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Allergies — the problem is extremely common. Such pathology, as we know, is associated with inadequate immune system reaction to a substance. Allergic pathology is diverse, they are accompanied by different symptoms — some bring into human life the discomfort, while others can be deadly.

Urticaria called one of the most widespread allergic diseases, that is accompanied by the appearance on the skin small watery blisters (as in burns from a nettle). Of course, patients interested in additional information. For example, what are the causes of the disease? How to recognize an Allergy yourself? How to get rid of hives and is it possible to be cured once and for all? The answers to these questions will be useful to many readers.

What is urticaria?

rash on arms

Today, quite often is diagnosed, for example, hives in children. The symptoms and treatment of this disease, meanwhile, is quite ambiguous. The fact that the term “hives” unite a group of diseases of allergic origin. They are accompanied by typical symptoms — on the skin suddenly appear watery blisters of different sizes, which, however, go 1-2 days later. Information about this disease was first recorded in the 4th century BC by Hippocrates.

The Mechanism of development of this allergic reaction the next. When first ingested, the allergen (substance to which a person has hypersensitivity), the immune system produces a specific protein antibodies (usually IgM). They accumulate particular cells, e.g., basophils and mast cells. In these structures accumulate biologically active substances-serotonin, histamine, heparin, and others. When re-entering the allergen into the body, its molecules connect with the antibodies, and in the future — with the fat cells which causes the release of histamine and other active substances directly into the blood and tissues.


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Due to the increasing histamine levels there is swelling of skin tissue, dilation of small blood vessels, itching and other Allergy symptoms. This is the scheme that is developing hives. The symptoms and treatment in adults (and children too) depend directly on the development mechanism and the causes of allergies. That is why you should read the risk factors carefully.

Causes of urticaria in adults and children

causes of urticaria in children

Of Course, for each patient, the most important issue is the successful treatment of the disease. But in order to understand how to get rid of hives, you first see the mechanism of occurrence of this pathology. Since it is an allergic reaction, the basis of its development is the contact of the immune system to the allergen. Causes of urticaria in children as well as adults can be very different. But all of them can be divided into several large groups:

  • To start is to talk about the impact of the external environment. Cold, contact with water, exposure to ultraviolet rays, radiation — all of these can cause an allergic reaction.
  • If you are interested in the most common causes of hives in children, you should pay attention to the food, as in most cases they provoke an allergic reaction in childhood. The most active allergens include nuts, honey, cocoa and chocolate, cow's milk, seafood, eggs, and some fruits and vegetables (most often people suffer from allergies to citrus and strawberry).
  • What is urticaria? Quite often it is a side effect from medication, particularly antibiotics. Very often the Allergy develops at the use of tetracycline, rifampicin, penicillins. Potentially dangerous drugs include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. By the way, the reaction can develop gradually — often the first signs of urticaria appear within 14 days after you start taking antibiotics.
  • Causes of Allergy in adults can be in contact with various aggressive chemical substances, including latex, detergents and household cleaning tools.
  • Biting insects (usually wasps, bees and hornets) can also cause a rash.

If you are wondering what hives is, you have to understand that not always the reaction is started by contact with the external environment. Quite often, the reasons may lie within the body. A weakened immune system, hormonal disturbances, goiter, autoimmune diseases, chronic fungal and parasitic diseases — all of this can be attributed to the risk factors.

What symptoms accompany the disease?

causes of hives in adults

Quite often, people are faced with such unpleasant problem as hives. The symptoms and treatment in adults — it's important points, so you should consider them more. So what signs accompanied by the illness and whether you can notice it yourself?

In fact, urticaria is accompanied by characteristic skin changes. On the skin begin to appear the blisters with watery contents — something they resemble burns caused by contact with nettles, which, in fact, led to the nameallergic reactions. The rash can appear almost anywhere on the body.

Most Often, urticaria appears on the arms, legs, rarely on the back and stomach. Blisters, usually small, but sometimes can increase and reach 10 cm in diameter. By the way, more often they go after only 24 hours after appearing, leaving the skin marks (scars, age spots, spider nets).

A Second symptom of urticaria is itching, which is amplified in the evening and at night. By the way, can itch and “clean” areas of skin (no rash). Burning and soreness in this pathology do not exist. Their appearance may indicate the development of angioedema and other complications.

Classification: forms and types of urticaria

hives in children symptoms and treatment

Today, there are many ways to classify this disease. For example, allergies can be acute or chronic (in most cases its cause cannot find out). Has a value and localization of blisters on the skin — most common hives on hands, but the rash can appear on the skin of the feet, face, abdomen, back, etc.

Depending on the reasons distinguish following forms:

  • Aerogenic urticaria (allergens enter the body through the respiratory tract, for example, inhalation of pollen, spores, mold, animal hair, etc.);
  • Medicinal;
  • Autoimmune;
  • Idiopathic (a diagnosis in the case if, despite all the tests that causes an allergic reaction fails to detect);
  • Infectious (Allergy develops against the background of invasion of the body by bacteria, parasites, viruses);
  • Physical Allergy (the reaction is observed under the influence of physical factors, for example, in contact with water, when exposed to a body of cold or pressure);
  • Hives of nerves occurs because of elevated anxiety, overstrain of the nervous system (rather difficult to treat and is frequently diagnosed in children).

Methods of diagnostics: what tests you need to do?

hives symptoms and treatment in adults

Of Course, when the first symptoms it is better to consult a doctor. A specialist will be able to tell whether there is an allergic reaction. As a rule, skin examination and medical history give reason to suspect the presence of pathology. The analysis of the blood can be noted the increase in ESR and white blood count, and decrease in the number of red blood cells — that evidence of the abuses by the immune system.

Further tests to determine the allergen. Quite informative are the skin tests — under the skin are small doses of various groups of potentially dangerous substances, after which the reaction is monitored. Can additionally be analyzed for hormone levels (hormonal changes often causes inappropriate immune system response to stimuli), examination of feces for presence of parasites in the intestines, etc. Diagnosis will help to make the most effective scheme of treatment.

How to get rid of hives? Conservative treatment

how to get rid of hives

Immediately is to say that therapy depends on the severity of allergic reactions, as well as the nature of the allergen. Of course, the first thing to eliminate contact with potentially hazardous substance. After this a treatment regimen. So how to get rid of hives?

Typically, patients are prescribed antihistamines. There are two generations of these drugs. Most often used drugs of the second generation, as they do not cause addiction, drowsiness and other side effects. To relatively safe are pills “means”, “Desloratadine”, “Zyrtec”, “claritin”. In that case, if these drugs do not have the desired effect, the treatment is with medication first generation. "Diphenhydramine" of the “Treatment”, “Powder”, “Her” from urticaria use most frequently.

In addition, therapy may include application of ointments. These drugs can either contain or not contain hormones. Naturally, the more safe are hormonal drugs. Unfortunately, they are not always effective. Most popular today include ointments such as “Seventy” and “Fenistil-gel”. They help to relieve swelling and itching, improve the health of the patient.

In more severe cases to get rid of skin manifestations of Allergy medications used gormonoterapii. For example, quite often used prednisolone ointment. From urticaria, judging by the reviews, it helps good. To the list of drugs for external use can be attributed to “Lokoid”, “Kloveyt”, “Laticort”, “First”.

First aid for allergic reactions

ointment from allergic hives

Of Course, you first need to make sure that no symptoms of angioedema or anaphylactic shock. Further actions depend on what has caused an allergic reaction. If there is reason to believe that urticaria is associated with medication management, therapy need to stop. If the blisters have started to appear in contact with the cream, cleanser, powder, skin needurgently rinse with warm water.

With strong food allergies, you can take the treatment in order to release the allergen from the digestive system. You can also try to wash out the stomach. Appeared blisters can be treated a special tool — suitable ointment from allergic urticaria. Sometimes advisable the appointment of antihistamines (“Loratidine”, “Powder”).

The Right diet in urticaria

Of Course, if an allergic reaction associated with the consumption of any food, the allergens required immediately to eliminate from the diet. Sometimes the person himself can determine what food he is allergic, in some cases, there are special tests.

On the other hand, even if the occurrence of skin reactions has nothing to do with food, proper diet will help to build the digestive system faster to eliminate the outward signs of allergies, better health. So when you hives, why not?

The Diet should include cereals, boiled meat, light soups. Fruits and vegetables you can eat, but first it is desirable to purify, boil or freeze (this treatment destroys substances-allergens). Be sure to drink enough water (at least 2-3 liters per day).

But products that contain preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers and other additives, should be avoided. The same applies to potentially hazardous fruit, vegetables, nuts, chocolate and milk. Need to abandon soft drinks (especially coffee) and alcohol. This principle of nutrition helps the body recover faster.

Complications of urticaria: how dangerous is allergic to?

According to statistics, about 40% of cases of urticaria combined with other, more dangerous allergic disorders, including angioedema and anaphylactic shock. Of course, such reactions are accompanied by characteristic signs.

For Example, to the early signs of severe Allergy include sudden decrease in blood pressure, sometimes to the point of loss of consciousness. Perhaps the appearance of acute abdominal pain (especially often observed in the reactions to the food). Swelling of neck, tongue, lips, trouble breathing, hoarse scratchiness, hoarseness in voice, shortness of breath — these are all valid reasons for calling the ambulance. This is especially true when developing hives in children. The symptoms (and treatment, respectively) may be different, so the diagnosis and the first treatment to little patients — the prerogative of the doctor. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

Are There any preventive measures?

Sometimes it is much easier to prevent problems than then think about how to get rid of hives. Unfortunately, any medications or any other specific means of prevention does not exist. But, knowing what are the causes of urticaria in adults and children, you can try to avoid dangerous situations.

You Should avoid contact with potentially hazardous substances. For example, it is recommended to follow the principles of healthy nutrition, to abandon the use of highly allergenic foods (strawberries, chocolate, honey, nuts, coffee, etc.). Choose quality cleaning products, powders. If you have to work with chemicals, be sure to use protective clothing, including gloves.

Doctors are advised to always carry antihistamines (for example, “Her”, “means”) and take them before the appearance of the rash. It is better to wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics that do not irritate the skin. In order to get rid of itchiness, you can take a cool shower or bath with a decoction of oatmeal.

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