Tomatoes in the greenhouse. The subtleties of growing


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Tomatoes – culture is ambiguous. Some people manage to grow big yields from year to year, and someone can not find a way to reach them. But to meet someone who doesn't love tomatoes, very difficult. The principles of growing this wonderful culture in the greenhouse and outdoors are similar but there are differences.

Growing tomatoes in the greenhouse, should pay attention to several important aspects: reasonable location of the seedlings, the temperature conditions, watering, forming the plants, the fertilizing, the possible overheating of the greenhouses against diseases and pests.

tomatoes in the greenhouse

Planting tomatoes in the greenhouse must be based on the plant spacing recommended for the variety or hybrid. It is impossible to plant the seedlings closely, in the future this may lead to diseases and pest.

For good growth of tomatoes in a greenhouse the temperature necessary to maintain the day at 20-25 0And during the night 12 to 14 0C. Sudden changes in temperature during the day is not particularly desirable. If it happens in the period of budding, the leaves of tomatoes can turn yellow, and the yellow will be with a bluish tinge. If the temperature in the greenhouse drops below 10 0, the pollen will not ripen, if it rises above +35 0, the pollen will become sterile.

planting tomatoes in the greenhouse

The Tomatoes must be watered regularly. How to water tomatoes in the greenhouse, to say unequivocally hard. As soon as the upper soil layer is well dry, need watering, and always warm water at the root. These plants prefer the soil moist and the greenhouse air should be dry.


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Tomatoes in the greenhouse it is preferable to grow indeterminate, with the obligatory garter. Shape them better a single stem. Stepchildren need to remove, not allowing them to grow more than 5 cm In this case, tomatoes will not experience severe stress. On the stem optimally to increase 10 the hands of fruit, and then remove the terminal Bud. If in a greenhouse low-growing varieties are grown without trellis, it is necessary to leave 3-4 floral brush and remove all the suckers.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse respond well to fertilization. Without them a good harvest not to grow. For the season, you need to spend at least 3-4 subcortical of organic fertilizers. Tomatoes are better able to absorb extra nourishment in liquid form. Desirable and foliar feeding, for example, fruit set will be useful for the spraying of boron-containing drugs.

how to water the tomatoes in the greenhouseOverheating of the greenhouse should not be allowed. To prevent it (to prevent raising the temperature above +30 0C) can the roof to splash chalk solution and increase the ventilation by opening the Windows and doors. It is especially important to ventilate well during the flowering period, pollination will improve.

Diseases and pests need to be able to identify and know the methods that you can use to get rid of them. Much easier to prevent their appearance than to deal with its consequences. To avoid duplicate and spotted fruit ripening, you need a reasonable potash fertilizers. To avoid cracking of the fruit can be normalized irrigation, which is preferably carried out in the morning. Twist and roll the leaves in the untimely removal of laterals and wrong forming. In order to avoid the physiological shape of the apical rot, need proper watering (infrequent but deep). To avoid Fusarium fruit, it is necessary to eliminate high humidity in the greenhouse, i.e., regularly ventilate.

It is equally important to remove from greenhouse tomatoes lower senescent leaves, particularly yellowing, they are susceptible to diseases among the first.

If there are pests, then they need to go necessarily. You can use folk remedies and chemicals – this depends on the number and development stage of the pests.

To Include it's complicated, but observing the above recommendations, you can count on a great harvest.

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