How to remove lump on the eyelid?


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Wen – a small tumor, which is filled with fat. In medicine this phenomenon is also called lipoma. In itself it is not dangerous. However, this phenomenon is not the most aesthetic. Especially if the lipoma "graces" of your face. Lipoma can occur in all places where there is subcutaneous fat, even the thinnest layer. That is – on the abdomen, neck, chest, back, head and other places. Perhaps the special irritation causes a lump on the eyelid – it spoils the appearance of its owner. No one is nice to look at a person with such education in the most prominent place. In addition, if there are white bumps on the eyelids, they may cause discomfort, especially if they are significant in size. Not yet determined the reasons why they can occur, but one possible cause of uneven distribution of fat reserves in the body, because of which appear lipoma – problems with the immune system.

If you have a white bumps on the eyelids, and you would like to get rid of them, first make sure that it is actually a lipoma, and not any other education, for example, malignant (carcinogenic). It can also be barley, chalazion, sebaceous cyst or milium – such painless seal. To be certain, refer to a specialist - a dermatologist, who will put a specific diagnosis. After that, accordingly, he will prescribe appropriate treatment.

Although there are several methods of dealing with the lipoma, the most effective of them – is to remove the white bumps on the eyelids. Surgery to remove must be held if the lump is too large or causes discomfort, should be conducted in a specialized medical institution. If the lump on the eyelid, then this location is already a reason for deletion, as it is – a serious cosmetic defect. Removal should be performed under anesthesia. Of course, the traditional method of removal-surgical. However, the laser removal method is the best, because after the laser exposure the site of the surgery heals quickly leaving no scars on the skin. This method is painless, bloodless and precise.


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Many of those annoying white bumps on the eyelids, procrastinate with applying visit the appropriate doctor. They think that all will pass by itself. Yes, the lump on the eye can resolve. Usually the tissue grows, lipoma reaches its maximum size, and then the formation begins to regress until they are completely gone. However, it may take months or even years. And all this time the lump on the eye will continue to “embellish” someone's face, creating a nasty impression on others. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor.

If you don't want to wait until ‘self-will”, and to the doctor don't want (no time, fear, etc.)? Then you should use any popular method to eliminate the lump on the eye. Of course, not all of these recipes are effective, but some of them really could seriously help. It is these effective recipes are given below.

If the lump on the eyelid is, in this case, superimposition compresses will be difficult. Melt a piece of lard, the resulting mass is mixed with garlic juice. In the manufacture of this drug teaspoon squeezed juice must have received a tablespoon of melted fat. This ointment gently into the lump on the eye. Apply to Wen possible and chestnut cream. That is a tool to make using the grinder to grind five chestnut and aloe leaves, and will also need a tablespoon of honey. Pulp obtained from the leaves of aloe, take one tablespoon. Mix the mass obtained from chestnut and aloe, and honey. Chestnut ointment is prepared.

If it is difficult to use ointment, then use other tools to remove the lump on the eyelid. In this case, can help cinnamon, which is recommended to take a tablespoon daily.

And finally, it should be said that the white bumps on eyelids quickly held their own with comprehensive healing of the body and strengthening the immune system.

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