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In the near future you will have to relax in a nightclub? In this case, the primary task – the appropriate choice of attire to this event. What to wear to a night club girl?

Agree that for each young lady, it is important to look good and to impress the young people that they liked. What should be the club wear for girls? Trendy clothing for night club – comfort and confidence. To achieve this, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.

trendy club wear for girls

Club clothes for girls: how to stand out from the crowd?

To impress others and stand out from the crowd, you need to dress unusually. Today is very popular pants custom cut, dress style “bat”, voluminous skirts and slinky jumpsuits. In addition, to create a vivid and memorable image, you can use unusual colors, fancy jewelry and extravagant accessories. These are, for example, dangling earrings, metal bracelets, and small bags of various shapes. All this will not leave you unnoticed!

Club style clothing for women involves careful attention to selection of color of the outfit. It is highly unlikely that in a night club can attract the attention of the ensemble in muted or dark colours. Therefore it is better to give preference to brightness and extravagance. You can select outfits with glitter or slight shimmer, embroidery steel wires, a bright ornament, unusual decor or print.

Remember that in night clubs often use ultraviolet light, which will light up the light and, in particular, white cloth. It is also possible to use to stand out from the crowd and attract everyone's attention.


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clubwear for girls fashionable clothing

Feminine dresses for nightclub

One of the best options for night club – dress. Properly chosen outfit will give you femininity and sophistication. In such a dress, neither guy can't take eyes off you.

Club wear for girls includes the dress all styles: special restrictions in the choice. It can be as classic slinky model, and flowy dress.

The length of the dress depends solely on your taste and desires. Remember, however, that the dress length mini you can look too lightly. But too long dress should not be: otherwise it will be freedom of movement during energetic dancing. Optimum length of ‘club» dresses – just above the knee.

Clubwear ensemble with pants

Club clothes for girls can be presented by ensemble of tight pants and dressy blouses or colourful top, which is decorated with interesting ornaments or beaded.

Remember that too tight pants – not the most suitable clothes for the club, as they will hamper movement. If you have decided to spend the whole evening at the table, sipping a drink and not leaving the dance floor, this is a great option.

Clothing for girls: club skirt

It is possible that the dresses in the wardrobe of a woman does not fall in the category of “club”. In this case, a suitable option can be a skirt, a good addition to where you will be a bright blouse or dressy top. Choosing the right clothes for a night club, you need to ensure that all parts of the ensemble combined with each other. Required the highlight and a good outfit can be a delicate shiny bracelets.

what to wear to a night club girl

Trendy jeans for clubbing

Probably each girl wardrobe contains at least one pair of jeans. It is impossible not to remind you that jeans have long ceased to be exclusively a street outfit. Club wear for girls could be presented a pair of jeans that are adorned with decorative insert, pattern, embroidery.

If you choose – it's jeans, it's worth thinking about the other details of your image. The choice is truly endless. A great option is a cute top. You can give preference to a bright tank or t-shirt with an unusual print shirt and jacket. The main focus of the image that will not leave you without attention at any party – stylish accessories. So, extravagant belt with a large buckle, a neck handkerchief, bright beads and brooches will create the necessary accents.

Clothing for night club: short shorts

Fashion club wear for girls includes shorts. This item of clothing looks very interesting: girl in tight shorts hardly remain without attention. If you have a slim figure and beautiful legs, then safely choose this option: you will look bright and sexy.

What are the shorts perfect for partying in the club? The ideal option would be the classic short model. But silk, velour and even more sports to discos does not work.

 clothing for girls club

The Shorts will go perfectly with a dressy top, sexy chiffon blouse, and tight-fitting tunic or shirt. The image will be very stylish if tunic almost completely covers the shorts.

Fashion accessories for night club

One of the secret weapons of fashion girls – accessories. In a nightclub or disco jewelry will not be superfluous, especially if you want to create a shining and vivid image. Stylish belt will accentuate your beautiful waistline, your fragility to stress a few thin bracelets, playful earrings will add coquetry.

But expensive jewelry with precious stones in a nightclub is better not to take: at such events they will be inappropriate. In addition, during vigorous movements would be so easy to lose.

Shoes for night club

The Main rule is that shoes should be combined with the selected ensemble, creating a harmonious club. Lacquer and shoes with a bright shimmer will look very impressive. Remember that you all night, you will need to spend on the legs, so you should take care of your comfort. This will help you a small heel, platform shoes or wedge heel.

club style clothes for girls

Sports shoes, like ballet flats or shale, are the wrong shoes for a night club. Narrow shoes with high heels will also be not the best idea: a Shoe is unlikely to fully relax.

Another important point: shoes have to hold tight on the leg. Otherwise it may fly off during vigorous dance.

Nightclub: makeup and hairstyle

If you are Going to a night club, do not overdo it, creating a tall and elegant hairstyle. The best hairstyle for the club will be wound curls or hair straightened with a straightening iron. If you have short hair, you will only make a stylish styling, giving the hair a bit disheveled, sloppy appearance.

clubwear for women

Evening make-up will complete the look. Remember that the focus should be either on eyes or lips, otherwise you risk to look vulgar and unnatural.


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