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France is the first country in Europe in terms of agricultural output. For its exports, the country ranks second in the world after the USA: all agriculture France exports about 20% of its production. The best lands are owned mainly by large businesses, they used hired labour and advanced agricultural techniques. These businesses provide the bulk of commercial output.

The coastal possessions of the country make it third in the world after the United States and England marine owner.  It gives her great advantages in the development of marine resources, however, in the European Union, France occupies third place, after Denmark and Spain on fishing and seafood. More than half of the country's territory consists of land suitable for agriculture. The third part of the territory is covered by forests, constituting 25% of the area of all forests in the European Union.

The Agriculture of France stands out for a good development of livestock farming and many crop. The livestock subsector accounts for more than half of agricultural products. This industry accounts for about 3/5 of the cost of commercial products and is located mainly in the North of the country. France continues to be in Europe in the first place by number of cattle, is the largest EU producer of meat and dairy products and this has a big impact on agriculture in Western Europe.

The Main crops of France – wheat. In her duties, the country occupies in the world after USA, India and Canada in fourth place. Of great importance also have corn and barley. In the North-Western part of the country except for them to sow buckwheat and oats, the poor soils of the Central district – rye, and in the Delta of the rhône river cultivated rice. Almost the entire territory of France growing potatoes, and sugar beets are planted on severomorskoy lowland. In the Department of bas-Rhin grow tobacco and hops on the Riviera – flowers, and in the Department of Seine-Maritime cultivated flax.


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France is Widely known for its vineyards, the harvested 10-12 million tons of grapes. 1.2 million hectares (2.2% of the area of the whole country) planted 550 grapes. In line with this agriculture of France produces annually more than 60 million hectoliters of wine, and France is the world's largest it supplier. Grapes are grown everywhere in the country except the North and North-West, it is used mainly for wine production.

However, the role of agriculture is not only farming and wine production. France produced a lot of vegetables and fruits. Many farms have their own small gardens and orchards, but to supply the major cities and of Paris, the fruits and vegetables grown just a few districts, each of which specializiruetsya on their main crops. In Normandy and Brittany grow Apple orchards, in Alsace and Lorraine cherries and mirabelles in the Estuary – walnuts. In the Mediterranean region are grown peaches and apricots, olives and almonds, Corsica and the Riviera is constantly increasing planting of citrus.

Farming in France has a dairy and meat direction. France is the world's third largest producer of milk and meat production – fourth place. Agriculture France is the world's first place for number of cattle and pig population is second only to Germany in number of sheep only slightly behind England and Italy. Cattle in areas where the land is not convenient for farming, but there are favorable conditions for growth of grasses. It is North-East of the country and mountainous areas. And in those areas where cultivated corn, potatoes and sugar beets, also engage in pig farming, since there is a good forage base.

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