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In this article we consider in detail the most viral conjunctivitis. The symptoms and treatment of this serious disease will also be studied by us. In General, conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the ocular mucous membrane, which usually causes an allergic reaction or infection (usually viral, and rarely bacterial).

Adults can get sick enterovirus, adenovirus (pharyngoconjunctival fever), herpes, chlamydial, bacterial, allergic, chronic and acute conjunctivitis. The kids adenoviral and bacterial form of the disease is quite common.


  • Keratoconjunctivitis referred to as a combination of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye disease of the cornea (keratitis).
  • Blepharoconjunctivitis called the normal combination of conjunctivitis with blepharitis (eyelid abscess).
  • Episcleritis – is the inflammation of passing as well as inflammation of the eyes, but without epiphora and discharge.
  • Conjunctivitis was first diagnosed by Dr. Hughes in 1942. As a rule, this pathology is common among older people. It strikes one, and the second eye. The symptoms at different stages of the disease are distinguished: they are either absent or there is severe pain, eye irritation, epiphora develops, there are ulcers syndrome “dry eye” and subconjunctival hemorrhage.

What is viral conjunctivitis? The symptoms and treatment his doctors are testing right now. For example, the pathophysiology of conjunctionless not currently understood. The treatment of the disease depends on the intensity of the symptoms. If a person is nothing to worried about, it is not required. In other cases, patients prescribed moisturizing gels, drugs, fake tears, antihistamines, instillation of corticosteroids and so on.


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viral conjunctivitis symptoms and treatment

It Should be noted that if treatment does not bring results, we have to intervene to surgeons: they are folds of the conjunctiva was excised and applied to the surgical wound absorbable suture material. Recently the doctors have begun to use the amniotic membrane. Brod Dr. Baker and his colleagues presented a clinical case of the use of fibrin glue used to adapt the edges of the conjunctiva after excision of conjunctionless.

Etiology and pathogenesis

Everyone knows that pinkeye-is a viral disease. Examine it:

  • Adenoviral conjunctivitis a person becomes ill due to the virus that can be caught airborne. The disease appears in the form of epidemic outbreaks, usually in schools and kindergartens (children's groups).
  • Acute conjunctivitis sick, infected by the Bacillus of Koch-weeks, pneumococci, stick moraksa-Aksenfeld, gonococci, staphylococci, streptococci. Usually happens exogenous infection of the conjunctiva, may cause autoinfection. Contributing factors here are the overheating or overcooling of the body, myopia, conjunctival microtrauma, astigmatism, infectious disease. By the way, conjunctivitis Koch-weeks (acute epidemic) is transmitted through the dirty hands of the media and contaminated materials. The disease appears in the form of epidemic outbreaks in summer among kids living in tropical countries. It is known that the conjunctivitis, which is caused by gonococci (plenarily), appears in newborns at the time of passage of the head through the birth canal of mothers who are suffering gonorrhea.viral conjunctivitis symptoms and treatment photos
  • Chronic conjunctivitis people get sick, if they have a disorder of metabolism, avitaminosis, ametropia or chronic lesions of the lacrimal channels. The disease appears when the conjunctiva apply irritants-smoke, dust, chemical air impurities.
  • Referred to as Allergic conjunctivitis inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is manifested by redness, itching, swelling of the eyelids, photophobia, lacrimation.


The more interesting viral conjunctivitis? The symptoms and treatment in children and adults, deserve our attention. Usually, people suffering from this disease, doctors observe the redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, swelling of eyelids, reddening of eye proteins, lacrimation, photophobia.

If it's an allergic conjunctivitis, patients experiencing severe itching of the eyes, they have minor swelling of the eyelids, the eyes start to hurt. The chronic form retains only irritation and itching.

Let's see what is viral conjunctivitis symptoms and treatment. Photos of the affected organs of view clearly show that this disease is very serious. In General, viral conjunctivitis, usually appear when the the upper respiratory tract are infected with herpes. The disease can also develop pain in the throat or simple cold. Every person symptoms differently. This nuance depends on the immune system, the degree of infestation and age.viral conjunctivitis symptoms and treatment in children

It Should be noted that this conjunctivitis is very often appear in one eye and then the infection moves to the second body. In the corners of appears rez, there isthe redness of the blood vessels, can occur photophobia, conjunctiva acquires a bright red color (it is inflamed).

In General, adults should study viral conjunctivitis. The symptoms and treatment in children this disease can bring a lot of trouble. For example, in the case of adenoviral conjunctivitis, first affects the upper respiratory tract. The patient body temperature rises, swollen lymph nodes predelnye (mostly kids). Dr. mark scant non-purulent discharge and mild blepharospasm. Sometimes this disease is accompanied by films and follicles (often in babies).

Bacterial diseases of the eye

Bacterial conjunctivitis appear due to pyogenic (pus creating) bacteria. The first symptoms are yellowish or gray, opaque, viscous discharge from the eyes. It is because of them the eyelids may stick together, especially after sleep. Of course, this is not the main symptom of conjunctivitis.

Doctors say that bacteria such as chlamydia trachomatis or Moraxella can cause neekssudativnuyu, but ongoing inflammation without the expressed hyperemia of the conjunctiva. Some people have a disease of this kind is seen only by the feeling of being in the eye of a foreign body.

The Next symptom that differentiates bacterial conjunctivitis, call dry damaged eye and the skin surrounding it. Pyogenic infection (acute) can also be the cause of pain. Bacterial, like viral conjunctivitis, at first harm one eye, and then easily moved to the second. Usually symptoms occur after infection only on the third day.

Additional conjunctivitis

We dealt with the question of what is viral conjunctivitis. The symptoms and treatment in adults in most cases do not cause difficulties. Did you know that there is conjunctivitis, which occurs due to exposure of chemical and toxic substances on the human eye? Basic symptoms in this case are pain and irritation in the eye when you move the view up or down. Itching and discharge, as a rule, is not observed. This is a special group of conjunctivitis, which is accompanied by severe pain.

viral eye conjunctivitis

Acute conjunctivitis accompanied by a purulent or mucous secretions, as well as a sense of hurt in his eyes. Blandiana form of the disease begins serous-bloody discharge, and after three or four days the patient has been impressive, purulent mass. It is possible ulcerations of the cornea, infiltrates.

The Disease Koch-weeks is accompanied by the smallest multiple hemorrhages in the conjunctiva of the sclera, which swells and takes the form of triangular elevations within the boundaries of the optic fissure.

The Illness of Morax-Aksenfeld different subacute and chronic course. It is usually localized in the corners of the optic fissure.

By the Way, in the case of chronic conjunctivitis patients complain of burning, itching, eye fatigue, feeling of “sand under the eyelids”.

Recent studies say that people with blue eyes are at greater risk of Contracting conjunctivitis: they have for a long time can reduced vision because their eyes are much more sensitive to light.


Now find out why people have viral conjunctivitis. Symptoms and treatment (photo provided in the article, well show it) look not very nice. So often this disease is characterized by a viral nature. Other reasons here is Allergy, bacteria, dry eye syndrome and all sorts of irritants.

It Should be noted that bacterial and viral conjunctivitis is very contagious. They pass from one individual to another in case if you do not observe the rules of personal hygiene. In General, these patients are better to be hospitalized or sign in quarantine, otherwise you'll get sick of all those with whom they had contact.


We learned how contagious viral conjunctivitis. Symptoms and treatment-if necessary, ask your doctors. But we will try now to study this important point. Usually the cause of this disease is quite difficult to identify. Doctors recommend all patients to regularly wash their hands and fulfil any other requirements of personal hygiene to avoid infecting others. Usually ophthalmologist appoint adequate therapy.

  1. Viral conjunctivitis. The symptoms and treatment remember it is difficult, but necessary. Doctor initially recommend patients to use warm compresses and a drop of fake tears. For the treatment of this disease prescribe eye drugs, which include interferon recombinant type "alpha 2”. Especially well-known means employed in the fight against this disease, are: “Ophthalmoferon”, “Aktipol”, “Poludan”. Doctors also recommend to take pills “List” of up to five times a day and in the morning to clean the eyes of an aqueous emulsion of furatsilina. If the patient is stuck secondary bacterial infection or he needs a prevention of damaged conjunctiva, prescribe drops, which are antibiotics: “Signitzer”, “Present”.viral conjunctivitis-drops
  2. If the conjunctivitis is caused by the herpes virus (herpes), the doctor prescribes drops “Ophthalmoferon” and the products containing acyclovir. In this case, it is necessary to go urgently to an ophthalmologist, because the delay threatens terrible trouble: completely lose vision.
  3. Bacterial conjunctivitis usually do not require treatment, as they are in themselves. However, eye ointments or drops containing antibiotics can speed up the process. Antibiotics (topically) administered only in cases with copious purulent secretions, and when there are no typical symptoms of adenovirus infection (appearance of follicles on the conjunctiva or swollen lymph nodes).
  4. Allergic conjunctivitis occur in people in their contact with the allergen to which the body is experiencing a hypersensitivity. For the treatment of diseases of this type are used antihistamines in the form of eye drops or pills. These drugs relieve itching, but cause eyelid swelling and redness of the eyes. They act faster and are less dry eyes. And the use of antihistamine medications side effects: migraine, burning sensation and slight pain in the eyes, insomnia. But the discomfort can be reduced by using drops of artificial tears. In difficult cases, your doctor may prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory means. Some patients with ongoing allergic conjunctivitis also prescribe steroid eye drops. In addition, for the treatment of this disease prescribe mixed preparations of artificial tears, diphenhydramine, interferon, "alpha 2”.

Of Course, nobody likes viral conjunctivitis. How to treat this disease, we must have considered much detail. You need to remember that if the incident happened, and people got sick of this nasty disease, hands should not touch. It is important to observe personal hygiene, you need to use only their own towel and thoroughly wash hands, so as not to infect other family members. Generally, viral conjunctivitis disappear within three weeks. It is possible that the treatment process can last more than a month.

Baby pink eye

So, we continue to further explore viral conjunctivitis. The symptoms and treatment in adults, cases of this disease, we reviewed it and now take a look at a childhood disease. It is very common among toddlers and is characterized by inflammation of the ocular conjunctiva. In General, any disease is always easier to prevent than to watch the suffering of his child, to torture him annoying treatment and endless doctor visits.

Children's acute viral conjunctivitis is usually associated with overcooling of the child, as well as with allergic reactions or a cold. To this disease has not appeared, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the sheets, his toys and the room, to observe the rules of personal hygiene. Toddlers often need to wash their hands, and older children should be accustomed to regular self-care for skin. Kids rooms should be ventilated and the air should be moistened with special devices.

viral conjunctivitis in children symptoms

In order to not have viral conjunctivitis in children, the symptoms of which are very unpleasant, you need to ensure a growing organism and fortified food. Adults are required to monitor the purity of the products they consume little. By the way, the child should be a personal towel, it should walk at least two hours a day. Parents should see to it that while walking the child was not in contact with unhealthy children.

In General, lacrimal fluid, and the eyelids are serious barriers for bacteria, viruses and infections in the eyes. But even they are powerless when baby's immunity is weakened.

Symptoms in the little ones

Viral eye conjunctivitis in an adult or kid it is easy to identify because the signs of inflammation of the ocular conjunctiva are identical. However, the kids on this disease react more violently: they have lethargy, anxiety, they start to cry or act up. Very often, the disease is associated with allergic, viral or bacterial infection.

The Basic signs of conjunctivitis in babies: the child complains about the feeling of sand in eyes and pains, there is tearing, purulent discharge, after sleep glued eyelids. Most of the kids getting worse sleep and appetite.

Viral conjunctivitis in adults is characterized by blurred vision (objects become fuzzy and blurry). The children of school age appears in the eyes of discomfort, burning, sensation of presence of a foreign body.

conjunctivitis is a viral disease

And how parents characterize the child with viral conjunctivitis, symptoms and treatment? Reviews about this disease are quite different from each other. However, the majority of adults says that first you need to rush to the doctor-ophthalmologist, who finds out what caused the inflammation in the eyes of the baby, and prescribe effective treatment.

Perhaps the redness caused little eyelash caught in the eye, or other small particle, and, perhaps, there was an allergic reaction to any stimulus. Inflammation may also develop due to a more serious reason – increased intraocular or intracranial pressure.

How the baby eye drops?

If the conjunctivitis appeared at the kid, who is only one year old, the backfilling should only be carried out with a pipette with a rounded end. Infants are placed on a flat surface without a pillow, but his head needs someone to hold. Lower eyelid need to pull and drop a few drops.Thus it is possible to cure viral conjunctivitis. The drops themselves will be distributed over the eye, and the surplus should wet a gauze with a sterile cloth. Older toddlers it's better to teach yourself to perform this procedure, as some do not like it when we touch their eyes.

Please remember that before applying chilled drops should be warmed in the hand. Also prohibited the use of expired drugs, unlabeled, or if they have long been kept in the clear.

I Hope that this article will help you learn to immediately recognize and treat viral conjunctivitis.

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