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Astronomy is the science that studies the heavenly bodies, their motion, structure, and systems formed by them. It is the oldest field of knowledge: the origins of astronomy are lost in the mists of time. what you studying astrophysicsWe Can say that it has evolved along with humanity. And today, astronomy is not in place. Using the latest technology, scientists constantly Refine and complement the already existing theory. The most high-profile discoveries of recent years have often been associated with those phenomena that you are studying astrophysics. At full capacity using advances in technology, astronomers are inevitably faced with the limitations of the human mind. Astrophysics-branch of astronomy, perhaps the most frequently faced with the facts that it is impossible to explain. Scientists working under its banner, trying to find answers to increasingly complex questions, thereby stimulating technological progress. That study astrophysics that they have learned and what puzzles the universe offers them today, and will be discussed below.


Astrophysics is determining the physical characteristics of space objects and their interactions. In their theories it relies on knowledge of the laws of nature gained by science in the study of properties of matter on Earth.
astrophysicists face important constraints in their work. Unlike colleagues studying the microcosm, or macro-objects in the Earth, they can't experiment. Many of the forces acting in space, manifest themselves only at a great distance or in the presence of a giant mass and volume of objects. In the laboratory, this interaction has not been studied, since it is impossible to create the necessary conditions. General astrophysics deals mainly with the results of passive monitoring.astronomy is the science which studies


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In such conditions it is difficult to imagine obtaining data about the objects. Direct measurement of the desired parameters because of the impossibility of experiments in this section astronomy does not exist. In this case, I am studying astrophysics and what to base their conclusions? The main source of information for scientists in such circumstances — analysis of electromagnetic waves, emitted by celestial bodies.

How it all began

Astronomy is the science that studies the heavenly bodies since time immemorial, but such a section as astrophysics, was it not always. In fact its formation it began in 1859, when G. Kirchhoff and R. Bunsen upon completion of a series of experiments found that any chemical element has a unique discrete spectrum. This meant that the spectrum of a celestial body can be judged on its chemical composition. That was the birth of spectral analysis, and along with him came and astrophysics.modern astrophysics


In 1868, just created a method made possible the detection of a new chemical element - helium. It was opened during the observation of a total solar Eclipse and study the chromosphere of the star.

Modern astrophysics is also largely based on the data of spectral analysis. Advanced technology allows to get information about almost all the characteristics of celestial bodies and interstellar space: temperature, composition, behavior of atoms, voltage, magnetic fields and so on.

The Invisible radiation

Significantly expanded the possibilities for astrophysics the discovery of radio emission. Its registration allowed us to study the cold gas that fills interstellar space and emitting invisible light, and processes in the distant pulsars and neutron stars. Great importance for the whole of astronomy was the discovery of the CMB, which became the proof existed at this time, the big Bang theory.

problems of astrophysics

The Space age gave astrophysicists new opportunities. Became available ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma radiation, a path to Ground which is blocked by the atmosphere. Telescopes, created with the new discoveries, made it possible to detect hot gas in clusters of galaxies, x-ray radiation of neutron stars, some of the characteristics of black holes.

Problems of astrophysics

Modern science has stepped far forward in comparison with the condition in which it was in the late 19th century. Astrophysicists today use all the latest achievements in the field of registration of electromagnetic radiation and obtaining on their basis of the data about remote objects. However, we can say that this branch of astronomy is absolutely free to moving towards exploring the Universe. The conditions prevailing in outer space, are sometimes so difficult to register and the understanding that the interpretation of the obtained data about those or other objects is difficult.

General astrophysics

In the vicinity of a black hole, the depths of neutron stars and their magnetic fields can manifest a new physical properties of matter. The impossibility of even approximately to reproduce the extreme or limiting conditions in which there are such cosmic processes, forms the main challenges in astrophysics.

Model of the Universe

One of the major tasks of modern astronomy —to understand the development of the vast space. Today, there are two main versions: open and closed universe. The first implies a permanent and unlimited expansion. In this model the distance between galaxies is increasing, and after some time the space will become a lifeless desert with a few Islands of solid matter. Another option is that instead of extension, which for most is an undisputed fact, will the contraction phase of the Universe. A definite answer to the question of which theory is correct yet. Moreover, there appear open, greatly complicates the understanding of the future of the Universe and bringing some chaos into a seemingly coherent picture. These include, for example, the detection of dark matter and energy.

Black holes, gamma-ray bursts

Among all that studying astrophysics, there are a number of objects with a special touch of mystery. They are also among the main problems of this section of astronomy. These include black holes, many physical processes in a space that is absolutely unexplored, and gamma-ray bursts. The latter represent the release of enormous amounts of energy, pulses of gamma radiation. Their nature is also unclear.

scientists astrophysics

The Understanding of such objects and phenomena can significantly change the way we think about the Universe and the laws of the cosmos. This constant contact with the mysteries of the universe and astrophysics makes the front edge of science, at the same time highlights the limitations of medical knowledge and stimulating their further development. We can say that this branch of astronomy has become a kind of marker of progress: every discovery marks the victory of reason over another mystery.

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