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A database management System (DBMS) is a special program or set of programs that are necessary for the organization and maintenance of relevant databases. One of these programs applies to MS Access.

The Concept of queries

creating queries in access

They are used to sort, add, modify, filter, remove certain information in the database. With their help, made the selection of those records which are needed to produce specific reports or forms, the work is part of a database.

When you create a query in Access, you can connect the table to grouped and selected recording, connect payment transactions.

Classification of queries


There are the following types of queries:

  • A select Query, which retrieves data on a specified condition. In the framework of this query is grouping records and is made in the table fields computation are presented.
  • The change Request, which change the data in the original tables. With them, data can be adjusted, and can also create a new table.
  • The Query parameters, in which are introduced certain conditions or data.
  • Crosstab queries are intended for calculations and reporting, typically in the form of a spreadsheet to facilitate analysis.
  • SQL queries are requests for specific information, their construction is based on certain rules using a specific syntax.

Select Query

Create queries in Access this type involves the construction of tables that contain the same structural elements as regular. It is based on actual data.

The Results represent a dynamic set data in connection with the closure of the set of records "disappear", remaining in the original tables. Save query data means preserving their structure.

These queries are formed by specifying the fields and tables that contain them are included in the query, calculated fields, group operations performed on the original records, and the formation of criteria (for example, what on what date was carried out realization of a certain group of goods).


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Creating queries in MS Access of this type suggests that they can be created manually or through the "Wizard query".

To identify fields and tables included in the query, go to design mode.

To switch To design mode in Access 2013 you need in the navigation pane, click the shortcut button of the mouse on the form name and choose "Design". Pressing ALT+F8, you can call the "field List" from which you can drag fields directly to the form.

a database management system DBMS

Change Requests

These types of queries represent some kind of the first kind, but they need to change the data that has been retrieved. They Access are marked with an exclamation mark. In Access create a query on the change can be of four types:

  • Create new tables;
  • Adding of records in the source table;
  • Change the data in the source table;
  • Delete records from the source tables.

Access 2013

Hence these actions can destroy the database connection you should first check the result of the execution of the query by going to Datasheet view.

Creating new tables used for archiving data, making backups or exporting data.

A Variety of change requests are update requests, the use of which updated all the records that satisfy any given condition. If the complex data you need to make changes, use this form.

Another type are deletion requests, which destroy all records that meet any specified criteria.

Another form of the considered queries are requests that involve adding data from one table to another.

Crosstab queries

crosstab query in access

These types are used for the purpose of uniting in a crosstab monetary or numeric data stored in the source table. A crosstab query in Access is created using the query wizard using the instructions which you can easily create this look. Essentially a crosstab query similar to Excel PivotTables.

Cross-table is created when you specify the row headings, column values, and group operations.

The Schema build this type of table is as follows. Using a DBMS is to group data by group fields. This operation is carried out on numbers in the value field. In the table cell located at the intersection of column and rows, placed the total value of this group.

Crosstab queries in Access, as a rule, used to create reports and charts.

Query options

This query specifies before executing the condition.

To create a query in Access, you need to query column, in the cell to "Condition" to put the expression input parameters in square brackets.

If you run this query, it will be a dialog box which will contain the range of input parameters.

SQL queries

creating queries in ms access

Access 2013 and other versions queries are executed using structured query language SQL.

To create SQL queries need to go to design mode, then click "View" select "SQL view". In the result dialog box appears in which to Select box, enter the column names and in the From field - what will be displayed in rows, such as names of suppliers (if the first column is "Name").

Access uses is not pure SQL, and the dialect of Jet-SQL. Basic instructions for queries in this language are: SELECT, which selects records according to certain conditions (the field names of the source tables wrapping in the result table), UPDATE - used to edit entries, DELETE to DELETE any of these records, CREATE - to create new database objects. MS Access also used by TRANSFORM to build the crosstab query, WITH OWNER ACCESS OPTION to create ad hoc queries by the user does not have access to tables that should be accessed by this query, IN (for communication with a remote database), DISTINCTROW (create a query, with possible data aggregation). You can apply summary functions SQL built-in functions in Access and VBA.

In conclusion

Create a query in Access occurs for the formation of the records for the other queries, reports or forms. With the help of certain actions gather data from multiple tables. Queries allow you to include in the generated table of selected fields, to make payments in each new record, to select records that are required to meet certain conditions, to group expressions with the same values in some or one field to form a new data table based on existing, add, remove or update some records.


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