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Relatively recently, a new device has joined the ranks of household appliances – an electric turk, designed for convenient and fast brewing of delicious and invigorating coffee. The electric drill is a compact and functional device. It, in comparison with coffee makers, coffee machines and traditional Turks, has undeniable advantages.

Device Description

The principle of the device is quite simple. The concept of the turki and the electric kettle is identical. On the stand with contacts, a turk with the usual shapes and a heating element is installed. Its top, as befits traditional Turks, is narrowed, and the bottom, on the contrary, is expanded.

Turk electric coffee maker

The cooking flask is placed in a plastic case equipped with a waterproof gasket. This prevents the occurrence of an electrical short circuit, which is possible when the case and handle get wet. Each electric turk coffee maker is equipped with a powerful heating element for its volume, thanks to which the water boils in a few minutes.

Advantages of the device

Aromatic coffee in electric machines with high power is brewed for just a couple of minutes. They are easy to clean (there is no need to use household chemicals). The compact device is convenient to operate in offices, in the country, during a trip. As a rule, an electric coffee turk allows you to brew 3-4 cups of an invigorating drink.

Recipes for making coffee in an electric kettle are no different from those intended for classic devices. The device, unlike coffee machines that require expensive tablets or filters, is very economical. Its operational life is long. Steel heating discs serve for a long time without much care.


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Electric coffee turk

The taste qualities of the drink prepared in such a device do not suffer. They remain the same as if the coffee was prepared in the usual classic turk.

Cons of electric turrets

In many models, there is no auto-off, so you need to control the process of heating the drink. If the electric turk coffee maker is equipped with an auto-off system, the preparation of coffee is facilitated. After turning on the device, it is not necessary to stand next to it. The drink is perfectly prepared without the participation of its owner.

Electric turk: choosing the right one

The turk is an ideal device for brewing coffee. Only in it, the drink is able to preserve the taste, aroma and useful substances as much as possible. Therefore, it is so important to know which electric coffee cup will not distort the aroma and taste of the drink. Those people who already use such devices are advised to pay attention to the following points:

  • When choosing an electric structure, focus on its shape. The outline of the device should be conical. A good model is one that has a neck much smaller than the bottom. The greater the difference in these parameters, the better. In such devices, coffee grains, rising up, knock against the walls of the narrowed neck and fall to the bottom. This ensures that the sediment in the drink is formed in a minimal amount.
  • The thickness of the walls of this device is also important. It should be as large as possible. With thick walls, the electric turk evenly warms the liquid, and hence the coffee particles, too. The aroma of an invigorating drink in it turns out to be rich.
  • The volume of the container in the devices is different. In a turk for 250-300 ml, it turns out to cook 2 servings of coffee. If this is enough, purchase a miniature device. If such a volume of the cooking flask is clearly not enough, buy an electric drill of a larger size.

Electric Turk

  • If the material of manufacture of the device has good thermal conductivity, the drink is evenly warmed up. A good electric turk is made of aluminum or steel.
  • The heating element of the device deserves special attention. The ideal element is that made of stainless steel. Its power is also important. One or another electric Turk has a power of 500-1000 watts.
  • Water boils very quickly in models with a power of 750 W or more. In such a device, one portion of the drink is prepared in 40 seconds. Only take a couple of minutes for three servings. The faster the water boils, the more aromatic and delicious the coffee turns out.
  • It is advisable to purchase a model with a long handle made of materials of low thermal conductivity. Traditionally, these are elements made of wood or plastic. In addition, they produce devices with fixed and removable handles.
  • And finally, they are interested in the presence of an automatic shutdown system. After all, an electric turk with auto-off prevents the drink from "floating out" of the container. The electric kettle will automatically turn off when the coffee reaches the limit temperature.

Electric turk with auto-off

Features of the preparation of a drink in an electric kettle

The divine taste of coffee is obtained only from freshly ground beans. The recipe is the same as for the classic Turks. As a rule, take a maximum of 2 teaspoons of coffee powder per serving. The water in the flask of the device is always filled with fresh water. The device is kept perfectly clean, otherwise the coffee coating remaining on the walls of the flask spoils the drink, giving it a rancid taste.

Reviews of electric tours

If we compare the classic device and its innovative variation, then the electric turk (reviews in any case claim so) requires almost three times less time to brew coffee. The water in the electric kettle boils in two minutes. While the traditional cezve, as noted by coffee lovers, this process lasts for five to six minutes.

Electric models require the same care conditions as electric kettles. The owners of the devices try to prevent the formation of plaque on the walls of the cooking flask. Because of it, the coffee has a bitter taste. When washing, the use of abrasive care products is taboo.

Electric turk reviews

When pouring water, coffee lovers carefully monitor that its level does not exceed the maximum mark. Otherwise, when the foam starts to rise, the liquid will "escape" from the flask, even in automatic models.

In general, according to consumers, the electric turk is an excellent inexpensive, easy-to-use household appliance that significantly saves time and allows you to prepare excellent coffee.

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