Peer review is the process of writing a review of scientific work


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Review – this is a specialized document that contains the assessment of the final work. If it is not applied to graduate study, the Commission will not allow you to defend. Accordingly, markup – the process of studying the scientific works of scientists of a particular field. Is this man they call the reviewer.

Review - it

Who is this reviewer

A Review of the final work is written by specialist that you choose for yourself. The only condition is that he should not work in the same Department with your direct supervisor. During the thesis defense, the Commission will appreciate, if your reviewer will be an academic degree (candidate or doctor of Sciences).

Typically, senior research calculations are based on the data of the enterprise in which the student completed an internship. In this regard, the reviewer is often the head of the practice.

If you are lucky, a review of your work was written by the specialist, assured her, signed and sealed, you'll take the completed document and attach it to the diploma study. However, practice shows that most often it is the student himself, then come with her to the personnel Department to supply the necessary details. Why you should know how to write a review of the thesis to the prom Committee did not raise questions about the quality of the document.

How to write a review of the thesis

What is a book review

Review – the process of writing a review of the thesis work. In the resulting document shall contain the following information:

  • Analysis of all sections of the thesis.
  • The Degree of compliance of the project with all regulatory requirements.
  • Dignity of work.
  • Shortcomings of the study.

To get the highest grade for final work, review of thesis project must provide to the Commission the most favorable impression about your research.


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Review final work

How to write a review for thesis

Review – this is not a difficult task for the student who independently wrote final work. You probably know the strengths and weaknesses of your research, so you'll be able to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.

A Useful tip that will help you write a quality review, is that you have to get away from General phrases. That is, it is not necessary to write: “Very good job”, “the Author showed himself as a great expert” etc.

A Review consists of the following sections:

  • Introduction – an assessment of the relevance of the study.
  • Main part – assessment of strengths, weaknesses of the study review of each section of work. Usually this information takes up most of the document.
  • The Final part-conclusion on whether to admit the student to the thesis defense. Usually this section is the shortest.

There are also certain regulatory requirements, compliance with which shall be furnished the review.

review of the thesis project

Regulatory requirements for the content

Review – it is a process that requires precision. So there are aspects that must be followed regardless of the content of the document. These include:

  • The volume of the document should not exceed 2 sheets of A4 format.
  • The Word “review” should be written with capital letters in the center of the page.
  • Be sure to specify the subject of graduate study, full name student number Department and group.
  • An assessment of the relevance of the thesis must be present in the review.
  • Needs to be appreciated the author's ability to think logically and make educated conclusions.
  • It is Necessary to assess the proportionality of the sections of the thesis.
  • The Review should contain information about applications, charts, drawings and illustrations to the diploma study.
  • Must be information about the extent to which the student possesses the skills of presentation of text in academic style.
  • Don't forget to include information about how graduation study might be applied in practice.
  • You Must specify the major and minor weaknesses.
  • The document must contain the name and initials of the reviewer: academic degree, profession, signature and seal of the organization.

The Commission always checks how the work meets these requirements.

Helpful tips

Remember that in any job must present shortcomings. Better specify them in the review, the Commission will reveal them in the course of study of your project. In addition, if you know about a substantial omission in the course of the study and do not want to write about it, then enter a few minor flaws, as all the attention will focus on them.

After writing reviews proofread the entire text the next day to discover flaws that went unnoticed before, and quickly to eliminate them.

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