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Sooner or later, many begin to think about how to get rich from scratch in Russia. Financially secure life everyone needs, but not all know how to find it. Especially in the case when there were no funds to start.

But before to do something, you need to know what you want to achieve, are you ready for challenges, new knowledge, diligently and losses.

First steps

Before you wonder how to get rich from scratch in Russia, it is worth asking other questions. What I want from life? How do you develop them? What I like to do and what I do best? As you know, the best way to earn on the deal afterwards.

It Is necessary to develop an action plan to go to implementation of desires confident steps. Because our brain needs to know why we need to do something, it will lead to anything. Otherwise you have no motivation, aspirations and understanding of what to do.

Also need to work on the regime of the day. You need to be productive, make every day new steps to achieve financial well-being.

how to get rich quick from scratch secrets

Why you need a lot of money?

Motivation plays the biggest role in achieving success. You have to really want to be rich to love money, to be able to increase it, and not to engage in consumption and thoughtless to use it.

There are lots of examples of how to get rich quick from scratch in Russia, but they do not mean the status of a millionaire until the end of life. There are people who have had a chance to change, when they won the lottery, received an inheritance or found the treasure. But many of them returned to the old material well-being for a short period of time. And all because they did not know how to use money. They just spent. They were thinking of the poor man. And, most likely, they didn't have big goals in life for which they should earn and increase their income.


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So think about your priorities, desires, goals and motivation. They play a key role. Remember that the act is not enough, need a lot of thinking, to develop strategies, plans. Your goal must be worthy and encourage you to actions, and decisions new heights. They should inspire, elevate early in the morning and give a good mood.

A Clear action plan

If you are determined with your desires and goals and made sure that you really want to be financially secure, rich, you have to address the underlying cause. Need to develop a clear, detailed plan for upcoming activities. Each step must be thought out and lead you to the achievement of the objectives.

It is necessary to Plan the works that needs to be done, the daily routine, which will facilitate the possibility to be in time, cost, and income. You need to act according to the prepared system, so the results will appear much faster.

You don't know what to do, to earn decent

It Often happens that people have no idea even how to get rich quick from scratch in Russia. Ways in our time there are various. And to follow them, don't even need large sums to start.

We have noted that it is best to try to capitalise on that, what you have is the soul. But if you don't know what to do, you have no interests and have a desire to be financially secure, then you should learn how other make money and try to go their way.

Examples of successful people who started from scratch: Internet projects

Our theme focuses on how to get rich from scratch in Russia, not in another country. So examples are our compatriots.

In Russia the Internet-projects are developing rapidly. But we have to admit that many of the ideas are borrowed from foreign geniuses. The project “” is no exception, but is a great example of how you can get rich from scratch in Russia. Its founder, albert Popkov launched this site in 2006 and at first treated him as a hobby.

how to get rich from scratch in Russia

However, his passion has grown into a large social network, which made its Creator one of the richest people of Russia.

Pavel Durov, one of the founders of the site "Vkontakte" is another example of how to get rich from scratch in Russia. His project also started in 2006 and has become the most popular social network in the Runet. Together with his team he managed in time to notice a big chance by creating a social network and choose that direction, which made him a billionaire.

As you know, Pavel Durov withdrew from the project. However, this doesn't stop him. He created another — the messenger "Telegram", which is also gaining momentum, although such services are already available. Get at least a "Viber".

how to get rich quick with zero in Russian

To earn big money and have a successful business, not necessarily to come up with brilliant ideas. Enough to look around and notice that there is a demand abroad. It was usually born progressive ideas in a million.

How to get rich from scratch: powerful ways to get rich

As already noted, sometimes it is necessary to look around, learn the successful experience to create your own project and earnings on it. So here are a few ways to become rich.

Trade. It would seem that it is unusual. What if your product is unique, and along with that, you still offer the same unique services? This was the way I went was the infamous Olga Korsunova-Nazarov, who became a millionaire. It has been selling GPS-navigators for agricultural machinery.

how to get rich quick with zero in Russian

Thanks to her perseverance, she surpassed in indicators of the firm for which she worked to create a similar project. But the catalyst for their business was unfairly small wages, which it had received.

“Button life” — is a project of Dmitry Yurchenko, made him successful and rich. This product is a medical alarm with a panic button to call for help. If the holder becomes ill, he can easily report it. Clicking or falling signal at the call center.

how to get rich from scratch in Russia

Workers call an ambulance, give advice, calls to neighbors. Such a device is in demand among those who worried about their loved ones remaining at home without supervision. It is unique, useful and socially directed. And it made Dmitry Yurchenko dollar millionaire.

How to get rich quick from scratch: secrets of Oleg Tinkov

In fact, it is no secret. Oleg Tinkov started small — resale of various goods. He bought and sold the most different products: cosmetics, alcohol, electronics and equipment. Initially he walked with a small number of goods and offered them, or buyers to it they came. Later he opened a chain of stores called "tekhnoshok” and “Musicsack”. When the business he got bored, he sold it.

how to get rich from scratch at home

Oleg Tinkov took peremennym business. He was able to successfully develop and sell to Abramovich for tens of millions of dollars. Following his projects — that's brewing company and restaurant chain. So now an enterprising businessman known as the owner of the Bank «Tinkoff Credit Systems". He is an example of how slowly but surely increase your income, starting with small things.

How to get rich from scratch, without leaving home

Thanks to the Internet, you can build your business anywhere and even to decide how to get rich from scratch at home, that is where so cozy and warm, where loved ones are always near. There are lots of reviews about it from the couch. And the best way for those who want to do their own thing in comfortable conditions, the following:

  • Your online shop;
  • Infotainment website, blog, canal;
  • The provision of services (manicure, pedicure, massage, hairdressing services, stylist services, repair and maintenance, sewing, hand-made).

how to get rich from scratch powerful ways to get rich

It is Also possible to make money on programming, copywriting, design (as a freelancer), however, in order to solve the question of how to get rich quick from scratch in Russia, the best methods are not those.

Still should work for yourself. When you are a hired employee, you will receive a fixed payment, and it is unlikely to make you richer.


If you have the desire to become rich and you want to execute it, you will have to work hard. Only a few become millionaires, without effort. The heirs, lottery winners and other lucky people. But you should not envy them. Only a few of them know how to manage money. Most of them mindlessly wasted. Only a few are able to multiply and remain financially for the rest of your life.

Want to be rich — good enough! At first thought. Decide what you want out of life, plan their actions, work, not sparing himself and not backing away. Study successful startups, the principles and the thinking of the rich and their biographies. Start to think differently, to live at a different pace, don't be lazy, open up new horizons. If you have an idea to invent something yet that can be useful and relevant, invent and patent their creation. It can make you rich.

Remember, motivation is very important for development. So dream, wish, inspire, delight yourself with your achievements and in any case do not think that you can not become rich with nothing. You can always start small or you can attract investors. Everything is in your hands — act!

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