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One of the most productive entry-level smartphones with a sufficiently large screen size is a “Kids Indigo”. Reviews About it, it's technical specifications and capabilities of this device are given in this detailed review.

kids Indigo reviews

What is in the base?

It is standard for entry-level devices have the ‘Kids Indigo”. The phone comes with these accessories:

  • Charger with output current to 1A.
  • Stereo.
  • Interface cable to connect to computer or charge the battery.

Of Course, this list is actually supplemented by a device with a built-in rechargeable battery with a nominal capacity of 2500 mAh. In addition to the boxed version of this gadget includes instruction manual, business card maker & warranty card — it's a complete set of documentation to this smartphone.

Appearance and ergonomics

Something like the HTC One M8 appearance and the design of ‘Kids Indigo”. The phone is sealed. On the left-hand edge it has only a slot for the primary SIM card. On the right his face is the power button, swing volume control device and a slot for the second SIM card (here may be inserted an external flash drive). On the upper side, like most smart phones, only placed the audio Jack and on the bottom is located the microphone and the port format microUSB. In the center of the front panel, as expected, is a display with a sufficiently large diagonal of 4.7 inches. Under him are three touch buttons. And over it placed the earpiece, front camera and a number of sensors. The back cover of the smartphone is made of plastic which looks like natural leather. At the top of the smartphone here is the main camera and led lighting. At the bottom is the loud speaker and the manufacturer's logo. Despite the impressive size (139 x 69 mm) to operate smart phone with only using one hand is not difficult.


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kids Indigo review

CPU and what it can do

A Very powerful processor is the basis of “Kids Indigo”. Reviews draw attention to this feature of this gadget. In this case, the 8-core solution МТ8592М. And they all can work simultaneously, so the calculations can be carried out immediately in 8 threads. Each of the processing modules, peak loads are able to operate at a frequency of 1.4 GHz. The features of this chip are enough for the next two years. You do not even have to think about how resource-intensive solution is installed.

Graphics and screen

Mid-level graphics subsystem from the ‘Kids Indigo”. Manual To it indicates the presence of a graphics accelerator Mali-450МП2. The display is, as mentioned earlier, 4.7 inches and its resolution is 720 x 1280. Matrix, which underlies the screen, made by technology IPS. It provides viewing angles close to 180 degrees. The picture satisfactory. In General, the task of any level of complexity for the graphics subsystem.

Indigo kids phone


A Great camera in the ‘Kids Indigo”. Is mandatory specify. She has a touch element 8.3 MP. There is autofocus and led flash. Also provides multiple modes for capturing photos and recording videos. A little more modest front camera. She has a sensor of 5 MP. But still, the photo and video quality obtained with its help, not much worse than the basic. But his main task — video calls — she's just perfect.

Memory and quantity

The RAM Size in this device is 1 GB. Is used most common at the moment, standard — DDR3. Internal storage smart phone is 8 GB. Of these, only about 5GB user can use for their needs. The rest is occupied by system software. There is also the possibility of installing an external flash card with capacity of 32 GB. But there is one important point. The developers decided to save money and the same slots can be used to install an external drive, and for the second SIM card. So the owner of this unit will have to choose between increasing memory or saving conversations. This is quite a controversial decision by the ‘Kids Indigo”. Its price is about 8000 rubles, and it is unlikely from the appearance of the additional slots has changed significantly.

kids Indigo manual


As mentioned earlier, the body of this smart phone is not disassembled, and the battery is built into the ‘Kids Indigo”. The price for this has not changed significantly, but the build quality has improved. Its capacity is 2500 mAh. The average load on a smartphone one charge will last for 2 days Autonomous operation. If you increase the load, this is reduced to 12-14 hours. But to exceed the figure of 2 days of battery life on this smartphone is unlikely to succeed. Diagonal screen it is 4.7 inches, andit has 8-core processor — these are the factors that will not allow to increase this value.


There is Nothing unusual in the program stuffing of this device. The usual “Android” one of the more recent versions (specifically — 4.4) — is the system software. It includes a standard set of applications from the search giant and part-time developer of this software company “Google”, the common social messengers and the usual mini-apps (like calculator, alarm, organizer). There are also three preset toys. All the rest of the latter-day owners of this smartphone have to install from “Play” market.

kids Indigo price


Smartphone ‘Kids Indigo” is equipped with all necessary interfaces at the moment. Among wireless, you can highlight Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 2G and 3G transmitters, a GPS. But wired, as expected, only 2: MicroUSB and a 3.5 mm audiojack. All this allows you to send and receive all the necessary information into the global web and not only.


Now on the practical experience of the use of the ‘Kids Indigo”. Review , which indicates two significant flaws. The first of them — is a small capacity built-in battery. Alas, to replace it with another, larger capacity, will not work. Case this device is non-separable. The only solution in this case — use an external battery. This will significantly increase the autonomy of the smartphone. The second drawback is the necessity of choice in the appointment of the second slot for a SIM card or a flash drive. But the built-in capacity of 8 GB should be enough for most applications. So then the choice is obvious — the 2nd SIM card. But the advantages of this smartphone, much more. This large high quality display and very powerful processor, and perfectly balanced graphics system.

smartphone for kids Indigo


So, to sum up. Let's start with the weaknesses of this model of smart phone. Essentially, it has two drawbacks. The first — this is a small built-in battery capacity and, as a result, small time of independent work (a maximum of 2 days on a single charge). The second disadvantage is the versatility of the second slot for SIM-cards. It also installs an external flash drive. That is, the owner of this unit has to make a choice between increasing amounts of memory and using the second SIM card to save money on calls. But the advantages of this gadget is much more. This 8-core processor, and high-quality graphics, and excellent camera, and a fairly large screen size at 4.7 inches. In General, good enough for entry-level it turned out ‘Kids Indigo”. Reviews Its owners only confirm this.

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