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Nikolai Orlov — a Prince and a Russian diplomat. His family belongs to an ancient family. Was Ambassador in Brussels, Berlin, Paris. Nikolai was the only and dearly loved son of the man who became the founder of the Orlovs.

Nikolai Orlov

Nikolay Orlov: a biography

Born on 27 APR 1827. His father was Prince Alexei Fedorovich Orlov, mother Olga (nee Zherebtsova).

Boy was home-schooled. Then began to study the course of jurisprudence, which was read for the son of the Emperor Nicholas II — Konstantin Nikolaevich. It was taught by Baron Korf.

In 1843, honored to be a pageboy at the Royal court. In the summer of 1845 with honors passed the officer's exam at the corps of pages. After testing was assigned to the life-guard.

In June 1846, became aide-adjutant of Nicholas the First. Later became a Lieutenant and began to accompany Konstantin Nikolaevich in traveling abroad.

In 1849 took part in the war with Hungary. In the Hungarian company received a distinction and was promoted to captain.

After that, becoming commander in chief, went to Warsaw. There was awarded the order of St. Vladimir. The next two years, again began to accompany the Emperor to travel at home and abroad.

In the Winter of 1851 he was sent to serve in the Department of the General staff. After a few months he began to serve in the office of the military Ministry. In 1855 he received the rank of Colonel. He was sent to fight against the Turks on the Danube. Under his command was made the assault on the Fort Arab-Tabia. There he became a cripple — lost an eye and received nine wounds. The Emperor awarded him the order of St .. George 4-th degree and presented a Golden sword. To treat wounds, Nicholas went to Italy, he spent a year and a half. After treatment, received a rank the General-the major and assigned to the retinue of the Emperor. The Prince died in France March 17, 1885.

Nikolay Orlov photo

Personal life of Prince

In his youth, Nikolay Orlov has been in love with the daughter of Pushkin — Natalya Aleksandrovna. He really wanted to marry her, but the father categorically did not want to hear about it. Instead, the father had betrothed to him Olga Panin, but the pair is not merged.

Married Nicholas Orlov in 1858, to the Princess Catherine Trubetskoy. She was very beautiful and well educated girl. Her supervisor was the writer Moritz Hartmann. Princess Trubetskaya didn't want to give the daughter for a mere mortal. She dreamed of a son-in-law-the artist or the scientist. All the environment was able to convince the Princess that Nicholas will become her daughter a good party and will have a caring and loving husband. The wedding ceremony was held in France.


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Nikolay Orlov biography

The marriage to troubetzkoy they had two sons:

  • Alexei Nikolaevich, who became a military attache of the Russian Embassy in France.

Nikolai Andreevich Orlov

  • Vladimir — General–Lieutenant.

Nikolay Orlov Russian assassin

Blessing of the Emperor

On the mental qualities of Orlov, his contemporaries spoke well. He was the son of a nobleman, but received an education worthy of a Prince. Being heir to a large fortune, went to protect the homeland. Participation in the battle of Silistria, where he lost an eye, he begged the Emperor's mercy. The last really did not want to let go of a loyal friend and colleague. Apparently anticipating trouble, the Emperor put him on his knees before the icon and was himself. They both had prayed for. In the end the Emperor had blessed him. Perhaps this gave Nikolai the strength to survive after nine terrible wounds.


At first the nurses didn't even dare to do his dressings. His death was waiting from minute to minute, but he miraculously survived. Treatment it took place in Italy. Wounds have tormented him mercilessly. One eye was not, the second saw very little. The Prince stopped reading, he was helped by servants. The first time his head was more sick of small pieces. Damage made itself felt severe headaches. The Duke brought a discomfort even a short conversation — he's confused thoughts, words, and tried to quickly finish it.

Nikolai Orlov was a man of simple, boasted of his wealth. Environment respected him for his honesty, it was not greed. He tried to help anyone I could. This character had Nikolai Orlov. Photos and portraits captured his image for posterity.

Creative Writing

As a writer about Nicholas is known for his historical essays. He is the author of the "Essay on the Franco-Prussian war". Prince also served the Emperor notes on the domestic management of Russia. Descendants of Nicholas Orlov can be proud of his request to the sovereign on the abolition of corporal punishment. Was assembled a special Committee, which is due to the Prince amended the penal system. The beating was considered a measure eustachya people and inappropriate to the spirit of the time.

Popular games

In the virtual world there is a popular game Assassin's Creed. Its main character — Nikolai A. Orlov, the son of Andrei Orlov. The plot of the latter belonged to the order of assassins — brotherhood "people's will”. He passed the baton to his son, who was friends with Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin). Nikolai Orlov — Russian assassin, who according to the authors of the game made an attempt on Alexander III.

Assassins — it's the people who were part of the famous knightly order of the Ismailis. Such organizations were based in Eastern countries and Central Asia. Assassins — this is not a clan. They are more like Japanese ninja fighters. The soldiers were engaged in contract killings. They also killed people because of political or religious differences. There is a theory that the assassins used hashish, which is considered the sacred grass. Under its influence they have behaved like fanatics.

Nikolai Orlov was a worthy representative of his family and went down in history as a fearless warrior and a true patriot. His children also devoted himself to military Affairs.


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