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The Production process of any product consists of a specific set of actions and operations that achieve the final result. It also includes used equipment, flow lines, mechanized and manual labor, and vehicles. To streamline the production process and the creation of optimal regimes of work of the enterprise is made of the technological scheme, which allows you to visualize the entire sequence of product creation.

Basis of preparation


Technological scheme included in normative documents of the enterprise (technological regulations), which also include production methods, technical terms and conditions of the processes and their order of execution. At the same time for a certain stage of the process could be a separate model.

This project consists on drawing blocks of all operations, connected by arrows, which Express the movement of material flows. This may provide for to-and-fro movements, however to rationalize the labor process engineers in the preparation of the scheme try to avoid such moments. It is important that the technological scheme reflect the peculiarities of the development of specific product and storage conditions and accommodation.

For various process schemes can be prepared in the form of drawings with a number or letter designation of the equipment, and the operations themselves are expressed in the form of geometric shapes (triangle, rectangle, circle, and others).


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flow diagram

Simple technological scheme can include the following operations:

  • Organization of receipt of basic raw materials and auxiliary materials from the warehouse or from the suppliers, taking into consideration loading and unloading works;
  • Initial processing of raw materials;
  • Perform basic operations, getting the main components and intermediate products availability;
  • Assembly of parts and components or final-products processing;
  • Packing;
  • Shipment to the warehouse of finished products.

Let's Consider a specific case, for example, technological scheme of production of bread can be presented as follows:

  1. Preparation and storage of raw materials.
  2. Preparation of the dough.
  3. Processing and storing dough products.
  4. Pastry pieces.
  5. Cooling and storage preparation (packaging).

Programs for making schemes

flow diagram for production of bread

For mapping the production processes used by various programs. For example, the vector editor CADE developed for Windows. There are different templates, it is also possible to fix the IP address , the name and serial number of the manufacturer.

Concept Draw Pro – a simple but very powerful program for making diagrams, charts, and diagrams by drag-and-drop ready-made symbols with your mouse. Allows you to create any model processes.

Diagram Designer – this utility, despite its outdated interface, allows you to create a variety of models of schemes without much difficulty.

At this point in any enterprise where production takes place, used technological scheme. This is a mandatory legal document which enables adjustment of technological processes in a rational form. In the preparation of technical documentation, the inclusion of this scheme is required.

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