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DVR Digma Freedrive 200 is an OEM model, that is, the device was developed by another company, but the manufacturer has given approval for the distribution of the gadget third-party brands and under any name. In addition, the distributor is allowed to make some changes to the “stuffing”, as well as in the software of the device, but without any critical deviations from the original.

digma freedrive 200

Typically, these OEM models obtained are very good, and even better base design, but there are serious blunders distributors, though with a few exceptions. We will try to see what happened in the case of oysters Freedrive 200. The device has a lot of mixed reviews: on the one hand, users admire and sing his praises, and on the other – blamed on what light is, therefore, to deal with what is.

So the subject of today's review – the DVR Digma Freedrive 200. Denote the main characteristics of the gadget, its advantages and disadvantages, taking into account the opinion of specialists in this field and feedback of ordinary owners of the device.

The package

The Unit comes in a cute white cardboard box, painted grey triangles. The front of the packaging has pictures of the device and the icons of the main features of the gadget, that is a kind of graphical specification.

DVR digma freedrive 200

On the ends you can see the more usual list of specifications, and on the rear of the list supplied by the list depicting each element. Around the perimeter are labels and other dealer entourage, inherent product, the buyer waiting on the shelf.


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Inside the box you will see:

  • The DVR Digma Freedrive 200 (965249 – OEM code);
  • Cigarette lighter adapter with USB output;
  • The plume at 4 metres to power the device;
  • Cable for synchronization with PC;
  • A set of hooks (8 PCs) for attaching to the glass;
  • Cup;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Warranty card.

The package can be called full, that is, the type “have got and use”. Judging by responses of owners about the DVR Digma Freedrive 200, users especially pleased with a four-meter long train, which is enough for stringing through the cabin of any car. Hooks for this case also did not disappoint, and cling to self-adhesive tape.


As for the sucker, then it matters not – keeps well. But the bracket has some vague connection with the very gadget. Seems to be no crunches, no backlash or other defects, but the latch is too tight, and the retaining tab tactile incomprehensible. So here will have to get used to and to get used to the original holder.

Separately, a USB interface to power the device. Despite the widespread dominance of modern microportal, our respondents received a legacy mini-port. Users on this account leave unambiguous feedback about the DVR Digma Freedrive 200, berating the manufacturer for such an ancient interface. For those who used to charge your phone from such adapters have to keep in the car spare option with micro USB output. What motivated the developer of the gadget in this case, it is not clear, so definite minus in the rating of the gadget.


As for the design, everything is good. Appearance can be called successful: no extra items that are posted on all faces, no hinges and the small brackets that hold themselves, nothing that would have caused the dissatisfaction of the users, already tired of puzzling structures.

digma reviews freedrive 200

At the Registrar Digma Freedrive 200 all in their places: the four function buttons to control settings, record and playback neatly located on the front, one side – to disable/enable and that's it.

Design Features

The Gadget is very compact, and light, so it can be easy to carry in a jacket pocket or small handbag. In length it is slightly smaller than the usual Chinese lighters. On the sides you can see properly hidden slot for external memory cards, a power socket and an HDMI interface. The position of the connectors is very good, as well as access to them.

Judging by the reviews of Digma Freedrive 200, users were satisfied with the appearance of the device. A special delight experienced by those who are tired of bulky gadgets obscuring the view on the windshield (Hello hybrids). The model turned out to be barely visible, and remember about it only when you need to throw data to the computer or change the memory card.


Model Digma Freedrive 200 got a very good matrix of 3 megapixels from the venerable brand Aptina. It works on the chipset AR0330. This is not a flagship kit, so its physical size is small – 1/3 inch, which means that we have low sensitivity. However, the matrix brand is in the Arsenal of the famous "Nikon", and that says a lot. Also, do not get carried away with increasing the resolution in the settings to 5, 8 and even 12 MP, because these figures are blatantly inflated interpolation.

Registrar digma freedrive 200

The Lens device gotglass, and the angles of oysters Freedrive 200 is in the range of 140 degrees, which is very good for digital technology. In fact, here more is needed, because the gadgets of this class of important tunnel area before the hood, not the sights along the perimeter of the car.


Next, consider the main feature on all DVRs. Here the evaluation criteria are quite simple: the readability of license plates of cars ahead, recognition of traffic signs, markings and traffic signals.

Field tests showed that oysters kept steadily Freedrive 200 average. For 8-10 m matrix significantly determines the numbers of vehicles ahead and recognizes traffic signals: the result was usually 9 out of 10 with only one error. A little worse device to cope with the numbers of oncoming cars, especially if they are moving faster than 50 km/h. as for night shooting, there are also some serious claims there.

digma review freedrive 200

The video Stream with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel matrix writes confidently at 30 frames per second. To save space on the memory card you can reset the schedule to 1280 x 720 pixels, then the write speed will be doubled, that is, to 60 FPS. In General, the cyclic flood here, so the space can not particularly worry. For normal operation, if you will, of course, not the trucker, will be enough cards for 32 GB, but in other cases you can put 64 GB.


In movie mode, you can connect the GPS module. Then the gadget will impose on the flow of your current location, your vehicle's number with the current date and time. All indicators can be adjusted in the menu, which, incidentally, is well-built and intuitive, even an inexperienced in such things to the user.

DVR digma freedrive 200 owners reviews

By default, the device works with some kind of Chinese version of Baidu maps, but it is easily replaced by any other more familiar. Also not be amiss to note that the GPS module needs access to the Network, because the system from time to time she needs to pump up the portions of the cards, if any, has not been previously downloaded.

Summing up

Model Digma Freedrive 200 was successful. We have a compact, cute and intelligent device, which is easy to handle and set up, doesn't weight down your pocket or bag as well, unlike other Chinese “novamov”, is provided with a full guarantee.

As for prices, on popular Internet sites you can buy a gadget in the area of 6 thousand rubles. Reviews on camera is generally positive, some critical drawbacks users did not see it. So the Registrar can recommend to anyone.

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