pollute the air.


To avoid any malfunction of the dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517, (instructions will help you understand the error codes) should comply with the rules. First, you need to choose only a detergent that is designed for the dishwasher. Use what is designed for the manual process is prohibited. After the machine is finished washing, you need to check if there is foam. If Yes, then the detergent was used in excess.

 indesit dsg 0517 instruction

Download basket

Often incorrect filling of the basket, the machine ceases to function properly. In order to prevent such problems, before loading dishes to remove all food debris. After you verify that all accessories are installed properly and steadily. It is useful to pay attention to free the vanes.

How to download?

The bottom basket is done in order to install the pans, lids, plates, salad bowls and so on. If any of the devices bulky, it should be put over the basket. Sprinkler installed at the top, so dishes, which was installed, should not impede his work. In the trash, where to put spoons, forks and so on, there is a special attachment. These sliding shelves. To put the device it is required sharp points down or placed in a horizontal position.

dishwasher indesit dsg 0517 instruction

For easy dishes, which is particularly fragile, provided the top basket. To glasses, cups, salad bowls, pots and pans of small dimensions could correctly be installed, the manufacturer provided for adjustment of the shelf. The adjustment should be performed without load, as the process can be considerably more complicated. In addition, the basket should raise and lower from both sides simultaneously.

What to wash the dishes is not?

There is a list of those devices that are banned to wash in the machine. We are talking about plastic containers which cannot withstand high temperatures. Wooden fixtures and those that have small inserts of this material is also unsuitable. If the utensils areglued components, then it should not be washed in the machine. Adaptations of antique silver, copper, tin, porcelain and hand-painted should not be placed in the device.

 indesit dsg 0517 malfunction

There is a small nuance. Modern silver ware is subjected to washing, but it is necessary to clean only in delicate cycle and to ensure that the device is not touching other instruments.

Care for dishwasher reviews

Users are advised: to dishwasher lasted in working condition as long as possible, you need to exercise proper care. This will help to prevent faults. Buyers reviews warn that the crane should be shut off after each process to avoid leaks. Before you begin a maintenance and cleaning cycle, you must disconnect the plug from the wall outlet. If the machine is long included, before washing you need to do a dummy run to the washing process resumed. To clean the control panel and other exterior parts of the car need to use the special cloth. It should be wet and soft.

dishwasher indesit dsg 0517 malfunction

Users pay attention to the fact that abrasive cleaning products to use is prohibited, as is any solvents. If there is a need to remove dirt from the surface of the cameras, it is necessary to resort to the use of cloth, previously soaked in vinegar. With a damp sponge to periodically clean the gum doors and all capacities. During idle the door should be open, then will not stagnate air. Leftovers are free to stick to the blades. This leads to restricted drainage. So we need to check condition of sprinklers and, if necessary, clean them. Use a brush which will not scratch the part. All the sprinklers removed. What should I do in order to get them? First, you need to pull the bottom up sprinkler. If there is a need to remove the top, then you have to Unscrew the nut. It is made of plastic, and twist should be counterclockwise.

If a long time water was not used or was replaced by a system of fluid supply, check that it was transparent. If you ignore this rule, then the machine can quickly come into disrepair due to clogging of the filter. The latter consists of three parts that perform their functions. The first clears the water, washes away the food, and the third resumes the circulation of water. Filters should also be periodically cleaned. How? You need to use a brush, not metal, and should be washed under running water. First, you need to turn off the flow of liquid into the device, then Unscrew the sleeve on the pipe end. Filter freely removed and cleaned under the tap. After fixing the device need to re-install the item from the pipe. Wash dishes without a filter is prohibited.

 dishwasher indesit dsg 0517 In General, users are pleased with this acquisition as dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517. Among the advantages of the technique are the following:

  • Cost;
  • Compact (top cover removed);
  • Excellent washing dishes, and toys;
  • Saves water;
  • Not loud;
  • Has five programs.


This technique gets a lot of positive feedback, so doubt its work will not have to. To protect the dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517 from failure, you need to follow all the rules above. Enjoy using!

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