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The Game "Stalker" was one of the most successful in the post-Soviet space in recent years, in most cases they did not receive much fame. But the "Stalker" has become incredibly famous worldwide, but this is not important. The most important thing is the fact that users are able to create their own modifications that can change the plot, characters, items, and tasks. In General, for changes are available for everything - the borders are marked only by your imagination and technical possibilities. And people are happy to use it, creating their own projects in the game engine in the world "Stalker". One of the most interesting and challenging projects to date is "Stalker: Bad company". The passage of the game will be considered later.


Stalker bad company walkthrough

So, what is a modification "Stalker: Bad company", the passage of which will be described in this article? Here you play the role of a Stalker, which is one of the groups, in General, you are the standard for this world life. However, as it turns out, you have a dark past, which POPs up. Before your character was a mercenary - the worst enemy stalkers, so you immediately find yourself outside of the group, you begin to communicate quite hostile. And all anything, but on the other hand, you declared hunting one of the dangerous groups of mercenaries. In General, you are between two fires, you have to understand all of that and somehow survive. Accordingly, in the game "Stalker: Bad company" the passage clearly does not make you bored.


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Start the game

passage of the game Stalker bad company

You start the game as a member of your team, you need to perform a small task - to destroy a group of zombies in the Overpass. With this in the game "Stalker: Bad company" the passage begins. Job trial, not the most difficult, so you have problems should arise. Kill monsters, take the fact that they will fall and return to the order to sell everything that you have accumulated. After that you can start its movement to the gripping story. The passing game "Stalker: Bad company" will present you with some surprises that you really will surprise.

Ambush for the mercenaries

Stalker mod bad company

As mentioned earlier, the mercenaries are the main enemies of stalkers, so you must arrange for them an ambush. It is here that the passing game "Stalker: Bad company" will take an unexpected turn. First, you will need to wage a fierce battle with the enemy, but then you suddenly cut down. When you come to feel will be, what did your boss finding out about your past. Now you have a long explanation. That's when you have to remember about how you were part of a group of mercenaries called "Monolith". Of course, you are true stalkers, but few people now believe in it. Will have to prove his loyalty, that would not be very easy to do in the game "Stalker". Mod "Bad company" is a very interesting project in which you created a fascinating story, and you are happy to spend time on its passage.

Cancel search

how to get Stalker bad company

Together with your boss, you go to the dungeon to get as close to the monolith. In this case you will need to destroy as mercenaries and mutants, so always have to stay alert. Many gamers the question arises about how to pass the "Stalker: Bad company" and this issue is justified. The fact that this modification is designed for experienced players who have many times passed the major part of the game and possibly other mods. Therefore, its level of difficulty is quite high, in the catacombs you will have to fight for life and death. But it's really worth it to see what the outcome of this fascinating story. Because along the way you will meet the distinctive location of the game "Stalker: Bad company" - the lair of poltergeists, medical camp, which will be one of the toughest battles with monolith in the whole campaign. And all it will bring you a lot of fun. Well, at this stage, you will earn the trust of your boss, then you will need to go back to camp and look for groups of stalkers who went on a quest to recall.


Stalker bad company the lair of the poltergeists

The rest of the time in the game you have to spend, constantly proving all his devotion to his stalkers, at the same time destroying crowds of mutants and monolith. Towards the end of the game will be the massive battle, which has already been mentioned earlier. When you arrive at the hospital and talk with the right characters, there will be a round-up mercenaries, where you are in the minority will have to fight back. Pretty exciting action, producing a lasting impression.

Destruction of the monolith

Naturally, the game leads you to what you need to fully rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the stalkers, and most importantly - to destroy this dangerous gang of mercenaries, of which you were informed. This might be difficult, but it ispossible. However, the game is over - you will have to expect another major battle. After defeating the monolith, you will go to the Viaduct, which began the game. That is where you attack a dangerous Chimera, which you have to spend your last fight. It makes no sense to keep bandages or to save ammo - this war must be decisive. In addition, it should be noted that, depending on your actions throughout the game you can get three different endings, so watch what you do or say to other people.

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