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How to carry out feeding tomatoes in the greenhouse? In order to get earlier harvests of tomatoes, many gardeners grow them in greenhouses. With this method it is important to pay more attention to dressing. Because the areas in this case is limited, therefore the soil is exhausted very quickly. How to fertilizing tomatoes in a greenhouse?
feeding tomatoes in the greenhouse

Many gardeners are advised to fertilize the plants already carrying seedlings in the ground. If you dug this hole and introduced rotted manure, compost or humus mixed with ash. Thus, the tomatoes already on the first stage of development will receive all necessary minerals, macro - and micronutrients. The first dressing of tomatoes in the greenhouse (or rather timing) is causing some disagreement among gardeners. Many believe that to make fertilizer is not earlier than a couple of weeks after transplanting. Each vacationer need to solve this task, based primarily on how well fertilized land in previous years. If funds were made rarely, you should feed the seedlings already at the landing. In this case it will be better and faster in growth.
first feeding tomatoes in the greenhouse

Should be fertilizing tomatoes in a greenhouse in the period of budding and ripening. Tomatoes are very sensitive to lack of phosphorus and calcium. In the first case, the leaf plates, bottom appear purple-red spots. With a lack of calcium may develop apical rot. To prevent it you should spray the plants during flowering with a solution of calcium nitrate (1 tablespoon per 10 liters). At the beginning of a budding will also need to conduct root fertilizing, applying the medium of the following composition: half a liter of mullein and bird droppings mixed with 1 tbsp. l. potassium sulfate, and throw it all in a bucket of water.&Very good solution is also to conduct such activities as fertilizing tomatoes with ash in the period when they begin to form ovaries. This will compensate for the lack of necessary micronutrients. For each plant you need to spend order a liter of such a solution: 2 liters, diluted with water, ash, 10 g of boric acid in a bucket of water (hot). Before applying the mixture, of course, need to cool to room temperature.


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During the mass ripening of the fruit it is necessary to hold the last feeding tomatoes in the greenhouse. It uses 1 tbsp of sodium HUMATE (liquid) and 2 tbsp. of superphosphate, dissolved in 10 liters of water. Watered the beds also the rate of 1 l per plant. The use of this equipment will make the fruit much more palatable. In addition, this will speed up the maturation.

Especially given strictlyfeeding tomatoes ashConstant above instructions to adhere to, of course, not worth it. Every gardener knows the characteristics of the soil in the greenhouse and to determine exactly what fertilizer will be useful. Definitely need to see the condition of the plants themselves. The symptoms of phosphorus and calcium starvation, we have already mentioned above. Due to lack of potassium also leaves the tomatoes begin to dry up at the tips. If the soil is not enough nitrogen, plants will become yellowish in colour and will not develop.

In all these cases it is necessary to conduct feeding tomatoes in the greenhouse appropriate types of fertilizers. However, it is best not to wait for such unpleasant changes and fertilize the plants on time mineral composition or the infusion of ash. The last contains just a huge amount of a variety of substances necessary for proper development of tomatoes. In addition, the ash neutralizes acidic soil. Especially useful is at the same coal.

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