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Vision – one of the most important processes of processing of the information received by a person from the outside. From its severity depends on how the quality of perception, analysis and conclusions about the objects and situations around a person in General.

Unfortunately, not all people can boast of a perfect vision: many people suffer from such diseases of the eye like hyperopia or myopia. To resolve these shortcomings, it was invented many methods of correction: glasses, daytime contact lenses, surgery on eyes. However, not all these methods may be comfortable for the patient. That is why in recent years a fairly common method was the use of a tool such as a night lens to restore vision.

Night lenses – what is it?

In appearance they are similar to regular day – exactly the same transparent or slightly bluish rounded “small plates”. However, they have a more rigid framework and used exclusively during sleep. Lenses night correction air-permeable, so the appearance of dryness and burning in the eyes eliminated almost completely. In addition, the patient uses them in view of the specific conditions of use in the blink of an eye and the shorter amount of time than daily lenses. While the latter is known, even at the highest of quality and all its inherent softness often cause pain and discomfort.

night lenses to restore vision

The Official name of the method of correction of sight, which uses night lenses-orthokeratology, so they are called orthokeratology, or, for short, OK-lenses.

Principle of operation

night lenses to improve visionWhile sleeping night lenses actively affect the cornea of the eye by pressure, thereby forming it and redistributing the load. The upper layers of the epithelium level, but at the same time the patient feels nothing. At first there may be some dryness in the eyes, but it is eliminated by instillation of drops, which soften the lens and allow it to maximally distributed over the surface. After sleeping OK-the lens is removed. The result of use is improved quality of vision, as close as possible to unity. It is stored for 24 hours at least.


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Every term of the OK lenses is highly individual and depends on the severity of myopia, as well as other third-party effects that can affect the result. However, 1-3 days – a stable period of time during which correction night lenses can provide vision equal to one.

To support the diopter properly, OK-lenses do not have to wear every night. The whole cycle consists of 1 day of sleep with the lenses, and the next few days - sleep without lenses before vision loss. The necessary period of use is determined by your doctor.


We Can see that the principle of this tool is similar to laser surgery-the cornea is flattened in exactly the same way as for a surgical procedure. However night lenses to improve vision have one feature – the effect of their impact is reversible. That is, after a certain time, the cornea reverts to its original shape and myopia returns.

By the Way, why night lenses for kids are considered the best method of correcting vision, as the eye is still in the formative stage, and laser operation is possible only from 18 years. In addition, parents may be easier to control the process of wear designed.

night lenses for kids reviews


Though the night lenses and are optimal for correcting nearsightedness (myopia), however, their selection should be remembered that with a high degree of disease they may be powerless. The standard range of correction – from -1 to -7 diopters.

According to multiple studies, the greatest efficiency can be achieved using night lens in myopia of not more than -5 diopters. In this case, the restoration of sight to the unit is guaranteed. If the patient has vision lower than -5 diopters, the functioning of the eye can be rehabilitated to 70-75%.

It is Worth noting that the effect is noticeable already after the first use night lenses. The testimonials of patients and doctors also confirm other information: after regular use for 1 week to observe the vision returned to almost 100%.

In some cases, to the end of the day, there is a slight decline in sharpness, but this is due to excessive eye strain resulting from long work at the computer, insufficient lighting, Desk work or reading.

Benefits night lenses

Lenses for overnight vision correction have many positive aspects:

- process occurs during sleep, so the eyes not only tired from wearing lenses, but on the contrary – a rest;

lenses night correction

- no need to think about whether they go or not - night lenses to restore vision completely invisible, especially with lowered eyelids;

- they are not split or break like glasses;

night contact lenses do not require surgical intervention;

- ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle, plays sports,

- equally good night lenses for children and for adults: when you started the progression of myopia has all the chances to stop it at an early stage, and with existing – to block its development;

- all night lenses have a long wear time – not less than one and a half years, which significantly saves money and eliminates the need to regularly go in search of suitable soft day;

even if night lenses to restore vision were not to the taste, they can always be replaced by another familiar way adjustments.

- can be a great alternative for those who are contraindicated laser surgery;

- do not cause allergic reactions, and in some cases carry out prevention of diseases such as conjunctivitis and keratitis;

night lenses to improve vision due to wearing eliminates sedimentation on the surface of dust particles of makeup and dirt.

- when you are in a room with dry air or conditioning will not have to use moisturizing drops.

Who will fit OK-lenses?

As mentioned, perfect night lenses for children. Reviews adults already followed the recommendations of ophthalmologists indicate that we no longer have complaints from the child to the dryness and discomfort in the eyes associated with wearing day lenses. Gone is the need to carry a spare pair and fountain solution. Besides, as you know, children do not like to wear glasses, so using night lenses delivered them from ridicule from classmates and gave them the opportunity to feel more comfortable in physical education classes.

Night lenses will fit also almost all adults, profession or working conditions of which do not have to wear conventional daytime contact lenses or glasses: athletes, climbers, coaches, builders, rescuers, workers.

How to choose night lenses?

The Process of selection night lenses quite complicated, so they should only ophthalmologist specialist. During the consultation the doctor is mandatory not only will determine the level of myopia, but also measure the degree of curvature of the cornea, its structure, and detect the presence of contraindications that prevent the application of OK lenses.

night contact lens

When all the necessary settings will be specified, orthokeratology will start to pick up night lenses to restore vision. After the first use vision markedly improved, but not 100%. To achieve maximum effect, it will take about 7-10 days, or 2 to 5 applications. After a certain period of time you need again to go on reception to the ophthalmologist to undergo examination, which will reveal the trend of improved vision, and also assign necessary support medications and procedures.

Side effects of the first application

Disorders and some complications can occur during the initial use of night lenses and much later. At first the side effects are manifested in the form of inadequate response of the pupil to the light sources, the presence of vague contours of the objects and their easy split, dizziness and some loss of orientation in space. Most of these disorders are already after 1-2 days after the first use of OK-lenses. If the discomfort and distortion of vision become regular or worse, should immediately contact the optometrist.

Possible complications

A More complicated side effects are observed in patients who received an eye injury after the appointment, OK-therapy, or do not comply with the simplest rules of hygiene. These include:

- erosion

- swelling.


Some patients mistakenly believe that the blame for everything night lenses. Reviews of doctors about this method of correction of myopia say the opposite: in most cases, the cause of aggravation of any disease during OK-therapy becomes nesv...

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