Hydrogen sulfide baths. Indications and contraindications


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The Most effective method of balneotherapy are hydrogen sulfide baths. Indications for their use are very diverse. Hydrogen sulfide (or sulfide) baths are widely used in complex therapy of patients suffering from various ailments.

The Action of this therapeutic procedure on the patient's body is ensured by several factors. First, a beneficial effect on the patient's hydrostatic pressure and water temperature. Secondly, through the skin and into the blood penetrates the hydrogen sulfide. It is a valuable natural element irritating to the end of nerve fibers, which allows to intensify the work of all organs and systems of the human body.

The Adoption of hydrogen sulfide baths allows you to enhance coronary blood flow, reduce blood pressure, improve peripheral resistance cardiac muscle and the nervous system. Under the influence of hydrogen sulfide baths are biologically active components that contribute to dilation of small capillaries and improve metabolic processes in the body. While accelerated blood flow, and reduced foci of inflammation that relieves pain and improves physical functioning of the joints.

hydrogen sulfide baths evidenceHydrogen Sulfide baths, the indications which various diseases of the Central and peripheral nervous system, and can also be applied in the presence of inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system, pathologies of the skin and in the treatment of diseases of urological and gynecological in nature. Recommend these procedures for hypertension and diabetes. Effectively the adoption of the sulfide bath to get rid of diabetes, various diseases of joints and spine.


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With varicose veins and postthrombophlebitic States is also recommended as sulfur baths. Indications for their use under radiation sickness. Often the data treatment procedures are used to normalize the protein, mineral and fat metabolism. Hydrogen sulfide baths, testimony to the appointment which are pathology of the endocrine system, help strengthen thyroid function.

hydrogen sulfide baths contraindicationsWhen you assign a therapeutic procedures, be aware that sulfur baths have contraindications. They are not recommended if arrhythmias and coronary heart disease accompanied by angina. Not appointed baths containing hydrogen sulfide, to patients suffering from active rheumatoid arthritis and have heart disease. In the list of contraindications included liver and kidney damage, cancer and mental disorders. Do not prescribe hydrogen sulfide baths in the presence of duodenal ulcers and stomach, tuberculosis, hypotension, as well as for ailments of the respiratory system. Prohibited the use of these procedures in severe forms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, as well as patients suffering from bronchial asthma.

healing waterTreatment of water with low content of free hydrogen sulfide are used for use inside. They are able to reduce the secretion of stomach and produce choleretic and laxative effect. Ingestion of low sulfide low-water indicated for the liver. They are effective in poisoning the body with heavy metals. Treatment of water with low content of hydrogen sulfide act as antioxidants. They also produce choleretic and diuretic effect on the body of the patient.

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