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Today, a huge number of companies provide financial services of a different nature. Primarily this refers to the different brokers, trading platforms, brokers on the exchanges. With their help, people earn fortunes if you know what you're doing and have specific goals.

Today we talk about another company that provides financial services. It – Binex. Binary options are the core business of this financial institution, so every user who wants to enter the options market, can turn here for help.binary options binex

In this article we will try to characterize the different areas of the company. Will discuss in particular how best binary options Binex what conditions exist here for participants, how to start trading and earn in this platform. In parallel, consider the reviews of those who already have trading experience, and take their opinions into account. In General, today we have “guest” binary options broker – Binex.

About company

Of Course, the characteristics we begin with a description of what constitutes this education is that it is characterized by what was the beginning of this marketplace and how serious its activity on the market. Note that in front of us – Russian binary options broker. Binex – a company with relatively little experience (about 3 years old, summer 2013). However, in its history, the broker managed to increase the position in the financial market, and even gain a small club consisting of loyal traders. In particular, as indicated on the company's official website, in 2014 there were trading more than 3,500 people. Assume that over the years the number of participants only increases, and the service is pleasing customers ever growing quality and service.binex binary options

The special features of this broker you need to include the fact that originally the site was created for the Russians, so her portfolio you can find domestic assets. In this, we can say, is the advantage of the service.


Of Course, there are other positive characteristics Brokers, binary options for which is the main profile, as a rule, work to force the client to Deposit money into the account and “pull” of his Deposit, regardless of whether he managed to obtain some profit from the operation or not. As indicated on its official website the company's representatives, it's different here. The challenge facing Binex supposedly − not profit broker, and focus on a successful trade trader. Therefore, if the client successfully − successful and the company providing him services. So, a mutually beneficial process.

In Addition to the beautiful goals and targets painted on the platform's website, the advantages of the company can be ranked and a huge amount of training materials. Read more about this in the next section.


In fact, any broker (whether pure Forex trading or options trading) offers its customers training materials that will help him to understand not only the system interface, but in the topic where he plans to earn. That is, it is not surprising that so thoroughly describes binary options Binex in their educational materials. Here, in particular, the presented trading strategy, information on how to deal with Analytics options, detailed features options traded on different exchanges. All these data are collected in the form of books, articles, webinars and podcasts, available for review at any time.binary options broker binex

It turns Out that everyone has the opportunity to obtain the knowledge necessary for trading, absolutely free. And if you're interested in this topic in the future, you can refer to foreign courses, training materials from other websites to further expand your horizons.


The User who has decided to trade binary options is available from a few of the most popular and effective tools for the analysis of the situation on the financial markets. As the reviews about Binex binary options are a very vulnerable area before any serious developments in policy, financial and technological spheres.

Therefore, the broker provides the opportunity online to see all news summary, which can be useful; see the complete schedule of the changes in the value of the asset with which you want to work the client (including its figures for earlier periods); see economic calendar (which allows you to preciselyknow what to expect in the near future in financial markets, and what predictions experts make). Finally, every platform where are binary options (Binex is no exception), offers her own technical analysis. It is possible to find the signals which will allow the trader to sort out the situation, to develop a system for further steps and understand what he should do.binex ru brokers binary options

We Also recommend to pay attention to the indicators of Binex. Binary options (transactions relative to financial assets) often can be predicted with the help of these indicators, which change in accordance with trends in the foreign exchange markets.


As mentioned above, the platform gives preference to Russian assets, with an emphasis on stocks of domestic companies and on the ruble. However, only there are more than 190 different assets − financial instruments with which you can successfully trade. Which one to choose, depends on the decision of the client. It is depend on his knowledge and experience with those or other tools. For example, if you actively follow the situation of the Japanese economy, you can try your hand with currency pairs USD/JPY. You can also find the stocks of Japanese companies and to try to follow trends in their field of activity, in order to predict the change in the value of their shares.

Account Types

In fact, trade trade, but a little more attention I would like to devote our Binex. “Binary options 21st century” − that's how call this site some of the reviews, noting the high professionalism of managers and flexible terms and conditions on which services are provided by the on binex binary options

In particular, we practice a system of accounts of different types on the basis of what will be the first Deposit of the participant. Just share 4 types: “Basic”, “Training”, “Trader” and “Expert”. Accordingly, the amounts vary as follows: from 10 to 59, from 60 to 299, 300 to 999 (thousand) and 1 million rubles. There is also a VIP account, which is opened after a Deposit of in excess of 2.5 million.

Depending on the type of account change fee for withdrawals (4 to 1 percent), the period of withdrawal (from 7 to 2 working days), profitability (67 to 86%). Also available some options like trading, the opportunity to attend webinars, online tours and other “bun” that are provided to VIP users.

Account Creation

If you want to start trading binary options you need to register. Form to create a record here is very similar to those presented on other sites. The participant will require personal information, information about his place of residence, about him. If you want to withdraw earned funds, take care of sending copies of the documents by a specially prescribed procedure. And in General, verification − process, requiring 1 to 4 days, so I advise you to do this in advance. In General, by creating an account, you will get into the system, guide which will be carried out “in place" by using hints.

Deposit account

As you know, first Deposit determines the level of your account type. The minimum amount to Deposit into account several tall, if to compare with “ $ 10” brokers of domestic origin. She is 10 thousand rubles ($150). The minimum bet that can make the customer equal to 2 dollars (120 rubles). To Deposit money you can in any convenient way, and the choice here are the classic and most common currencies: Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money. Also you can Fund with MasterCard or Visa.


If you have any questions or difficulties, you always have the right to ask for help. In particular, there is a telephone hotline: 8(800) 333-69-18. The same principle works online chat on the website and Skype line. Contact the operator via any of these methods, you can ask General question and get an answer.binex binary options 21

Also, if you already have an account on the system, you get access to a personal Manager. He is aware of the status of your account, knows the details and can suggest something more specific. Communication with him you will see in your account.

Affiliate program

An Interesting point − the opportunity to earn on the users given by you in the system. You can get from this income, if, for example, have your broker rating. Binex binary options are a source of profit for a trader is watching the market situation. However, if you know people interested in this trade or you − owner of a website devoted to this topic, thenyou do not have to trade. You can lead customers to the company by referral only getting a percentage of their activities. Given more people − the higher the earnings!


Recommendations from customers − the best indicator of service in any company. Therefore, in order to understand what is Binex, we turned to the comments left on various websites by people with some experience with the office. I have to say, the category of the reviews here are different. There are laudatory, stating that the company provides its services efficiently, gives you the opportunity to earn on forecasts of quotes and at the same time, provides a relatively high percentage of profits in the end.indicators binex binary options

There are other opinions obviously left lost their money people. They emphasize that the company is not interested in the winning of the trader, so doing everything to ensure that the client “leaked” your Deposit. There may be some substitution charts, incorrect results, technical analyses, and other manipulations. Believe it or not − a personal matter for each user. We just published the opinions of a certain group of people.

Whatever it was, but if the company was engaged in fraud or deception of customers, it would simply not addressed. And it turns out the opposite: the service gives you the opportunity to earn what he is accosted customers who wish to try their hand. However, to go in “plus” is far from over. Be careful and you! After all options − it is also a risk.

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