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Choose speakers for a computer, most users is even more complicated than the other components. In addition to quality, these devices must have an additional set of benefits that are required by all owners. It is the color and material of manufacture, and the size and weight, and ease of connection. Such characteristics are important for most users, therefore, this article proposes a methodology for the correct choice of columns for house. Potential buyers interested in the best models, you will be prompted popular in every price range speaker system for computers.

Portable speakers

As the tablet, smartphone and laptop belong to the category computers, we post a review of better with mobile devices. After all, even fans of portable gadgets get tired of headphones and want to enjoy decent sound in a favorite toy or when playing multimedia. It is clear that to offer a powerful speaker system for a computer, no one will. In this category of buyer interested in portable speakers, which, like mobile device, can be transported in a bag or backpack.

sound system for computers

The Acoustics of the Razer Ferox 2013 is the leader of sales (costs 2000 rubles), and for several years cannot be removed from production. The main feature of the columns is that they can work as PC (with a USB channel) and from the battery. Competition in functionality in the market of mobile devices is an inexpensive solution Aspiring HitBox 100 cost 1500 rubles. However, speakers are implemented as a monoblock, but in the presence of a FM receiver, a private player and receiver for memory cards.


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Business class

The luxurious office or the design Studio normal acoustics there is no place, after all, creative people and big business needs, following the traditions, to own beautiful speakers with great sound. Active speaker system for a computer in this class of products is selected from: JBL Xtreme Red, Beats Pill 2.0, Jabra Solemate Max and similar devices.

powerful speaker system for computer

High Quality sound, great appearance, vast functionality and ease of operation will appeal to any user. Stops only the cost, which ranges from 20-50 thousand rubles. On the market you can find cheap products such as ColorWay Power Charge Speaker, Divoom OnBeat, worth up to 3,000 rubles, but their sound quality leaves much to be desired.


In category to 1000 roubles on the domestic market is dominated by speakers for PC Sven, Gemix Genius and Edifier. The format for these columns is 2.0, and the output power does not exceed 5 Watts. Many users believe that the choice in this class is small, but this price category give their preference for many buyers. After all, the manufacturer is interested to stay in this niche, so he will do everything possible to please the future owner.

how to connect speaker system to your PC

For Example, active speakers Sven SPS-605 doesn't stand out, but 3 Watt in a wooden case with magnetic shielding sound great. All two hundred series of acoustics Sven has a dual purpose and is used both in budget and in a portable classroom. Of course, the user is bothered about their appearance-they look beautifully in any room and on any surface.

Threat category for beginners

Many specialists believe that price category 1000-3000 rubles is artificial, and it includes all the budget devices which for some reason have an inflated price. And we are talking about picking stereo subwoofer or installing low-quality speakers and larger diameter. Speaker system for computers in this price class will certainly appeal to a potential buyer, he get excited at the sight of the large speakers which are very cheap. However, with the playback quality of devices of this class are in big trouble.

how to choose acoustic system for your computer

And if the choice still needs to make, to give preference to better-known brands: Logitech Z200 speaker system-Sven MS-80, Sven SPS-611s and F&D R211. Let their appearance and dimensions are not as attractive compared to other products in this category, however, this inexpensive speaker system will allow you to get pleasure from listening to music at home.

Decent stereo system

In the media quite a lot of recommendations on how to choose acoustic system for a computer, however, most users often ignore the 2.0, considering it a relic of the past. Of course, this view is mistaken, because the decent speakers you can choose, starting from the value of 3000 rubles, not less. Before you meet with representatives of the middle class, professionals recommend users to determine the size of the columns initially, and not to look in the window of the biggest acoustics, naively believing that it is the most powerful.

Also worth to throw doubt about the case of speakers – not the fact that the tree is better than plastic. You need to focus all your attention on the sound. To test acoustics, it is recommended to use audio recordings of different genres, to experience the work of the speaker at all frequencies. Proven in this class of speakers Sven SPS-707, Gemix Prime2, Genius SP-HF1800A, Microlab SOLO-7C and PRO 3 Dark.

Required When sensitive bass

The most Difficult to choose speaker system 2.1 for computer. The rating of columns from year to year has not changed even given the fact that in the market there are always new products. The reason is that in the race for the affordable price and beautiful appearance, many manufacturers forget about sound quality. Therefore, when choosing a system in this class, it is better to pay extra and get a decent product than to settle for cheap speakers.

sound system for your computer with your own hands

All the customer's attention should be drawn not to the beautiful remote, and the length of the plated cable which is a gift, and the sound quality of the subwoofer. Mandatory it must have its own regulator frequency (separate volume settings is a plus). The subwoofer should not buzz, beep or make slurp sounds. He needs to play. To speakers there are no special requirements, as a good subwoofer will extend the quality of the music. Pay attention is acoustics Sven MS-2000, F&D A-511, Microlab M-700U, the Creative Inspire t3130 2.1, Harman-Kardon SoundSticks III.

The ultimate dream of all

Speakers 5.1 users not as popular as stereos and devices 2.1. It's not even that many buyers do not know how to connect the speaker system to the computer. Problems occur the majority owners with the placement of the 6 speakers around the computer, their connections and conceal the interface cables. To pile up a web around itself, many users simply do not want.

speaker system 1 2 for computer rating

As for the choice, it is big enough. However, the price is not as attractive as the other acoustics (from 6000 rubles and above). As in the case of system 2.1, you can start with the subwoofer. He needs to play, not to publish the strange sounds. Also pay attention to rear and front speakers (they should be the same). The Central column can be twice as much as anyone, but not more, otherwise, it will have to place on the keyboard to achieve the effect of 5.1. Well proven acoustics Sven HT-200, Logitech Z-506, Microlab H-600, Sven IHOO T100U.

Acoustics out categories

All owners of Apple products professionals recommend to pay attention to an excellent column that are included in the list of devices certified by the manufacturer of computers. However, the cost of such products starts with 10 000 and has no limit. Speaker system for computers in this class are made only in the form of candy bars, though, and provides surround sound.

The Choice is really big and the buyer may not worry about the quality of the products, because in this niche get only selected items, which proved their superiority in the market for several years. Positive user feedback has earned Marshall Acton speakers, Bowers&Wilkins Z2, Harman Kardon Onyx JBL, Bang & Olufsen. Recommended stereo docking station for connecting mobile devices, so that they can reproduce high-quality sound without connecting to a personal computer.

Practice makes

Speakers with high-quality sound can not afford it. And does it make sense to purchase an expensive device, if there is a pair of decent speakers? Speaker system for computer with your own hands is going pretty simple, it would wish. For Assembly you will need two stereo speakers, amplifier and wooden Board (or chipboard). Next – a trick made of wood are made by “nesting”, in which are installed ...

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