"I farmleigh" what does that mean? How quickly and correctly to farm?


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Making the first steps into the virtual reality of the game, a beginner is always confronted with difficulties. Some are confused about the buttons, others don't understand the ability of the character, others can not adequately communicate with teammates because of a simple misunderstanding slang. Mastering the MMORPG, people will always be in the situation where he will need the help of a more experienced player. However, sometimes the answer is treasured: “Well, I now”, you can hear strange: “I farmleigh”. What does it mean? Whether to be offended by such a refusal?how to farm

The value of the expression “I farmleigh”. What is it and what is better to use

First of all, it is worth noting that this expression has the same meaning in all existing games. Regardless of, whether the person develops colorful BOPD or wins the title in "DotA" of the value of the expression will not change. “Farmleigh” — what it really is? Speaking in accessible language, it is nothing like the earnings of the local currency of the game by killing monsters and raising their bodies coveted loot. It should be noted that in the MMORPG a farm involves not so much the filling of the purse, as the content of the inventory of things to sell at auction or in the shop of any dealer. This includes rare coins, medals, all that impossible to buy for money, but really need to craft or buy special armor and weapons. In this case, the farm can be called a quest, the reward for which give the above gifts.farmleigh what is


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What farm?

The first paragraph of the article, you can make a simple conclusion: it is necessary to gain an advantage over other players. In the genre of MMORPGs, people are not always committed to this goal, others find pleasure in communicating with agiledelta or complete the story missions. Best trend of increasing benefits seen in the famous MOVA. Playing “Dot”, the person is definitely confronted with a phrase from a teammate: “I farmleigh”. What that means in this case and why is it important? To win the “Bunker”, need to be put together by many factors: skill, knowledge of character abilities, the choice strong characters that interact well with each other, and, of course, understanding in the team. If we consider the situation where both competing COMAND have all of these, then the victory of one whose Keri better of farmil. Fast acquisition of key artifacts gives an advantage equal to the situation, and, when used correctly, the outcome of the battle would be a foregone conclusion.

where is the best to farm

How to quickly farm?

To answer this question, we need to look at your character, his abilities and ask ourselves how they can be effectively used? In “Bunker” not every player can easily say: “In this game, I farmleigh”. What does it mean? And why is it so? In addition to the ability to correctly use AoE abilities to quickly farm, it is important to be able to effectively earn gold at the stage of lining: the secret to a winning line - in the maximum number of killed enemy creeps. The next factor is the ability of the player to understand the situation occurring in the game. If he competes in the team, which has the ability to support voice communication in Skype, the process of climbing to victory easier. But it often happens that a player practiced in solitude. To understand where is better to farm, it is enough to analyze the information coming from the mini-map and teammates. If it is clearly visible that the enemy heroes are concentrated at the top, should move to the bottom, where nobody will interrupt the process of earning gold.

Mistakes made by beginners

Farm — it is a huge responsibility. A big mistake is to try to participate in fights with the team, if the character has not purchased a minimum number of key artifacts: the battle therefore still win hard. With high probability the enemy will only increase their advantage. If a person sees that his team does not understand how to behave in the current situation, he in no case must not repeat their incorrect actions. It would be correct to continue to farm, do a split push, taking part only in those fights, which can be guaranteed to earn gold and survive. In the case of MMORPGs, the situation does not change much. Man, not dressed in character and buy armor, is unlikely to successfully take command of the dungeon, and certainly not able to participate in mass or single pvp-battle.

farmleigh what is it

So should I be offended at the refusal of assistance if one is engaged in the farm?

If we are talking about “Bunker” or any other MOVA, claims teammate is present, if it had the ability to save you and not hurt himself, but it didn't. Dying along with the one-track man, he would only hasten a step victory for the enemy. In MMORPGs, it all depends on the player and his relationships with those he asked for help. The situation here is not always puts the gamer in a position where he can't abandon the farm without any consequences.

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