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Your First shop for watches Giovanni Panerai opened in Florence in 1860. Then he could not expect that they will win such love and success not only in Italy but throughout the world. In the 19th century, his grandson continued and expanded the business of his grandfather. He received a large order and began to make watches for the army. I had to figure out how to make so that it was visible even in the dark. And he did: he created a watch with a backlight. All self-respecting gentlemen dreamed of to get yourself at least one instance.

panerai watch marina

Time passed, and this watch brand has evolved and become more and more popular. A large variety of design solutions. Now anyone can pick up a watch at the shower, of course, if the wallet allows.

These watches Are expensive, in the area of 7-30 thousand dollars, and to afford it can afford only wealthy people. But it if to tell about the original. Fakes of the watch now a lot, and everyone for the not so big price can buy high quality copy.

panerai watches reviews

They have a width 44 mm, thickness is 15 mm. the Glass is made of sapphire with a thickness of 3.5 mm. it has a special anti-glare coating. On the back Panerai watches have a large viewing window. It is also made of sapphire, making clear how the clock mechanism.

Distinctive features of the watch

Panerai Watches are mainly acquired manually, and you have a block mechanism 56 spare hours. Even if to lower them to a depth of 300 metres, the watch will work as if nothing had happened. The owner, who wears Panerai watches, you can safely bathe and swim without removing them from the hands. Wearing a Panerai watch. The reviews on them are usually only good.


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watch Panerai luminion

More recently, Russia was lucky to become the owner of one of the stores with these hours. In Moscow on Nikolskaya street now you can purchase these wonderful models.

Panerai, even dedicated to Russian watches Panerai Marina, this brand new model, and it has been established as a sign of respect for this Federation. This beauty can only be bought from us and nowhere else. In all there were fifty copies.

Polished Stainless steel case and the crown is impressive original decision of the designer. The watch is water resistant and can withstand up to 10 atmospheres. And what is the most enjoyable and unusual at the back of the watch, their cover - engraved view of St. Basil's Cathedral.

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The Manufacturer of the watch tries to keep their exclusivity. That is why the light appears annually only 18 million units. That is why every collector is trying to get at least one such instance.

In the opinion of people about replica watches, we can conclude that the fake is not so much different from the original. The model of Panerai Luminor, which attracts with its unique design, represent the bright image of modernity. Its main feature can be called the lid winding wheel. It differs from the watch "Radiomir".

The Cost of copies hours "Panerai"

The Original of these watches, few people can afford, afford they are only quite wealthy individuals. Their cost can range from two hundred thousand to several million. While the copy Panerai Luminor are quite affordable for many people who dream to become the owner of this luxury accessory.

Copy watches Panerai Luminor Marina

Copy watches Panerai Luminor Marina is perfect for those who wish to have in your hand an elegant timepiece with many different desired functions and massive dial. During these hours you will not be difficult to determine the time, they are suitable for those who suffer vision.

watch Panerai reviews

Copies of these hours are not particularly inferior in appearance to the original. However, and as they are also not far away. Everyone have a wonderful opportunity to buy watches Panerai Luminor Marina, which maybe people have long dreamed of.

From which to produce a copy of the data hours

Copies are made of analog precious materials, the quality parameters on one hundred percent compliant with the modern world. How accurately transferred all items hours, can not fail to surprise and to please. This shows again, how came modern technology. We can say that the only person who really understands these hours, will be able to identify a fake or original.

The Advantage of Panerai watches

About watches Panerai is not to say that they differ much in some elaborate or luxurious a design, rather they have a more sporty design. Externally, the chronometer "Panerai" is unique, and each of the members has their own interesting and necessary functions. They are waterproof and can withstand a depth of 300 m, at night they dial phosphorescence, they have in stock is 50 hours. These hours are often exploited even divers, since the mechanism is resistant to high pressure water.

This watch will please men who like to emphasize their masculinity and self-confidence.

How to produce them and monitor the quality

This kind of wristwatch manufactured by applying the latest technologies. This can be seen in appearance of hours, as well as their functions.

In addition, Panerai Luminor third-party production is much cheaper than the original. Despite the fact that we are accustomed to poor copy quality, it is this model very good copy. Each copy is able to demonstrate the quality, functionality and design features of these exclusive original models.

Plus, there is that you will not spend a huge amount of money on a watch, and can enjoy the new models, choose a color that you like.

Due to the fact that the hours, both the original and the copy, there are lights, you can without fear walk with them at night. They will always help you in the right situation. They have a lot of functions. Beautiful leather remeshek adds even more elegance and helps to emphasize the individuality of its owner.

Why are these clock

These watches, whether original or copy, can be worn with a sports suit for Jogging, and with an elegant, classic suit for a date with your beloved or meeting with business partners. In any of these cases will be and your image will stand out among all others.

Everyone has the right to choose what he can afford and like. Some may prefer to spend a tidy sum and be proud to wear a watch Panerai Luminor the original, and someone agree on Panerai watches copies, which almost do not differ and do not empty your pocket.


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