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The Game on the securities market resembles a casino game. Exact result unknown, and it depends on quite unpredictable factors. However, the high level of income makes people and managers of corporations to keep their money in securities and not in Bank accounts, because the increase in the size of the state of the never never sick.

However, what to do in order to in pursuit of additional income, not to lose the most impressive (with a small margin of funds in the securities market generally do not go) condition? Before you get involved in investing in certain securities, it is necessary to make a strategy for monetary investments, but also to learn the basic rules that allow to manage the securities portfolio, the most effective way.

First and foremost, you need to focus on two main indicators: the rate of return and risk. If the first indicator should be as high as possible, then second, respectively, as low as possible. It should be noted that the yield of the securities cannot be calculated with  absolute probability, so for her assessment of the use of the indicative value.

All management of the securities portfolio is built on probability theory. You need to determine the probability with which securities will bring one or another income, times the income level at the associated probability, and all the results add up.  the result, again, will be your expected income.

With regard to risk, it is defined as the variance (or in other words, the spread) of expected outcomes. For example, the company's shares And provide a stable income, and shares of company B can either bring the investor a large amount of money, or even to destroy it. On the basis of calculations of probability, we get that the expected return of shares of these two companies is, however, at the risk of company B are much higher. Thus, choosing between the purchase of stock A and stock B, it is reasonable to choose the first option.

Managing the securities portfolio, on the other hand, suggests a slightly different approach. The portfolio needs to log in as those and other actions. The basis of the portfolio are stable stocks with fairly low yields and virtually no risk. However, in order for the portfolio expected return, it is diluted with risky shares. Even if there is a "failure" for several positions, losing kompensiruet income on a stable stock.


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As for the choice of risky assets, in this case managing the securities portfolio of the company should lead with the maximum degree of diversification. That is, the shares should not be linked. Thus, if there is any little anticipated risk event, it should not bring all risky stocks, collected in the portfolio, down.

The Effective management of securities portfolio Means identifying and analyzing all possible relationships between securities in order to reduce the variance of return of the portfolio to almost zero. For these purposes, quite often the purchased securities that are traded in totally different markets and often even in different countries.

As cash management and liquidity of the company, assuming the exact calculation of all possible probabilities, the securities do not tolerate a disregard for the details. That is a thorough approach to detail distinguishes a good financial analyst. It should not be a seer to predict the future, but should create such a portfolio that will provide the owner's desired income, in spite of any disasters and economic upheavals.

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