The construction of the Rostov NPP (Volgodonsk)? The number of units and date of commissioning


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Rostovskaya oblast – the location of the Rostov NPP (Volgodonsk is her first name). It is 12 km from the city of Volgodonsk, near the Tsimlyansk reservoir. The first unit gives the network of about 1 GWh electricity. Run the following power unit took place in 2010, Now it smoothly goes to planned performance.

Volgodonskaya – the name of the station during 2001-2010 After launching the second energy block, its name was changed to Rostov, but some call it the old way.

Structure and operation

Rostov NPP (Volgodonsk) is one of the largest energy facilities in the southern regions of the Russian Federation. It produces about 15 % of the electricity in the specified area. Rostov NPP (Volgodonsk) distributes electricity for 5 lines with voltage 0.5 mV / a, in the following directions: South, Budennovsk, Tikhoretsk, Mines and Nevinnomyssk.

Annual production of electrical energy is about 8 billion kW*h of Rostov NPP (Volgodonsk) - branch of OJSC “Rosenergoatom Concern”, the sole owner of which is an open joint stock company "Atomenergoprom". This organization combines the money of private investors and domestic industry the nuclear industry. The company organizes the entire production cycle of the energy sector: extraction of raw materials, establishment of nuclear power plants and supply electricity.

Volgodonskaya NPP

First unit

When its construction was completed? Volgodonsk NPP started operation of the first energy block at the end of 2001 It has a nominal capacity of 1 GW, and heat – 3 GW. It is based on the reactor VVER-1000. It takes controlled nuclear chain reaction in which uranium-235 is split by neutrons with low energy. A side effect of the process is the large amount of heat. The structure of the reactor


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  • The Area where the feedstock.
  • A Neutron reflector around the core.
  • Heat Carrier-water.
  • System monitoring and control a chain reaction.
  • Radiation Protection.

The Fuel in the core is represented by 163 fuel assemblies. Each of them has 312 Fuel rods.

the construction of Volgodonsk NPP

Second unit

The Second energy unit continued to build in 2002, Accelerating the construction occurred in 2006, This unit is among the most ambitious projects for investment in the southern region of the Russian Federation. Construction work was carried out over 7 thousand people.

2009 – the time of completion of the main construction operations. 19.12.2009 – date of loading into the reactor of the first portion of uranium fuel. Run the unit in idle mode. 18.03.2010, 16:17, he started to supply electricity to the national grid of the country. At this point, the capacity was only 35 % of par. For several months this figure was driven by gradual increases up to 100 %.

Volgodonskaya NPP accident

New units

Construction of the 3rd unit of NPP was conducted from 2009 to 2014. In November he was running in idle mode. In the summer of 2015 he is bred on rated power, and in the fall included in UES of the Russian Federation. The capabilities of the unit you plan to use to cover the deficit of power supply of Crimea.

The Fourth unit began in 2010 What is remarkable Volgodonskaya NPP? The accident at the nuclear power station happened November 4, 2014: an emergency shutdown of two units. Fortunately, the radiation situation remained normal. To prevent such accidents in future, the construction unit # 4 is subject to available tragic world experience.

The reactor vessel is installed at the end of 2015 was fixed and 4 steam generator. In January 2016 in the engine room of the constructed power unit is mounted in the allotted space, the generator stator. Full swing development of infrastructure. When execution of all works in the first place put the safety and reliability of plant.

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