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In “classic” services such as housing or transport, despite the formed understanding of “rent a hotel room” or “taxi”, there is still space for innovation. It is sufficient to cite as examples of such IT-giants like Uber and AirBNB that have arisen recently, but has already managed to turn the industry. And, in fact, such examples are many, for them to go away is not necessary.

In Russia, these areas are also affected by new technologies, that allows to speak about increase of efficiency of work/service both for entrepreneurs and for customers, respectively. A great example of a domestic origin for this situation can serve as a "Telemobil"- service per-minute car rentals. How the model works this service that this innovation it offers compared to classic services of car rental, as well as the advantages for the client we will discuss in this article.

feedback "Telemobil"

Unload roads of the capital

The Problem in the manner the creators of the project in the first place is a busy Moscow road. This is true all the time: due to active traffic to move around the city roads for its transport very difficult, especially during the so-called regime “rush hour”.

We Describe the car-share "Telemobil" is a great solution to this problem, which provides the ability to easily change one leased car for another, paying for the use of transport by the minute. The service includes the ability to change the machine depending on where the client resides and where he should go next. However, the procedure of “transplant” is very simple and will not take you much time. About how it works, read on.


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A Practical example

Car sharing in Moscow "Dailymobile" (the reviews we will present further in the text of the article) works is very simple. We illustrate this in practical situations. Let's say you want to drive from point A to point B, but you have no personal transport. Instead of having to order a taxi in which we will stand in traffic, you use the services of the company "Dailymobile" (photos of their cars attached to our article).

Moscow car-sharing "Telemobil" reviews

So, you go to the app and interactive map looking for the next standing machine that you could use. Imagine that their car is some 500 metres away. To order it you need to book this vehicle by clicking the appropriate button (in addition to mobile applications, it can be done and on the website of the company). For 20 minutes your car free then start billing expectations. So if you don't want to pay, try as quickly as possible to find the car, sit in it and start driving.

Traffic - no!

To illustrate the benefits of car-sharing service, imagine that on your way - a serious traffic jam that can take you an additional couple of hours. In a normal situation, being in a taxi or in a car, you would not be able in any way “escape” from the need to wait and just waste time. However, the service "Dailymobile" (car rental) allows you to avoid this. Just leave your car in the nearby Parking lot and walk! Use the subway, leave the zone tube, find new car and keep moving!

"Telemobil" car sharing reviews

So, if in the classical model, which includes all transport services, a Central role is played by the car and its location, in case you use the services of “Telemobil”, the main thing is to have the application access the Internet from your smartphone, and you'll be able to book a new car that will take you where you want!


The Service is interesting, isn't it? In our understanding of car - sharing is a phenomenon until some new and unusual, especially it seems to us an unusual opportunity to go there by a rented by the minute (!) a car in the city using ordering app in your phone. But it is a reality!

Moreover, according to the tariffs presented on the service website “Telemobil”, such a trip can cost you quite inexpensive. For each minute of waiting (in fact, reservation, except for those first 20 minutes are free) the person must pay 2.5 ruble. As for the rent, it will cost 7 rubles per minute. For example, upon arriving in 20 minutes where you need it, you will pay only 140 rubles. Any taxi ordered at such a great distance, will cost you far more.

"Telemobil" photo


Plus, which determines the cost of maintenance of the vehicle according to the model of car sharing is the lack of collateral. The user who rents a car does not make the amount of possible damage that it will inflict. This greatly simplifies the relationship between service and user. The company, therefore, allows you to take the transport in use without the obligatory personal meeting with the client.


car sharing inMoscow "Telemobil" reviews

You ask: “And how does the calculation for the services provided?”. Answer: customer service takes place in fully automatic mode. Consequently, the write-off of means is carried out in the same way from the user's Bank card, which he specifies in advance. Such a calculation, first, it greatly simplifies life for the customer for the reason that he need not worry about when you have to pay for the car. Second, the entire process takes place without human intervention, which means the exact pay for each minute: no less, no more.


What car uses the service for the lease? On the official website of the company says that their services are Hyundai Solaris - car class "sedan", which consume the minimum amount of fuel, throwing out, at the same time, less harmful substances (the engine of the machine corresponds to the class environmental standard of “Euro 4”).

As noted by characterizing the "Telemobil" (car rentals) reviews, this model is really justified, though, due to less harm to the environment. Car sharing allows you to take advantage of the environmentally friendly vehicle in any situation where you need a personal transport. Due to this, on the roads of our capital will be less cars, which will have a positive impact on the environment. If society was entirely on the model of car sharing, the air would become much cleaner.

car-sharing "Telemobil" it

In addition, do not forget about the comfort of the client, because that's also important. As the reviews, "Telemobil" do your Solaris is equipped with everything necessary, whereby for a minimal fee we get comfortable, fast and safe car. Causing the same the cost of a taxi, you would see a much older car in which comfort level would be comparable.

Map machine

As noted above, the system operates through special cards cars placed on the official website and mobile application, "Dailymobile" (car sharing). Reviews show that problems with the search for the nearest auto does not occur due to their large number. Indeed, by going to the site, it is possible to ensure that throughout the territory of Moscow are circles denoting the available car. Every one of them after registration you can book. Clicking on the symbol, you can see a check box with a model car and a photo of her.

Registration and agreement

Before becoming a client, you must fulfill a number of conditions. It is normal practice, because car-sharing services must protect themselves from all possible risks associated with driving a vehicle a different person. You will need to register. This is done on the website of the company.

You, as a customer, you need to specify all the information about yourself. These are classic fields like name, patronymic and surname, telephone number and a code word for account recovery.

"Telemobil" service by the minute rent a car

After registering, you will need to sign a contract on the provision of services. Again, this can be done in the office of the company or its affiliates or through a courier who will arrive at your address. The contract, of course, you will need to provide your passport details, copy of drivers license and other information important for further interaction with the service. By registering in the service, you can get all the benefits from working with the service that we have listed above. And the Moscow car-sharing "Telemobil".


There are a lot of reviews about how the service works and what it thinks about the users. They can be used to understand what level of service can boast of this service, and whether to use its services, if you need to rent a car. So, what is write reviews? "Dailymobile" (or rather, the entire model of the organization of this service), users call a great idea. Really, convenient form of the order, auto payment, the ability to quickly and cheaply get to your desired destination - all this and more can be credited to the undoubted advantages of the service. And they are a lot of positive reviews repeatedly mention when describing the company. However, there are a number of disadvantages, which complaining customers.

In the first place, as the reviews, "Telemobil" can be a too risky step for a particular client. And the point here is responsibility.

According to the contract, the customer bears full responsibility for the car, which he rents. This means that it not only compensates for any damage, but is also obliged to pay a fine in favor of the service in violation of the rules. And they, in turn, is painted here in great detail.

For Example, as shown by the reviews, "Telemobil" can force you to pay for garbage left by previous client in the car, 2 thousand rubles. This is considering the fact that you will have another and independently to clean it. In the case of glued to the seat with chewing gum, the amount of the fine will increase to 15 thousand, because it will be considered as damage to the machine. Such items in the contract spelled out a lot, and all of them are clearlynot in favor of the client. So, trying to save two hundred rubles for a taxi, you can be fined ten times that amount.


However, despite these disadvantages, people still use the Moscow car sharing "Telemobil". The feedbacks show that, as a rule, the process of renting a car every time passed without special complexities for the client. Car easy to find in the marked on the map the place, it really is very easy to use and easy to manage; with it, you can drive faster than a taxi or public transport. And the real situations where people are wrongly “fell” in fine, the review has no information.

In any case, the project is really interesting, and such a model clearly deserves attention. The fact that the car for rent is becoming more evidence of the growing popularity of the service and on further easing the rules, in particular, increasing the area on which to travel.

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