Corpuscles of Meissner and Pacini - the basis of our sense of touch


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Everything we know about the world is generated indirectly through the senses. The main ones – sight, hearing, smell and touch. You can close your eyes and ears off the smell, but tactile sensations remain.

tactile corpuscles of Meissner

They are responsible For mechanoreceptors, which are corpuscles of Meissner. Although our understanding of the work of the organs of perception is quite wide, it is the most primitive tactile sensory receptors still remain an unsolved mystery.

Receptors – the Foundation of philosophy

Receptors-are specialized cells that are able to perception of stimuli. For example, photoreceptors (light) chemoreceptors (taste, smell), and mechanoreceptors (pressure, vibration), thermoreceptors (temperature). These cells convert energy of stimulus into a signal that excites the sensory neurons. The mechanism of excitation is associated with the occurrence of the action potential in the membranes of cells and work the sodium-potassium pump. They are like the encoders, which translate the information in the desired code. Each receptor is tuned to a particular signal and its power. They record the signals on the principle of “all or nothing” and for the formation of a clear sensation of our nervous system uses simultaneously a set of receptors.

Taurus Meissner feature


This group of sensitive cells carry receptors pressure. They are of several types:

  • Lamellar corpuscles (Vater-Pacini).
  • The Cells of Merkel.
  • Calf Meissner.
  • Bulb Krause.

Tactile receptors located in the epidermis and the dermis, at 1 square centimeter of skin has about 25 receptors of different types. But the hands and soles of the feet, face and mucous membranes, their number increases dramatically. In addition, the presence in the so-called G-spot tactile Meissner Taurus women are required the emergence of erotic susceptibility.


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Taurus Vater-Pacini

These receptors are located in the deeper layers of the dermis and are responsible for the perception of pressure and vibration. They consist of bulbs (bulb) inside which a branched sensory nerve fibers. The bulb is covered with a capsule of liquid and myofibrils. The pressure by the fluid is transmitted to bezmalinovic nerve endings.

Merkel Cells

This is a sensitive cells, located at the base of the hair follicle and in the epidermis of the skin (mostly on the palms of the hands). In addition to the tactile sensitivity they are also considered to be neuroendocrine. It is proved that in embryogenesis they secrete substances that stimulate the growth of nerve fibers and derivatives of the skin.

Taurus Meissner

Taurus Meissner

The tops of the papillae of the dermis are these clusters of sensitive cells. What are Meissner corpuscles? This is a group of tactile cells, flat part which is formed perpendicular to the original plate. All this is enclosed in a capsule, which includes the nerve fiber and is branched. All the components of corpuscles of Meissner are connected miofibrillami fibers. The slightest pressure on the epidermis, is transmitted to the nerve endings.

Bulb Krause

Spherical formations, which are especially numerous in the mucosa of the mouth. Their sensitivity is set to cold and the perception of pressure. The structure is similar to the Meissner corpuscles, and is little studied. The perception of the notorious G-spot in the upper third of the vagina in women and is associated with the accumulation of these receptors.

Who is responsible for what

As already mentioned, tactile feel and appearance are fraught with many more mysteries. Yet empirically established only some functions of the mechanoreceptors of our skin. The function of Taurus Meissner – perception of subtle sensitivity, Vater-Pacini – rude or a one-time assessment of the pressure flasks of Krauze – the cold sensation and the estimation of the pressure. A Merkel cell, we are obliged to feel the pats on the head.

How it works

The sensitivity of the tactile analyzers high only to pressure changes. That is why we feel clothes and a watch only at the time of entry. The ability to distinguish individual touch is associated with the frequency of the impacts. The fingertips are able to distinguish between touches with frequency up to 300 per second. Furthermore, all receptors have a threshold of sensitivity – the pressure at which we feel the impact. For example, for receptors of the tips of the fingers is a 3 mg/mm, and for the soles of their feet – 250 mg/mm.

Our fingers too, I think

Fingerprints formed papillary lines were surprises to scientists. Long been known that the pattern of these lines is formed by a person still in the womb and formed by rows of dermal papillae, which are the Merkel cells and Meissner corpuscles. Recent research studies prove that these reliefs are called “bounce” on uneven surfaces and turn them into acoustic oscillations, which is able to capture the receptor. But not all these these receptors transmit to the brain, as if filtering is important, not important. Studies have confirmed that the cells of the Meissner process the information, not just transmit it. Previously, this feature belonged exclusively to the brain.Research in this area continues, but now I understand why these lines form such complex patterns.

what is a Meissner body

Summation and exercise

Tactile analyzers amenable to training and learning. Examples of this are numerous, ranging from increased sensitivity of the blind people and ending the high sensitivity of professional crackers. This property of sensitive analyzer is based on the concept of basic needs. It is based on the Association of multiple adjacent receptors with one sensory neuron. Thus, the signal wouldn't cause arousal when applying one receptor, but when entering multiple excitation of a neuron is called the total information receptors.

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