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You did not sleep all night, abdomen felt aching pain, sometimes tingling and nauseated, no appetite and power are almost at the end? You might be worried sick liver! Not thinking about your health, we sometimes overload one of the principal organs of his body, stuffing his fat, dyes, for a long time to digest food. Not respecting the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, we contribute to undermining the health of the liver, which leads to inflammation of the gallbladder and biliary tract.

I reviewWhen the liver fails, the body undergoes stress. Hence, such a bad feeling. Many doctors in moments of pain suggest some form of therapy medicine “I”. Opinion homeopath medicine today is looking for every second, suffering from liver disease. This medication today is intensively advertised, but how effective, let's get together.

Below are the properties of the medication "I" counterparts, and feedback of physicians and patients.

The Drug “I” to all cases of poor health

To think So in any case is not necessary. Opinions about the effectiveness of homeopathic drugs differ. To trust the recommended remedy, it is often necessary to try it on my personal practice.

On the drug you can find a lot of positive reviews, however, and a lot of negative. Why? To understand, see what people are saying about the drug “I”. The feedback patients often contain information that their state of health after administration of hepatoprotector has deteriorated. Some even say that the doctor in response to complaint advised me to increase the dose, after which patients became worse. Many write about what to trust homeopathic remedies are generally not worth it, including to this drug, explaining its position by the fact that now fashionable homeopathy nothing but a placebo.galstena drops pricePositive feedback, on the contrary, recommend acceptance means “I”, many even use it to treat children, from the age of three. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Whatever it was, but to take the drug after consultation with a specialist based on the severity of the occurrence of liver diseases.


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Method of production of homeopathic remedies

The drug is Available “I” in the form of tablets and drops. Its impact on the human body does not depend on the release form. What you need to pay attention to is the concentration of the main components. Tablets are more of them. Drops less concentrated, and they are often prescribed to children.

Adult patients may use preformed drug “I”. Tablets are designed to dissolve, they are placed under the tongue. This form, according to patients, is very convenient: you can take medicine, even while away from home, it does not need to drink water.

I pillAlthough there are people who choose when you buy tools, “I” drop. Their price is lower than the pill, which is an important factor. But the pills have no taste and smell, what about the drops not to say.

Medicine “I”: instruction, feedback

As you might guess, the basis of the drug are medicinal plants. Analyzing the composition of the drugs “I” (the responses of homeopaths to confirm this information), the doctors focuses on the fact that it includes are familiar to us all green helpers. Milk Thistle, celandine, dandelions grow on every plot. Many take them for weeds. But in vain! It turns out that they are able to restore the functioning of the liver and gall bladder.

Auxiliary substances included in the drugs “I”, lists manual. Pills supplemented with phosphorus, sodium sulfate, magnesium stearate and potato starch, drops – phosphorus, sodium sulfate, ethyl alcohol.

The Drug is an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic means that affect bile duct and liver holekineticescoe, hepatoprotective effects.

Below is a look at what diagnoses are advised to apply the medicine doctors. And what does it say regarding dosages and regimens of the drug “I” instructions. Reviews of sick people differ due to the fact that each has its own history.

So, according to the annotation, shown hepatoprotective in acute and chronic hepatitis, steatosis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis. Drops “I” is often prescribed for the treatment of pancreatitis in children, which developed as a complication acetonemic syndrome.

The drug is Released in pharmacies without a prescription.galstena manual reviews

Contraindications to possible side effects

From the assignments tools “I” refuse in cases of intolerance to the components contained in the composition of the drug. Allergic reaction to plants today is not uncommon. Do not use the drug for the treatment of pregnant and lactating women.

Since the drops contain alcohol, they are not recommended for the treatment of alcohol addicted people.

According to the doctors, when the pill, in addition to possible allergic reactions, no otherside effects were not noticed. With the passage therapy drops fixed (in rare cases) excessive salivation.

How much is a drug “I”?

Above we mentioned that people, when buying drugs are guided by price. And often their choice falls on a liquid form of the drug “I” (drops). Their price is much cheaper in comparison with tablets. So, for a bottle with a volume of 20 ml will have to pay 250 rubles. And 50 ml of a homeopathic drug will cost 600 rubles. As for tablets “I”, the price is 400 rubles per blister, in which 12 pieces, and 800 rubles for 48 pieces.

And what about those who due to certain circumstances may not acquire before us? To look for alternatives.

The Drug “I”: counterparts

Yes, it often happens that the pharmacy at the moment no drug that his doctor ordered. Or the patient is not able to buy it. But it's not a reason to refuse treatment. Typically, a specialist, writing a specific tool may suggest at least a couple of analogues.

The Drug is produced in Austria “I”, which price is not low for a patient with average incomes, it is possible to substitute cheaper drugs, which are also applicable in the treatment of diseases of the liver and gallbladder. But to acquire a particular medication only after the doctor's recommendation.

galstena analogues

A specialist Only, given the clinical picture and the individual characteristics of the patient may prescribe a substitutes for money “I”. Analogues (structural, with the same active substance), unfortunately, sales are not available, since currently they simply do not. However, if necessary you can try one of the following drugs: “Antral”, “Bought”, “Essentiale N”, “Livelock”, “Phosphogliv”, “I”, “Geplac”.

Medicine “I”: the opinions of homeopaths

To Characterize the effectiveness of the drug with patients are not. The real picture of the condition of the patient only sees the doctor, receiving confirmation of diagnoses after a full examination.

Liver and gall bladder cause pain in the fevered state. Drug “I”, according to doctors, it contributes to the gradual fading and recovery of the functions of the internal organs of digestion.

In addition, the experts draw attention to the fact that the immediate effect of the drug “I” are unable to see patients with difficult diagnoses because a positive result in such cases will be noticeable in three weeks, but not the next day.

galstena price

It is Impossible to cure liver one day, but to ease the pain threshold is possible. In addition to the active substance accumulated in the body and start their "work", it takes time. It is often necessary to take one package of medication to get the desired effect. This and repeat homeopaths. Duration of drug therapy “I” is three weeks minimum.

According to experts, adhering to specified in the instruction dosages, it is possible to effectively cure the ailments of the liver. This drug can be used in order to prevent, if there has been a recurrent inflammation of the internal organs of the digestive system.

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