The Bolsheviks - who is this? The Bolsheviks - is right or left?


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The Bolsheviks - those who, together with the Mensheviks were once members of the party of social Democrats. But in one thousand nine hundred and third year of the Second Congress, which took place in Brussels, Lenin and Martov disagreed on the rules of membership. That has led to the separation of the Bolsheviks, who demanded more aggressive action.

Points of view of two main leaders

Lenin argued for a small party of professional revolutionaries. Yuliy Osipovich did not agree, believing that it is better to have a large group of activists. He based his ideas on the experience of the socialist parties that existed in other European countries.Bolsheviks

Vladimir Lenin argued that the Russian state, the situation was quite different. It was impossible to form political parties under the autocratic rule of the Emperor. At the end of the discussion, Yuli Osipovich still won. But Vladimir Ilyich did not want to admit defeat and organized his own faction, the Bolsheviks – it was those who joined it. Those who remained faithful Martov, became known as the Mensheviks.

Every party needs money

The Bolsheviks played a very minor role in the revolution of one thousand nine hundred and fifth year, because most of their leaders living in exile and mostly abroad. And the Mensheviks are making huge progress, both the Soviets and in the trade Union movement. Already in one thousand nine hundred and seventh Lenin abandons hope of an armed uprising.the Bolsheviks who

He urged supporters to Russia to participate in the elections to the third Duma. The Bolsheviks-a party that was supposed to exist, and Vladimir Lenin spent a lot of time searching for the collection of funds for the further development of his faction. Large donations were from Maxim Gorky and Sava Morozov, a famous millionaire of Moscow.


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Ways to make money in the split fractions

When the party is split, and a further division became apparent, one of the most significant differences was how each faction decided to Fund their revolution. The Mensheviks stayed on the collection of membership dues. And the Bolsheviks-those who had resorted to more drastic methods.metro Bolshevikov

One of the most common ways was the Bank robbery. A similar attack which occurred in one thousand nine hundred and seventh year, brings the party of Vladimir Ilyich about two hundred and fifty thousand. And, unfortunately, it was not the only case. The Mensheviks this way of earning money, of course, outraged.

For which they received money revolutionaries

But the Bolsheviks constantly in need of money. Vladimir Ilyich was convinced that the maximum impact of the revolution can bring, if it will involve persons who dedicate their whole life to the cause. And to compensate for the time and effort he gave them good wages for the sacrifices and dedication. This measure was specifically adopted to ensure full employment of the revolutionaries and focus on his duties, and to force them to do their job.the Bolsheviks is red or white

Moreover, Vladimir Lenin constantly used the party money to print brochures, which were distributed in different cities and at rallies for expansion. Such methods of funding were obvious differences between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks and their beliefs.

There was whether the principles of the Bolsheviks

The beginning of the one thousand nine hundred and ten supporting principles of the Bolsheviks becomes almost non-existent. At the beginning of the First world war Lenin lived in Austria. At a meeting of Bolsheviks in Berne, he outlined his views on the war. Lenin denounces the war itself and all who supported it because, in his opinion, they betrayed the proletariat.

He was shocked by the decision of the majority of socialists in Europe in the approval of military action. Now Vladimir Ilyich devoted all the powers of his party to turn the imperialist war into a civil one. The most exceptional difference between the parties lay in the fact that the Bolsheviks – it was those who with a ferocious tenacity walked towards their goals.the Bolsheviks the Communists

In order to achieve them, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin often even retreating from their political ideas, if they saw a guarantee of long-term benefits for his party. And this practice is widely they were used in attempts to recruit peasants and uneducated workers. He convincingly promised them that glorious life will come after the revolution.

The Strongest propaganda in German means

And, of course, today, many people have the question of the Bolsheviks - who is this? A group of like-minded people who cheated the common people for their own purposes? Or is it those who worked for the benefit of creating better living conditions of the Russian proletariat?

First and foremost it was a party, whose aim was the overthrow of the provisional government and create a new one. While the Bolsheviks did exist loud slogans, which promisedsignificant changes in living conditions for ordinary people. Their agitation was so strong that they received the support of the public.

The Known fact that the Bolsheviks-the Communists, who were funded by the Germans, because they knew that Lenin wanted to take Russia from military action. And these funds helped to develop an advertising campaign that promoted a better life and other benefits for the population.

A Few questions arising with the advent of the Bolsheviks

In politics, those areas which embody the ideas of social equality or improving the lives of ordinary people, called by the left. They strive to create equal conditions, independent of national origin or ethnicity. Therefore, answering the question of the Bolsheviks - is right or left, it's safe to take them to that direction.Bolsheviki's party

As for the white movement, it was created already during the Civil war, which began in one thousand nine hundred and seventeenth year, and the party of the Bolsheviks at that time had already formed. And white the first task was the struggle against the Soviet power and the Bolshevik ideology. So if someone comes up with the question of the Bolsheviks - is red or white, on the basis of these facts it is easy to find the answer.

Metro Bolsheviks, especially architectural design

What primarily distinguishes this station – this is the main symbol of the proletariat rather impressive sizes - "hammer and Sickle". Opened it was the thirtieth of October, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-fifth year. A subway called the Bolsheviks, which is located in St. Petersburg, "Prospect Bolshevikov".

The Walls the stations are very nicely decorated in marble light gray tint. The floor is paved with granite slabs, grey and red colors. And the set the station is illuminated by powerful lamps, which create an atmosphere of airiness. Not less beautifully decorated entrance lobby.

Still, the Bolsheviks - who is this? How necessary was the creation of the party for the country? First of all, Vladimir Ilyich himself and his faction, they organized (which became known as the Bolsheviks) – is part of the history of the Russian state. If they have made mistakes or acted for the benefit of the people and the country, these people have to take their place on the pages of textbooks and related literature. Not mistaken only one who does nothing.

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